8 Satisfying Cafes in the Upper East Side

the upper east side is one of the best neighborhoods to explore in new york city, if not only for the opulence. Home to a high concentration of millionaires (and billionaires), there’s no shortage of inspiration to glean here. You’re going to need some energy to explore this inspiring zip code, so let me share my personal list of the best cafes on the upper east side.

787 coffee

787 coffee not only serves some of the best coffee on the upper east side, but is also one of the most charming coffee shops in new york city. this is my favorite place when I need something to pick me up or just a nice coffee to while away a few hours.

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the coffee is always great and the baristas are always top notch. I especially love the purpose-driven mission of this charming upper east side cafe, which is to provide a farm-to-cup coffee experience while supporting the local community.

The coffee is grown and processed on a farm in Puerto Rico by the coffee owners. the goal is to grow coffee sustainably and offer living wages to the locals they hire. it’s a thing of beauty and the end result is exceptional: one of the best coffees on the upper east side! stop by and find out why the locals love this place.

address: 228 e 80th st, new york, ny 10075

ralph’s coffee

ralph’s coffee on the upper east side is suffused with opulence and gives off a very charming retro vibe. this is one of the most popular cafes on the upper east side, as evidenced by the long lines.

But it’s not hard to see why locals and visitors alike enjoy this cafe so much. between the chic decor and the spectacular coffee (demanding beans from the colombe), you’ll feel like a million bucks. there are a handful of outdoor tables for lounging, but don’t expect to find free seats easily because they fill up.

feel free to order a delicious baked good to go with your coffee and spend some quiet time watching the world go by. this is one of the best coffee spots in the ues, especially during a hot summer day.

address: 888 madison ave, new york, ny 10021

oslo coffee roasters

oslo coffee roasters have been serving up some of the best coffee in the us. uu. since 2011. the coffee roasters originally hail from brooklyn, where they amassed an enthusiastic following for their premium beans and velvety-smooth roasts.

Tucked away snugly in a small shop on a lively tree-lined street, this pretty upper east side cafe is as quaint as it gets, but that’s not even the best part. it is the café’s commitment to doing good for the community that makes it so beloved.

They only source ingredients from local suppliers and strive to minimize their impact on the environment. it all goes back to a local business and it’s hard not to love that.

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address: 422 e 75th st, new york, ny 10021


ask any local about their favorite cafes on the upper east side and the honest ones will mention maman. Offering a whimsical and charming atmosphere, this is one of the ues cutest bakeries and cafes if you’re looking to catch up with an old friend.

Originally started as a French bakery and cafe in Soho, but quickly became famous for its perfectly executed baked goods. But what really put them on the map was that Oprah listed her Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookie as one of her favorite things.

I never miss an opportunity to order the quiche, the chocolate croissant, and their famous macadamia nut cookie. And, as you can imagine, the coffee is always great.

address: 1424 3rd ave, new york, ny 10028

joe’s coffee company

joe coffee company might be the best coffee on the upper east side. the shop is more of a grab and go rather than a sit down cafe, but I’d be damned if I didn’t mention the phenomenal coffee. it’s consistently smooth, so it never fails to hit the spot and I’m not the only one who thinks so.

by contrast, joe’s spread like wildfire and has a ton of locations scattered throughout the city. but it’s not hard to see why: the atmosphere is welcoming, the vibe relaxed, and the coffee exceptional. heck I would take the metro to this gem but thankfully I don’t have to because they have great coffee in the ues.

address: 1045 lexington ave, new york, ny 10021

rabbit hutch + waldo

When it comes to instagrammable coffee shops on the upper east side, hutch + waldo might take the cake. Founded in 2016, this cafe strives to recreate the laid-back coastal vibes of Australia, where they are owned.

Serving great coffee on the ues in a relaxed atmosphere, this spot fills with locals during the busy brunch hour. They have an impressive food menu filled with delicious breakfast items like scrambled eggs, burritos, avocado toast, and smoothies.

everything is sourced locally and only seasonal produce is used at this popular upper east side cafe.

address: 247 e 81st st, new york, ny 10028

bleriot coffee xi

Cafe bleriot xi, offering great coffee on the upper east side, is a cozy old fashioned cafe full of elegance. It opened in 2018 and is named after French aviator Louis Blériot’s plane, the Bleriot XI. He was the first person to fly a plane across the English Channel and (according to legend) attributed his success to a good breakfast.

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the cafe is run by a talented painter named georgi dimov and his nyc watercolors are amazing. the staff is some of the friendliest you’ll come across and the coffee and baked goods are always spot on.

address: 226 e 83rd st, new york, ny 10028

birch coffee

Birch coffee is a New York staple. You can find these coffee shops all over the city because people expect high-quality coffee at all hours of the day, and their Upper East Side cafe is no exception.

Stop by for the locally sourced beans (roasted on site, to top it off) and the exceptional roasted almond tea. Atmosphere-wise, it’s just what you’d expect from a great upper east side cafe: rustic and cozy.

address: 134 1/2 e 62nd st, new york, ny 10065

bluestone lane

bluestone lane is always full of people and the lively chatter that accompanies large groups. Waiting in line is practically guaranteed on weekends, but the colorful Aussie brunch menu is well worth the wait. their coffee is half the draw, which is why I consider this to be one of the best cafes on the upper east side.

I usually come here once a week after the match is over (here are 20 epic pieces of art you can’t miss). my husband and i have made a visit to the museum our sunday tradition and never pass up the opportunity to have lunch on bluestone lane.

address: 1085 5th ave, new york, ny 10128

the best coffee on the upper east side

In short, here’s a quick rundown of the best cafes on the upper west side:

  1. 787 coffee
  2. ralph’s coffee
  3. oslo coffee roasters
  4. mom
  5. bluestone lane
  6. bleriot coffee xi
  7. hutch & waldo
  8. joe’s coffee company
  9. birch coffee
  10. the best coffee shops on the upper east side

    map of the best cafes on the upper east side

    where to stay on the upper east side

    As you can imagine, hotels on the upper east side will cost quite a bit. they are almost exclusively luxury hotels in this zip code. then if budget is not a concern, I suggest the franklin hotel.


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