10 Best Coffee Shops in Sacramento (Top-Notch Cafés)

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When you think of the best places to visit in California, we’re willing to bet that Sacramento isn’t one of the top places that comes to mind. We are here to tell you that bypassing Sacramento is a big mistake! California’s capital city has no shortage of things to do and see, and is packed with historic sites, parks, and museums.

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If you’re visiting Sacramento and need to refuel between seeing all the attractions the city has to offer, this guide is for you. Just because Sacramento isn’t as well-known for coffee on the West Coast as Seattle or Portland doesn’t mean there aren’t top-notch coffee roasters that call California’s capital home. Come with us on a tour of the 10 best coffee shops in Sacramento.divider 3

Top 10 Sacramento Coffee Shops:

1. insight coffee roasters

address: 1901 8th st

our first stop requires a bit of effort to find, as it’s not really a store you’ll bump into in your day-to-day activities. however, it’s worth seeking out because insight coffee roasters know what they’re doing. we tried a single origin light roast coffee, and it was terrific. plain coffee tends to skew towards the lighter side, which is ideal for pour overs and espresso. insight also serves up some light bites and cakes if you bring your appetite.

The indoor seating area is light and spacious, and there is also a comfortable outdoor patio with additional seating that is ideal for relaxing with a latte or cappuccino in fine weather. check them out at 1901 8th st.

2. temple coffee roasters

address: 1010 9th st

tempera coffee roasters stand apart from the rest for their roasting prowess. We’re not exaggerating when we say that the coffee at the temple is some of the smoothest, most roasted coffee we’ve ever had. the bags we took home were the same and matched the awesome taste we experienced in the store.

Speaking of the shop, temple is a great place to go not just for the coffee, but for the experience of interacting with some of the friendliest and most knowledgeable baristas we’ve ever met. the only downside is that the coffee is a bit expensive, but we are willing to pay more for great coffee and even better service. you can find them at 1010 9th st.

3. chocolate fish coffee roasters

address: 4749 folsom blvd

chocolate fish coffee roasters has one of the best names of any coffee shop we’ve ever visited, and luckily the coffee lives up to the name. chocolate fish is about doing a small number of things well rather than trying to do a lot of things decently. the coffee is great, as are the baked goods, but not much choice in the chocolate fish. They have a small, condensed menu, but everything we tried was top quality.

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The atmosphere at the Chocolate Fish is cozy and cheery, and there’s plenty of seating for everyone. we could easily see how you can lose yourself for hours in a good book over coffee at chocolate fish and just enjoying the atmosphere. you can see what they’re all about for yourself at 4749 folsom blvd.

4. old soul co.

address: back alley, 1716 l st

old soul co. It’s a bit off the beaten path, but don’t let that fool you. they serve coffees from a wide range of origins from around the world alongside an impressive selection of teas and baked goods. Old Soul roasts its own coffee, and the quality surpasses many of the other local Sacramento roasters.

being off the beaten track means old soul co. it’s a great place to relax away from the hustle and bustle of life and hunker down to study or work away from distractions. we love the old soul decor and atmosphere and encourage you to visit them at 1716 l st.

5. milka coffee roasters

address: calle 1501 g

From the moment you see milka coffee roasters, you know you’re in for a surprise. the coffee shop is located in a traditional house that gives the feeling that the barista is serving you coffee from his living room. we have never been to another coffee shop like milka, and we love it.

However, milka coffee roasters are not all show. the coffee is excellent and the cappuccino we tried was top notch. we appreciate that they have several non-dairy milk options on hand for anyone who prefers them to regular milk. It’s a nice touch that helps make everyone feel welcome. for a unique experience you can’t get anywhere else, head over to 1501 g st and check it out.

6. nude living room

address: calle q 1500

naked lounge is a hot spot to grab a coffee and bite to eat while enjoying great tunes and all the city has to offer. Naked has both indoor and outdoor seating, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a place to set up shop if you want to hang out. the food and coffee are good, although it can be a bit pricey depending on what you order.

We had a delicious latte and would definitely return to try the other espresso drinks and filter coffee. the menu at the nude lounge is quite extensive so there is something for everyone and plenty of options to keep you coming back for more. They are located at Calle Q 1500.

7. good coffee

address: calle h 1430

goodside coffee is a bright and cheerful coffee shop full of good vibes, friendly people and great coffee. As good as the coffee at goodside, the highlight of our visit was the chat we had with our barista. the goodside staff are exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable and took our visit to the next level.

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There is plenty of seating at Goodside and the store has an open and welcoming atmosphere. It’s a great place to have a coffee and work in a positive environment. they are located at 1430 h st.

8. identity cafes

address: 1430 28th st #6405

identity coffees is the epitome of modern coffee shops. Its design is open and airy, with an industrial decoration that adapts to the times. many of the seats in the identity are open backed which isn’t a huge problem but does affect how long we can stay and enjoy our coffee and atmosphere before we have to move on out of sheer discomfort. It’s a shame because the identity is beautifully decorated and the coffee is excellent.

the food in the identity is not a point of sale; You get to the self for the coffee, which is consistently excellent, if a bit pricey. All in all identity is a beautiful place serving great coffee and average quality food. we recommend you pay them a visit at 1430 28th st. #6405.

9. tiferet coffee

address: calle h 3020

tiferet coffee house is a small and cozy coffee shop serving high quality coffee and light meals. If the phrase “coffee shop” evokes the image of a small, compact shop in your mind, then you’re on the right track because Tiferet isn’t just small; it’s downright small. there’s an excellent chance you won’t have a table to yourself at tiferet no matter when you visit.

despite the lack of seating, we love tiferet for the coffee and treats they serve and wholeheartedly recommend you try them at 3020h st. the food they have is as good or even better than the coffee, which is saying something since they serve well above average coffee. as long as you’re prepared to take your order to go, you won’t be disappointed with tiferet.

10. camellia coffee roasters

address: 1104 r st ste 150

and finally, we have camelia coffee roasters. Camellia is one of those rare coffee shops that seemingly has it all. They have a cozy and delightfully decorated shop, serve stellar house roasted coffee, and if that wasn’t enough, they have some of the best breakfast options in Sacramento. oh, and the staff are friendly and helpful.

We can’t think of many better ways to start the day than with coffee and a breakfast burrito, perhaps ending with an apple pie, or two. the prices at camellia are fair and the portions are large. There is nothing not to love about camelia coffee roasters. be sure to check them out every chance you get at 1104 r st suite 150.

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