The 25 Best Coffee Tables for Every Budget and Style

Victorian England, feudal Japan, the Ottoman Empire, even the ancient Greeks all claim to be the inventors of the coffee table. but one thing is certain: it is an integral part of discovering your living space. A good coffee table is low enough to avoid obscuring television screens, high enough to prop up your feet, and wide enough for dining. Today, the options range from verified works of art to examples that cost you less than a trip to the grocery store. This guide to the 20 best coffee tables covers the cheap, the cutting-edge design, the simple, the bizarre, and more.

coffee table missing from ikea

lack might be ikea’s most appropriately named product. it lacks most things: quality materials, defining features, a high price tag, etc. apart from its absurdly low price, there is nothing remarkable about it. All of this makes it the perfect coffee table for a particularly frugal college student or young adult. It’s made from cheap, recyclable particleboard and its acrylic finish wipes clean as quickly as you apply water and wipe clean. get it, abuse it, break it. no matter what happens, it won’t ruin your day.

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buy now: $30

closetmaid coffee table 1311

this one is for all you clean line nerds out there who are also broke or frugal. a plywood tabletop and sturdy steel base are secondary to two open cubbies ready for stacking new magazines.

buy now: $75

songmics coffee table

make fun of it if you want, but this is the best selling coffee table on amazon. At about two feet tall and three and a half feet wide, it’s a good size for those whose living room doubles as a dining room. its look leans toward factory chic, and it’s made from materials that almost back it up: the legs are painted iron, while the tabletop is particleboard. it’s well reviewed, very cheap, and can be at your doorstep in a day.

buy now: $86

round coffee table for coffee with milk in the interior

inside weather is ikea’s latest update, but with similarly affordable price points. The brand manufactures its products in the United States, and buyers can customize each piece to match their unique specifications. shipping is free and assembly of the coffee table is as simple as attaching the four legs to the surface.

buy now: $148+

there is a tulou coffee table

round, colorful (if you want it to be) and made of steel, this coffee table is as minimalist as it gets. the top is a removable spun steel tray that can be removed from the base, making it both functional and stylish.

buy now: $195

langley ranch coffee table

beautifully simple and ideally priced. oval coffee tables provide a balance between someone who doesn’t like a living room that’s made up entirely of right angles and people who find circular coffee tables lacking in usable space when lounging on the couch. this one isn’t too fancy or too noticeable, which is exactly what makes it great: it’s unadorned, just waiting for you to throw shit at it.

buy now: $220

muji oak coffee table

muji is japan’s most popular home goods retailer. Pushing ever deeper into the North American market, the brand is huge with hundreds of product categories, but it manages to weave its calm and steady design aesthetic through each and every one, including this simple coffee table. Oak.

buy now: $224

latrell coffee table

Because not everything in your home has to be hardwood and shiny metal. the latrell table is a translucent acrylic coffee table that is meant to literally blend into the living room environment, providing a kind of color boost in the process.

buy now: $250

hem alle coffee table

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hem’s products are part of the wave of nuovo-scandinavianism that has seen a tradition based on quality materials, light colors and functionality while retaining those qualities and adding a little more fun. the alle is completely oak and is round (obviously) with rounded legs. although this one is listed as oversized, it is still small by US standards.

buy now: $399

maggi coffee table article

A subtler riff on the curvy, distorted atomic style of late-mid-century movement, the maggi is subtle yet engaging. It’s not the cheapest mountain of items in a coffee table collection, but it’s easily one of the most interesting. It’s also made with pretty sturdy materials: a black vegan leather shelf, a walnut wood top, and powder-coated metal legs. also ships without assembly.

buy now: $429

cb2 macbeth natural coffee table

if you haven’t come across crate & barrel of selling to someone other than mom, consider yourself informed. More modern and more affordable than its parent brand, CB2’s product portfolio is vast. use it as a centralized lookbook, or just grab this natural table made from Canadian hemlock and be done with it.

buy now: $429

umbra shift tier coffee table

umbra shift is the smaller, more contemporary arm of umbra, whose wares cross the line between aesthetics and invention. the tier table is a little more understated than your usual fair, but no less impressive: two spacious tiers of powder-coated steel legs and top mean plenty of room for storage, and its width and materials make it a worthy candidate for a media center. also.

buy now: $500

andy coffee table from school

Operating in portland, oregon, schoolhouse’s specialty is making products that last, both in style and form. this timeless coffee table recalls the art and architecture of various design styles, but does so in a way that is not entirely unheard of in the present.

buy now: $799

blu dot round coffee table

The circular table is designed to withstand the elements, so it works both inside and outside the home. powder-coated aluminum comes in a variety of colors, from modest oyster to bold tomato. the thick base and delicate top make this piece stand out in any living room.

buy now: $899

studio 7.5 polygonal wire table

studio 7.5 out of berlin practices a somewhat outdated form of iterative design; basically, they prefer to avoid the use of computers and work with their hands during the entire design process. This table, like many they’ve made, is for Herman Miller’s giant design, and it’s circular, triangular, light, heavy, and beautiful all at once.

buy now: $1,005

rove concepts truman coffee table

Want storage that doesn’t look like storage? Do you want to have what amounts to a storage hatch? You may not want either, but that doesn’t make the Truman Coffee Table from Rove Concepts any less attractive. a contemporary monster of a coffee table with a walnut finish, white lacquer and frosted glass top. the thing is 53 inches wide and widens when you open the sneaky storage compartments. This coffee table is a new coffee table design meets dining table, perfected.

buy now: $1074

knoll coffee table by alexander girard

Mid-Century Modern at its most pristine and fun, ie a little quirky, ie lopsided. The Humpback Coffee Table was launched in 1948 and designed by one Alexander Girard. This coffee table was one of the last complete pieces of furniture the American-French-Italian ended up making, he went on to work with Herman Miller developing textiles for Charles and Ray Eames and George Nelson. This table stands on cold-rolled tubular steel legs with an ebonized wood veneer top.

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buy now: $1183

noguchi coffee table

This table is so legendary and ubiquitous that it has essentially become a meme (see here for more on this). Designed in 1942 by sculptor Isamu Noguchi, it is widely considered one of the most iconic pieces of mid-century furniture in history. Noguchi was the son of a Japanese poet and an American writer, and lovers of Frida Kahlo (both count as artistic bona fides in my book). the original design was literally made for the president of the museum of modern art, and its final production version has a place in the museum’s permanent collection. You’ll also be one step closer to a Westworld-approved lounge.

buy now: $1,195+

eames molded plywood coffee table

The godfathers of mid-century design, charles and ray eames, produced many amazing and unbelievably weird products (like eames famous elephants), and this coffee table is a bit of both. The culmination of a perfected method of bending plywood and pressing it against a superheated membrane to hold it in place, this coffee table is unlike anything you’ll find at Lowe’s. the bentwood spider legs and resulting pressed tabletop are at once familiar, strange, and brilliant.

buy now: $1295

sean woolsey studio x coffee table

Anyone who tells me they don’t want sean woolsey’s table x is either a liar or has a weird bent against satisfying things. it’s a made-to-order fortified glass-topped white oak table that exudes freshness even before you consider the quartersawn magazine rack and bookcase that hang below the table.

buy now: $1800

resident offset coffee table

consider this your deluxe introduction to new zealand design in all its weird and wonderful beauty. the offset coffee table is, well, offset (the legs are offset from the table) and made of oak. the designer, philippe malouin, is a french-canadian who trained with the famous designer tom dixon.

buy now: $1900

george nelson bank

Turns out the man responsible for designing America’s first shopping mall isn’t too bad at making furniture, either. George Nelson, one of the masters of mid-century modernism, designed the iconic Finger-Joint Bench in 1946. The Nelson Bench was designed during his period as Design Director for Herman Miller and doubles as a coffee table. it is also one of the most frequently knocked over pieces of furniture in the world.

buy now: $1995

vitra guéridon bas coffee table

As a company, vitra competes to be the most influential design group in the world. Its product designers include names like Charles and Ray Eames, Jasper Morrison, George Nelson, and the mind of this piece, Jean Prouvé. the guéridon bas has quintessential prouvé characteristics such as bent veneer (its most precious and most used material) and smoked wood with an oil finish.

buy now: $2580

duotone rectangular coffee table yield design

If you like glass top coffee tables, this is the damn truth. it is visually light, but as strong as a glass top (its frame is powder-coated brass). Designed in 2016 by Yield Design Co. founders Rachel Gant and Andrew Deming, the unit comes in a variety of different materials, sizes, and finishes (black on black is another personal favorite of mine).

buy now: $3170

o&g studio buck coffee table

A product of one of our favorite new age shaker furniture makers at o&g studio, the buck table is handcrafted to order and allows you to choose which hardwood to make it from.

more information: here

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