The Best Electric Coffee Percolators of 2022

Given the evolution and advancements in contemporary coffee culture and brewing methods, it’s been difficult for the percolator to shed its unattractive associations with church functions, corporate gatherings and that hoarding thing Dust at your great aunt’s house. And granted, little has changed in its construction since its invention in the 19th century. But the percolator is still relevant for the same reasons it always was: its ability to produce large amounts of strong, in-your-face coffee, and keep it hot for long periods of time. They’re also perfect for large holiday gatherings.

Electric coffee maker advocates also love these coffee makers for their soothing, characteristic bubbling; due to the force of the steam it uses to circulate the water through the ground coffee until a particularly full-bodied brew is produced.

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Even newer models like our favorite, the elite platinum maxi-matic 12-cup percolator (available on amazon for $50.99), refuse to reinvent the wheel, screeching happily on the counter as it spurts out rapidly. up to 12 cups of concentrated coffee.

These are the best coffee makers we tested, ranked in order:

  1. elite platinum maxi-matic 12 cup percolator ec-120
  2. presto 12 cup coffee maker 02811
  3. cuisinart classic 12 cup percolator prc-12
  4. hamilton beach 12 cups 40616
  5. farberware 12 cup percolator fcp412
  6. how we test coffee makers

    the tester:

    I’m sarah zorn, and I’ve been a food writer and editor for almost 10 years. Like most busy professionals, I run almost exclusively on coffee and need it ready in a flash in the morning, in embarrassingly large quantities. As a keen cook, I also frequently entertain and like the idea of ​​being able to easily produce plenty of piping hot caffeine for my guests at the end of the night.

    the tests:

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    We set up the pots and brewed three cups of low-acid coffee in each, assessing how long they took to brew, how easy they were to pour, and how bitter (or not) the coffee tasted. we repeated this process three different times over the course of the week, and also looked at how easy each unit was to clean, how comfortable they were to wear, how portable and well-built they were, and how easy they were to store. we also note security concerns and special features.

    what to look for when buying coffee machines

    Size definitely matters when buying percolators. While you can find two- to four-cup options, if that’s all the caffeine you need, percolators are preferred for their capacity and can go up to 12 cups. your next big choice is whether you want an electric or stove top coffee maker. The classic moka pot comes to mind when people think of open-flame models, but for our purposes, we only evaluated electric models, which allow you more control over the brewing process.

    And while the construction is fairly standard, percolators made primarily of stainless steel are preferable, especially their brewing elements. Steel is not only more durable than plastic, but it won’t impart off-flavors or leach harmful chemicals into your cup of coffee. Other desirable qualities include speed (all options we tested averaged one cup per minute), as well as drip-free spouts, stay-cool handles, ready-to-serve indicator lights, easy-to-disassemble parts to aid in cleanup, and long, detachable cables, which facilitate preparation, service and storage.

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    other electric coffee makers we tried

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