10 Top Cafes for the Best Coffee In Havana

Looking for the best coffee in Havana? Cuba is known for its coffee, but not necessarily for having a coffee culture. Cubans buy coffee from windows facing the street and it is sold in people’s homes, or in bars and cafes, instead of stopping for coffee.

However, in recent years, Havana has seen massive growth in the number of cafes and coffee shops to enjoy. Now there are some really amazing coffees here, innovating and expanding Cuba’s traditional coffee culture.

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As serious coffee lovers, we have tried coffee almost everywhere in Havana. These are our absolute favorite cafes in Havana, featuring the most delicious Havana coffee you’ll need to power your trip. Let’s dive into the ten best coffees in Havana!

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the coffee

the cafe is my favorite place to have coffee in Havana: it is the perfect combination of delicious coffee and a wonderful atmosphere. located inside a restored colonial building in the heart of old havana with soaring ceilings and original patterned tiles, the entire store smells amazing constantly with freshly ground coffee.

If you are a fan of iced coffee, this is your place: they have the best iced coffee in Havana! – but their cappuccinos are great too.

Also, stick around for the food, which is also fantastic. be sure to order something with their famous sourdough bread. They also serve delicious mixed drinks for happy hour, so you may need to save time in your itinerary for a few trips here.

bitterness street #358 between avocado and villegas

old havana

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mamaine is secluded from the street in an old colonial mansion in the vedado neighborhood. Look closely, you can miss it!

enjoy the perfect coffee and your delicious chocolate cake from the front patio for people watching, or on the interior second level, with comfy pillows and blankets to stretch out on the loft and enjoy a drink.

calle l # 206 between calle 15 y calle 17


drink coffee & art

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one of the newest coffee shops in havana, hav coffee & art is definitely the place to be. The interior is beautiful, I love the modern interior of the colonial building, and the coffee is even better.

True to its name, you’ll also find some incredible rotating art installations by local artists in the back rooms.

jesus maria street #258 between compostela street and pillory street

old havana

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archangel coffee

Café Arcangel is a perfectly quaint and cozy cafe with exceptional service and some of the best coffee in Havana, including iced coffee and delicious affogatos (ice cream topped with a shot of espresso).

close to old havana but a few blocks from the main tourist spots, this is the place to relax and unwind in the middle of a day of sightseeing. also has delicious snacks and small bites.

concordia street #57, between galiano & eagle

old havana

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o’reilly coffee

This cafe is the place to be if you’re looking for the perfect cozy old world cafe in Havana. O’Reilly Coffee grinds and brews its own beans in-house, giving all coffee that irresistible coffee shop aroma, and you can buy bags of coffee to go.

There are endless options here, including hot coffees and great iced coffees, plus enriched coffees too.

o’reilly street #203, corner with san ignacio street

old havana

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Cuban book

Cuba Libro is an English-language bookstore, the only one in Havana, founded and lovingly stocked by an American expat in Havana. But it’s not just books: Cuba Libro has fantastic coffee options and tea too, and sweets in rotation too.

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Be sure to try the hibiscus iced tea if they have it! Hang out inside and spend some time with a book or enjoy the patio.

24th street, corner with 19th street



the food and coffee at panparapan are great. try the café bombón for something sweet and the croquettes if you’re hungry, but the real star of the show here is the amazing patio and terrace where you can relax for hours over coffee with friends.

Or, come for happy hour and stay for beers and their mixed drinks.

23rd Street #1202, corner of 18th Street


bohemian coffee

One of the prettiest cafes in the city, Cafe Bohemia is a fantastic place to escape the heat of the day. Located inside a renovated historic building on the old square, you’ll find tables and chairs spilling out into the square, but the best seats are on the building’s patio.

They have an extensive coffee menu and options for breakfast or brunch.

cafe bohemia also shares space with bohemia stay, a small bed and breakfast with some private apartments for rent.

Just as beautiful as the cafeteria below, bohemian stay is a great option to consider if you’re looking for a place to stay in Havana.

old square

old havana

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