8 Best Coffee Shops in Greensboro, North Carolina

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greensboro, north carolina is a beautiful place to live and visit. presents the perfect combination of city life with the feeling of being in the country, feeling satisfied when you are in the city is easy. But what do you do when you’re in the mood for a great cup of coffee and don’t feel like making it at home? you find a favorite coffee shop to enjoy. For those of you looking for the best coffee shops in Greensboro, we’re here to help. Take a look at our top 8 coffee shops in greensboro, north carolina for the best places to grab a cup of coffee while enjoying what this great city has to offer.

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top 8 coffee shops in greensboro, north carolina:

1. tate street cafe

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If you’re looking for a coffee shop that’s centrally located and offers fair trade coffee, then Tate Street Coffee Shop is a great place to stop. you will enjoy its delicious coffees, lattes, espressos and even hot chocolates. if you’re in the mood, amazing baked goods and lunch items will hit the spot. visit us when you need something that picks you up at any time of the day.

2. green joe’s coffee co.

Green Joe’s Coffee Co. logo

coffee co green joe. is dedicated to providing its customers with a great cup of coffee every time they visit. Instead of expanding their business and meeting demand, they focus on roasting small batches and perfecting the final product. if you’re looking for a tasty cup of coffee with creative recipes and great roasts, this is the place for you in greensboro.

3. common motifs

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common grounds strives to bring all your favorite things together under one roof. coffee, conversation, and even some spirits linger inside. If you need a caffeine kick, their tasty beans, special recipes, and nitro drinks will give you the energy you need. luckily, the taste is also out of this world!

4. a special blend

A Special Blend logo

If you’re looking for a truly special coffee shop, a special blend is what you’re looking for. Employing people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, this cafe offers amazing coffee blends, take-home bean bags, and merchandise to commemorate your visit. this nonprofit uses coffee and great people to make the community connections people want.

5. cafeology

Coffeeology logo

For a bit of everything, head over to coffeeology. while the coffee may be what draws you in, the food and tasty ice cream are the icing on the cake. you’ll enjoy coffee drinks prepared by trained baristas whenever you have a craving. small menu items or full meals are also waiting for those who are a little peckish as they walk through the doors.

6. the green bean

The Green Bean logo

If you want a coffee shop that offers tasty coffee and a sense of community, you need to visit the green bean. while they feel that brewing the perfect cup of coffee is an art, you’ll find great conversation and a sense of belonging every time you visit. A local coffee shop that greets you when you walk in the door is hard to find, but here it is.

7. earth blue

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Terra Blue logo

while enjoying what greensboro has to offer, be sure to stop by terra blue. this unique shop offers trinkets of all kinds and some of the best coffee in town. if you’re shopping and want to enjoy a good coffee while you’re doing it, this is the place to be.

8. caribou coffee

Caribou Coffee logo

with the popularity of caribou coffee, it’s not surprising to find one waiting for you in greensboro. Whether you want an amazing coffee drink, a bag of beans to take home, or some fun merchandise, this coffee shop has it all. however, be sure to try the menu. you’ll easily find something you love.

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final thoughts

As you can see, Greensboro has an eclectic variety of coffee shops waiting for you to visit. next time you’re in town, stop by one of these stores and give it a try. you might find a new favorite recipe or meet a barista you enjoy talking to. Either way, great coffee and friendship are on the horizon when you sample what the 8 Best Coffee Shops in Greensboro, North Carolina have to offer.

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