The 12 Most Amazing Coffee Shops in Florida

nothing better than a rich and tasty cup of coffee to start the day. Florida has many unique coffee shops with premium beans and beverages of all kinds and flavors. Whether you’re looking for a nitro brew, iced coffee, latte, or just a classic cuppa, these cafes offer something for everyone. many of them also have an interesting story or quest to accompany your morning routine. all are great places to hang out, grab a drink, or even order your favorite roast online.

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These 12 coffee shops are worth a visit and we guarantee you will come back!

12 best coffee shops in florida

downtown creed (orlando)

This coffee shop has earned all kinds of praise for its delicious beers and drinks. what makes them unique are their values, commitment to bettering the community, and of course their “name-your-price” policy. the quality is amazing and only the best ingredients are carefully put into each cup.

concordia cafe (lakeland + gainesville)

This coffee shop is an experience from start to finish. They have great food options as well as terrific drinks. To top it off, you can buy their amazing products online. they even have a subscription service so you never run out of your favorite coffee!

axum cafe (winter garden)

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This laid-back cafe has a cozy atmosphere to accompany your satisfying drink. their beans are ethically sourced, locally roasted, and each drink is handcrafted. when you are here you can feel good about what you are drinking, while enjoying the wonderful atmosphere.

blind tiger coffee (tampa)

This trendy speakeasy-style cafe has locations throughout Florida. They offer amazing cold nitro beers, amazing lattes and other delicious beverages along with acai bowls and other delicious breakfast snacks. you will come here for the coffee and then you will stay for it and the experience.

coffee black crow co. (saint petersburg)

Are you in a cafeteria or in a garden? this place is pretty close to both! this cafe has amazing plants everywhere, the drinks are sustainable and they pride themselves on being “zero waste” and being an active part of the community.

vice city bean (miami)

This funky cafe will have you coming back again and again. With vibrant murals on the walls, delicious food and sensational coffee, what more could you ask for? the staff is also very friendly and everything is made to order.

kunjani (naples)

kunjani is a woman-owned coffee shop offering exceptional craft coffees, lattes and other delicious specialty drinks. they also have a special gallery with handmade and fair trade items from Africa and support a local charity every month. this store has amazing drinks and is doing things for the greater good every day.

brew urban coffee (ft. lauderdale)

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This coffee shop is a destination. known for his photos on all social networks. the beers and cakes are delicious with local ingredients. everything here is crafted with care and it shows in the unbeatable quality. They even have a bar with adult drinks that opens at night.

macondo coffee roasters (multiple locations)

These coffee shops are known for their small batch coffees and drinks. they pride themselves on “working directly with farmers with fewer than 2,000 coffee plants.” everything here is carefully selected and crafted to create some of the best coffee you’ll ever experience. their food is also delicious!

perq coffee shop (sarasota)

This cool spot has a selection of offerings including single-origin specialty coffee, mimosas, teas, and delicious breakfast options. They also have beer and wine. this cafe has something for everyone. you will definitely want to come back again and again!

craft & common (orlando)

This charming and fun cafe offers delicious food and prepared drinks. each ingredient is carefully selected and each drink is handcrafted. they have something for everyone. this store is so attractive that you’ll want to settle in here in the morning.

popular kava house (st. petersburg + tampa)

This hot spot serves up locally roasted coffee, all sorts of teas, and other delicious beverages to get you moving any time of day. they take pride in being a part of the community and the staff is wonderful. you will leave happy and ready to come back again.

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