10 Best Coffee Urns 2022 – Top Picks, Reviews & Guide

best coffee urns

A coffee urn is an essential tool for any place that serves coffee in large quantities and at a continuous rate. Whether it’s a coffee shop, office, or family gathering, you’ll need a dependable urn that’s easy to use and easy to clean.

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the problem? choosing the best model can be a daunting task. What features are most important and how do you find the best value? We have written detailed reviews of our favorite coffee urns to guide you through this challenging task. your new coffee urn may be on this list!

comparative table (updated in 2022):

top 10 coffee urns:

1. focus foodservice regalware coffee urn (60 cups) – best overall

Focus Foodservice Regalware Coffee Urn

The Focus Regalware Foodservice Coffee Urn is an excellent machine designed to accommodate larger mugs. the large tap clearance makes this possible, solving a common problem with most coffee makers.

With this urn, creating a mess will be the least of your worries, due to the non-drip feature. the machine is made of steel to improve its strength and durability.

This coffee maker is also very efficient, with a capacity of 60 cups of coffee, which makes it ideal for meetings or small coffees. the built-in dual thermostat heats coffee faster and keeps it hot longer.

Almost all the desirable features of a coffee urn can be found in this machine. however, the filter is not very effective. some grounds are not filtered, which makes the coffee less smooth.

but overall we think this is the best coffee urn you can currently buy.

2. hamilton beach 45 cup coffee urn – best value for money

Hamilton Beach 45-Cup Coffee Urn 40515R

the hamilton beach 40515r coffee maker is a reliable coffee maker for crowds and social gatherings, due to the large 45 cup per hour capacity. the two-way dispenser is integrated to accommodate single and continuous servings, allowing you to fill small cups and larger decanters efficiently.

This coffee maker has water level markings and an indicator light. You can measure the water with the level mark, and the indicator light will indicate when the coffee is ready. the machine is easy to operate and cleaning is quite simple.

This coffee urn is your best bet for the money. it’s significantly more affordable than most coffee makers.

we would classify it more like a coffee maker than an urn, because it doesn’t have a filter. the coffee has a metallic taste and the lack of effective insulation means it cools quickly.

3. continental coffee maker (50 cups)

Continental Electric PS-SQ018 Coffee Urn

The ps-sq018 continental coffee maker’s large 50-cup capacity and built-in self-serve option make it a reliable choice for club functions and social gatherings.

drip tray minimizes mess. there are digital programming options to keep the water hot and reheat the coffee, as well as a timer.

Rubberized side handles allow for comfortable carrying and the viewing window lets you see the water level. Cleaning this coffee urn is a snap thanks to the stainless steel finish, which also increases the durability of the urn.

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lack of proper insulation makes coffee and water cool relatively quickly.

4. Hamilton Beach Stainless Steel Coffee Urns (60 Cups)

Hamilton Beach D50065 Coffee Urn

A contributing factor to coffee going cold quickly is constantly lifting and opening the lid of a coffee urn to check the level. the hamilton beach d50065 eliminates this problem with a transparent window that allows you to monitor the level of the coffee.

Serving many people at once is made easy with the hamilton beach d50065’s 60-cup capacity and one-cup-per-minute speed. there is also a keep warm function that maintains the temperature of the coffee. indicator lights let you know when the machine is on or when the water is ready, and cleanup is easy thanks to the stainless steel exterior.

If you don’t like noise, this urn is probably not a good choice for you as it is noisy when in operation. it also gives the coffee a metallic taste.

5. West Bend Aluminum Commercial Coffee Urn (100 Cups)

West Bend 33600 Coffee Urn

The West Bend 33600 Aluminum Commercial Coffee Urn is designed to serve large numbers of people effectively. its 100-cup capacity and one-cup-per-minute speed make it highly efficient and reliable.

keeps coffee hot for an extended period with automated temperature control. there’s a versatile dripless faucet for single or continuous servings.

Insulated handles and a heat resistant base allow you to effortlessly transport the machine. structure and additional cleaning tools make cleaning an easy process. the operation has been simplified with a light indicator to warn you of the end of the brewing process. there are also water level marks.

This urn makes noise when it is set up and the faucet tends to leak.

We also curate a list of the 10 best commercial coffee makers here.

6. nesco cu-50 coffee maker (50 cups)

NESCO CU-50 Coffee Urn

the nesco cu-50 coffee maker is an efficient coffee maker with a capacity of 50 cups and a speed of one cup per minute. It is ideal for small cafes and social gatherings.

The double insulation system keeps the coffee warm and prevents the outside from getting hot. The ergonomic handles allow you to carry the urn with ease. drip tray minimizes any mess the stainless steel finish makes it easy to clean and durable, and it’s dishwasher safe.

This machine produces some noise when it is in operation. its bottom rusts quickly and the faucet tends to leak a bit.

7. west bend aluminum coffee urn (30 cups)

West Bend Coffee Urn

The West Bend 58030 Aluminum Coffee Maker is a party coffee maker with a 30-cup capacity and a speed of one cup per minute.

An automatic temperature control maintains the temperature of the coffee and there is a two-way dripless faucet for easy pouring. heat-resistant handles allow you to transport the machine safely and interior markings allow you to check the water level. the urn is easy to operate and refill, and the stainless steel makes it easy to clean.

This is not the most durable urn as it stops working efficiently after a few weeks of use. the faucet breaks easily, the machine makes a loud sound when it works, and the coffee has a metallic taste.

8. nostalgia homecraft coffee urn (30 cups)

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HomeCraft CU30SS Coffee Urn

The Nostalgia Homecraft CU30SS Coffee Urn can serve a number of beverages, including tea, mulled cider, coffee, and hot chocolate. It has a capacity of 30 cups.

You won’t have to worry about overheating the coffee after a while, as the urn automatically retains the temperature of the coffee for hours. The coffee filter is reusable, so you don’t need to worry about replacing coffee filters. it is easy to use and dishwasher safe.

the handles are not very ergonomic, which makes it a bit difficult to transport the machine. the faucet does not work efficiently, causing leaks. the machine claims to have a brew speed of one cup per minute, but it is much slower than that.

9. proctor silex commercial coffee urn (60 cups)

Proctor Silex 45060R Coffee Urn

proctor silex commercial 45060 features a fast brew rate of one cup per minute with a large capacity of up to 100 cups, making it an excellent choice for large gatherings and social events.

The aluminum finish provides durability and the dual heater system allows for continuous brewing. This urn turns off automatically when all the water in the tank has been boiled.

The machine is easy to clean due to the aluminum finish and is easy to use. however, it stops working efficiently after a few uses. the interior is unattractive and makes the coffee taste strange. the handles wobble a bit and the faucet leaks.

10. sybo & hot water heater (100 cups)

SYBO Commercial Coffee Urn

the sybo & hot water heater is more suitable for catering and restaurants, due to its large capacity of 100 cups.

The stainless steel finish makes cleaning easy and prevents rust and stains. the handles are ergonomically designed to transport the machine with ease. the auto power off button automatically turns off the machine when there is no water left in the water tank.

This urn leaks a lot from the faucet and seems to have an internal problem because the machine won’t stay on. On top of that, the coffee tastes strange and the machine brews at a slower rate than described in the product description.

This urn seems to have fewer problems than the previous one. however, the fact that it doesn’t stay on is a big deal breaker. for this reason, it is our least recommended option.

buyer’s guide: finding the best coffee urn

coffee urns may seem simple. plug them in, fill them with coffee and start pouring! but the wrong model can stretch your budget and your patience. Read on to find our quick tips for choosing the best coffee urn for your needs.

main features

Some of the most important features of a coffee urn include capacity, heating capacity, and durability. you may want to consider how many cups you’ll want to serve and how long you want your urn to keep warm. When it comes to durability, look for sturdy materials like stainless steel and keep an eye out for machines with reported mechanical issues.


Other convenient features may include windows to monitor the level of coffee, ergonomic and resistant handles and safe automatic shut-off programs. these optional features can significantly enhance your experience, although you may have to pay more for the convenience.

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final verdict

The results are in! The Regalware Focus Foodservice 57060 Coffee Urn is by far the most reliable urn. If you like to control your budget, the Hamilton Beach 40515R coffee urn is the best value for money.

When you serve a large number of coffee lovers, you need a reliable coffee urn that is easy to use and transport. Finding the best model can be time consuming and frustrating, but we hope our roundup of your top picks, including detailed reviews and a quick set of buying tips, will help you find the best coffee maker for your needs. Now go out and go shopping!

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