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A few weeks ago I sent out the monthly newsletter (subscribe here if you haven’t already) and in it I shared 7 things that didn’t work for me in 2016. #2 on the list? decaffeinated coffee. this is what i wrote:

Reading: Best decaf coffee 2016

I’m a long time fan of coffee, and my love only deepened when my husband worked in the cafe for years. (easy access + constant exposure + abundant samples is a dangerous combination!)

But one day, shortly after having our last child, I woke up and my tolerance for caffeine was gone. he just left. Now, as much as I love coffee, it’s not worth feeling crazy for twelve hours after consuming the caffeine.

Lately I’ve been having a hard time finding a good decaf. I know a lot of you don’t care, and happily drink any kind of coffee, or no coffee at all, and I get it. but coffee is one of those little things that I love, and I was hoping to find better options in 2017. so I asked you, and wow! Did you comply with the recommendations?

Today I am sharing the list. fellow decaf drinkers, rejoice! because, as you can see, it’s long.

(If you’re part of the vast majority of people who consume caffeine every day, fear not, everything listed here will work just fine for you, too.)

coffee roasters

1. camano island coffee roasters ethical coffee from washington state with six decaf and half coffee options.

2. lavazza decaffeinated whole bean espresso. highly recommended by multiple coffee fans.

3. Mystic Monk Coffee. This Wyoming roaster sells its coffee direct, one-time order or subscription, and has more decaf options than your average roaster. one reader calls it “the best decaf I’ve ever come across.” also available on amazon prime.

4. blue bottle coffee roasts only a decaf blend, decaf noir, but it’s still one of my favorites. If you ever get a chance to try a latte or cappuccino in person at one of their cafes, do it. they also have a subscription service that works without problems.

5. mcnulty’s tea and coffee. This small western town store ships more than 20 varieties of decaf worldwide and is sold in 1-pound and half-pound bags, making it easy to try a wide variety of coffees. (Now I’m kicking myself for walking past this store last fall without going in!)

6. Jolly Roger Roasting Co. This Eugene, Oregon roaster sells at your local store and online, with a decaf option. (Brazilian.)

7. peasant coffee. This Georgian company sells 100% organic fair trade coffee, with 5 decaf and semi-decaf options available.

8. Railroad Coffee. This Louisiana roaster has a brick-and-mortar store in Ruston and also sells online. (Decaffeinated Brazilian Mogiana available here.)

9. red rooster in floyd, virginia has 3 decaf and semi-decaf options, including funky chicken.

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10. bulletproof coffee, including the original whole bean decaf. (also available on amazon).

11. Abbey Roast. This coffee is small batch roasted at Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery in the mountains of southwestern New Mexico. (also: very good brand).

12. patria coffee. seasonal coffee, 100% organic, roasted in california.

13. Temple Coffee Roasters. This Sacramento roaster has 5 local stores and ships its coffees, including Colombian Excelso Decaffeinated, throughout the country.

14. Buena Vista Roastery. Located high in the Colorado Mountains, but ships nationwide. features five impressive decaf options.

15. addison coffee roasters This Dallas-based micro-roaster ships nationwide.

16. allegro coffee, which includes 7 decaffeinated options, one of which is called bel canto. also available at whole foods and amazon.

17. voyage coffee. This family-owned and operated micro-roaster in Eugene, Oregon roasts 3 times a week and free priority shipping so your beans are always fresh, including organic decaf from Ethiopia.

18. Intellectual coffee is a longtime personal favorite from the days I lived in Chicago. four decaf blends available online; my favorite is the librarian mix, but I can’t decide if it’s because of the taste or the name.

19. metropolis cafe. another chicago roaster; I always pack plenty of extra luggage when I visit the windy city so I can pack plenty of its beans on the return trip. redline decaf and decaf xeno’s blend fto available online; more options available locally.

20. aspire coffeeworks, a social enterprise in partnership with metropolis coffee. try the great decaf of your dreams.

21. big water coffee roasters in bayfield, wisconsin, introduces two decaffeinated coffee blends: dark devil and wet devil.

22. Notting Hill Coffee Roastery in Lewes, Delaware ships 8 different decafs across the country. one coffee fanatic calls it “the best I’ve ever had.”

23. grounds for change offers a wide variety of coffees and even offers a decaf option on your monthly coffee explorer subscription.

24. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters offer a choice of half coffee and two decaf. From a reader: “My husband and I could call ourselves “coffee snobs,” and I think their decaf is great.”

25. the coffee fool calls himself the original seller of freshly brewed coffee online. They carry over 190 (!!) coffees, in a wide variety of flavors, including 37 decaf and semi-decaf options. also available on amazon prime.

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26. victrola coffee roasters is a personal favorite. every time my husband is in seattle for work, i very kindly ask him to come back with a pound of decaf deco in his suitcase.

27. The roaster at Kansas City Air roasts the coffee beans to order and ships them immediately. (one reader calls it “amazing, so fresh, so good”). 17 decaf and half coffee options.

28. king david coffee roasters. This Nashua, New Hampshire roaster has two decaf options. sign up for recurring shipments and receive free melita brewing equipment.

29. solar roasted coffee. solar heat roasts the coffee “low and slow, like a good barbecue.” This hometown company’s water-process decaf is, in the words of one coffee fanatic, “organic and super delicious.”

30. barrington coffee roasting co believes that “decaf drinkers drink coffee for a reason, the taste.” (Amen.) Roast Monday through Thursday, and any order received before 9:00 a.m. m. it leaves that same day.

31. Jittery Joe’s. This Athens store roasts two types of decaf and ships them nationwide. (fun fact: its name comes from an episode of the simpsons).

32. coffee peets. This prominent West Coast brand ships nationwide and is also available for a great price on Amazon, sign up and save. Several readers expressed their specific love for Dickason’s Prime Decaf Blend and Sumatran Decaf.

33. Artisan kéan coffee roasters. One reader says the lovely couple who run this California roaster are downright obsessed with serving and/or shipping their beans within hours of roasting. three decaf available, all decaf with Swiss water.

34. I love nomad coffee. 100% of the profits from this Georgian roaster go to mission and community development projects around the world, with a special focus on Africa. subscriptions available.

35. Backroom Coffee Roasters is a specialty micro-roaster in Columbus, Ohio that ships 99.9% caffeine-free coffee nationwide. (Did you know that to be certified decaf, only 97% is required? Yes.)

36. equal exchange, particularly the organic french roast. available at whole foods and online here.

37. Armenian coffee roasters never use chemicals in their decaf processing, they currently have 9 varieties of decaf to choose from, and according to one reader, “they are all wonderful.”

38. Local milwaukee collective roaster coffee ships nationwide and even has a decaf subscription with seven different varieties.

39. batdorf and bronson coffee roasters was born in olympia, washington, back in 1988. four decaf available, including their signature dancing goat blend.

40. salt city coffee of syracuse ships freshly roasted beans that positively impact our society and our world across the country.

41. birds and beans coffee was one of the first companies to adopt “bird-friendly” certification, and this love for our flying friends is reflected in their whimsical brand, like baltimore oriole french roast decaf.

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