The 15 Best Coffee Shops on Maui

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When you’re on vacation in Maui and you’re a little jet lagged, you just want a nice cup of coffee to start your day off right. It took us a lot of searching, trying, and trying to find the best coffee in Maui, but we managed to find the cream of the crop.

We’ve organized the list by location, so no matter where you stay in Maui, you’ll be just a short drive from one of the best coffee shops on the island. The coffee is grown right here on Maui, so expect the freshest and best.

best coffee in lahaina (and the west side)

mauigrown coffee co (lahaina)

Located in a plantation-style building, Mauigrown Coffee serves genuine Maui-grown coffee. They serve beans from the Ka’anapali coffee farm, so their beans don’t travel far before they’re roasted and brewed. grab a cup and sit on the wraparound porch (the coffee is delicious but the building can actually be better). you can also buy roasted and green coffee beans to take home.

note: the cafeteria is currently closed, but online ordering of beans is still available.

vigilette craft coffee (lahaina)

This is one coffee cart you won’t soon forget. Located in the heart of Lahaina, the coffee cart is artsy and the owner who serves you your cup of coffee is passionate about his craft. this is one of our favorite places for coffee on the west side and it’s popular – at any time of day vigilatte will have a line (although it moves fast).

instructions for monitoring craft coffee

bad ass coffee (lahaina)

This cafe was a surprise find for us. after passing by for years we finally stopped in for a quick latte. It was so good that we bought the beans to have at home every morning. the espresso in the latte had a smooth, light flavor. this is now hands down our favorite place for coffee in maui. it’s tucked away in a row of shops below the pioneer inn near the banyan tree in lahaina.

how to get to the bad ass cafe

drift (lahaina)

the latest addition to lahaina’s coffee shops is drift. Located just a block from Main Street in the Dickenson Square shopping center, this cafe serves a variety of coffee options and a pastry menu in a relaxed setting. the newly renovated space is beautiful and the staff is helpful. Plus, the 6am opening hours are perfect for the jet lagged traveler.

instructions for making drift coffee

the cafeteria (napili)

located in the napili plaza mall, this hidden gem is a small cafe with a great menu and a good selection of beans. As well as coffee, you can also choose from a decent sized food menu, with pastries and sandwiches. most of their cakes are made in house every day. everything that is not made by them comes from a local bakery. And if you’re in a hurry, you can order online.

how to get to the cafeteria in napili

old coffee from the island (ka’anapali)

You’ll find several old island coffee shops on Oahu, but only one on Maui. this cafe has great coffee, but the draw here is that the food menu is just as good. They have sandwiches for breakfast and lunch, as well as salads. but the best? their acai bowls. and it’s conveniently located in the whalers’ village and opens at 6 am, making it perfect for early risers staying in ka’anapali.

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how to get to island vintage coffee

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best coffee in kihei (and south maui)

kraken coffee (kihei and kahului)

There’s a lot to love about Kraken Cafe: the friendly staff, the good prices, and the great coffee. our favorite coffee order here is a cold brew. it’s soft and without much bite and so good that we often go out of our way to grab one. order a cold beer? get your iced coffee (ice cubes made from coffee) so your iced coffee doesn’t end up watery.

they have two coffee truck locations, kihei and kahului.

how to get to kraken coffee in kihei

how to get to kraken cafe in kahului

akamai coffee co (kihei, wailea and kahului)

love a unique coffee menu? akamai coffee has you covered. They offer coffee made from maui beans with unique drink options like a lavender honey latte and a roasted coconut latte. the atmosphere is lovely, the banana bread is delicious and the staff are friendly. its location in wailea offers a great outdoor seating area. One note: they don’t have wifi. we think that’s a plus: we love to put down our phones and computers to have a nice conversation.

how to get to akamai cafe in kihei

how to get to akamai cafe in wailea

how to get to akamai cafe in kahului

lava coffee roasters java (kihei)

This great coffee shop roasts maui beans on the premises, making for a great cup of joe. They have many options on their menu, but don’t let that overwhelm you. the friendly staff will take the time to explain things to you and offer you samples. the owner grows his own beans (seriously), roasts them, and brews the perfect cup of coffee – you get excellence every step of the way with this coffee shop. It’s worth taking a walk for the frozen mocha ice cream.

how to get to java lava coffee roasters

the maui market (wailea)

If you’re looking for food that’s as good as the coffee you’re drinking, this is the place. A nice little market located in Wailea with outdoor seating, this place offers much more than its delicious coffee. We initially went for coffee but keep coming back for their excellent sandwich menu. There’s also a breakfast menu, cheese plates, and baked goods, plus a few gourmet food options for sale to take with you on your daytime adventures.

directions to maui market

the best coffee in central maui, interior and north maui

maui (kahului) coffee roasters

good coffee, a wide selection, delicious cakes, all served with a fun atmosphere. Honestly, what more can you ask for in a coffee shop? Unassuming from the outside, once inside you are greeted by a colorful cafe that feels fun. more than coffee, their food menu is one of the best on the island.

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how to get to maui coffee roasters

wailuku coffee

This is the perfect spot for a coffee and breakfast sandwich before hitting some of the nearby hiking trails. They have a full coffee menu (delicious) and a fairly extensive food menu, with gluten-free options available. and you can stay for a while because there is plenty of outdoor seating. the prices are good and the service is even better. we really love this place.

how to get to wailuku coffee co

give me a sip (makawao)

The charming town of Makawao has an equally charming cafe, located right in the center of town. sipping is always one of our favorite stops because the coffee is great (the rose gold latte is my favorite order), they have great food, and the atmosphere is perfect. It is a place that makes us want to stay and chat for a while.

slurp me instructions

cowgirl coffee (makawao)

a little further up the road in makawao is the cowgirl cafe. Located next to an office building in a sweet yellow trailer, this coffee shop serves up delicious coffees and lattes. I tried the honey lavender latte, made with their homemade organic syrup. there is a cute little outdoor patio that can fit a few people. everything is rich and tasty and the service is friendly.

how to get to the cowgirl cafe

paia bay cafeteria (paia)

This hidden gem (literally, it’s hidden behind some shops) is more than just a coffee shop. while their coffee is great, their food options could be even better. and it’s such a beautiful garden location that it really feels like you’re having coffee in luxury. They are open for dinner, with live music on some nights.

this is also a great stop when you start your journey towards hana. Related reading: How to make the road to Hana in one day.

how to get to paia bay cafeteria

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