12 Best Online Coffee Roasters

best online coffee roasters

The internet has been the single biggest boon to the specialty coffee industry. many roasters sell their coffee online and reach a much larger audience than they otherwise could. As a result, people all over the world can enjoy the efforts of expert roasters that they wouldn’t normally have access to.

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If you search for coffee roasters online on the web, you will find an almost endless variety of high-quality roasters to choose from. With a sea of ​​options, it can be difficult to decide which toaster is right for you. Luckily, we’ve done the dirty work for you. In this article, we cover the best online coffee roasters to help you find the proverbial needle, or should we say coffee, in the haystack. Let’s get started!

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the 12 best online coffee roasters of 2022:

1. tandem coffee

Tandem Coffee

Tandem Coffee in Portland, Maine has an impressive variety of specialty coffees to choose from. They sell single origin whole bean coffee from Ethiopia, Kenya, Mexico and many other places in the world’s best coffee growing regions. all of their coffee is exceptional, and even their good instant coffee is the best example of instant coffee we’ve ever tasted.

2. devotion


devotion is a new york city based roaster dedicated to bringing you the freshest coffee possible. not only do they roast to order, but they also roast the coffee in less than a week after it is harvested. that means the coffee you receive from them will be in your cup only ten days after it was plucked from the tree. They source their beans from hand-selected farms in Colombia and offer coffee from a variety of different regions.

3. rook coffee roasters

Rook Coffee Roasters

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rook coffee roasters of freehold, new jersey has a wide selection of single origin beans that you can buy from africa, south america and indonesia. Sumatran coffee is especially good and is a great choice for French press users. they also have a new orleans-style cafe that combines the superlative sumatra bean with radicchio. you can buy individual bags or sign up for regular deliveries.

4. threaded coffee roasters

Thread Coffee Roasters

Baltimore string coffee roasters are a bit different from the roasters we’ve discussed so far. they have their fair share of single origin, but they also sell a fair amount of custom blends. we really like this approach because it allows them to go a step beyond roasting and flex their culinary muscles by creating interesting blends of flavors.

5. counterculture coffee

counterculture is probably the best known and most mainstream roaster on our list. They’ve made a name for themselves supplying coffee shops across the United States from their base of operations in Durham, North Carolina. you can buy coffee from many different origins from their website or sign up for monthly deliveries and even buy limited, small batches of rare coffee.

6. coffee bandit co.

Bandit Coffee Co.

coffee bandit co. is a special roaster from st. petersburg, fl. They lean a bit on the expensive side, but their coffee is high quality and well worth it. most of their coffees are single origin, but they also often have some blends in the mix.

7. onyx coffee lab

You can probably tell by name that Onyx is a meticulous, detail-oriented roaster dedicated to getting every ounce of flavor out of their roasts. they have one of the largest selections of coffee to choose from of any online roaster, and we have yet to get a dud from them. their website is also a great resource for learning about coffee and the brewing process.

8. praxis coffee roasters

Praxis Coffee Roasters

Located in Austin, Texas, Praxis Coffee Roasters is an online specialty coffee roaster that sources its beans from Central America, South America, and Africa. They offer a wide range of price points, so you can try one of their cheaper roasts, which are still pretty good, without spending a ton of money.

9. intellectual coffee

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Like the counterculture, the intelligentsia has been growing in the public eye for several years. depending on where you live, you may even be able to find them at a local grocery store. If your local store doesn’t sell your coffee, don’t worry. You can still buy any of their countless cafes on their website, where you can also find tons of brewing equipment and helpful how-to articles.

10. brown dogwood co

Dogwood Coffee Co

dogwood coffee co is a lesser known online roaster, and we think that’s a shame. their coffee is very good, competitively priced, and they have many styles and origins to choose from. We have a soft spot for the zamboni cold brew mix, which, as you might have guessed, makes an amazing cold brew.

11. heart roasters


heart is located in the coffee hotbed of portland, oregon, home to many of the best coffee roasters the world has to offer. Most coffee from the heart is quite expensive, but know that you get your money’s worth when you buy from the heart. you can choose from a healthy selection of coffee on their website or sign up for their monthly delivery service.

12. verve coffee roasters

verve coffee roasters from santa cruz, california is the last roaster on our list, but don’t let that fool you. their coffee can compete head-to-head with any of the roasters we’ve already mentioned. They have a respectable variety of coffee available for purchase on their website, but they also offer something the others don’t: cans of instant coffee. these cans are a real treat and are a serious contender for our favorite canned coffee.

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Online coffee roasters are a great resource for learning about coffee and, of course, buying great coffee that you might not otherwise be able to taste. there are tons of great roasters online, but this sample featured here contains some of our absolute favourites. You can’t go wrong with any roaster on this list, and it can be fun to buy a bag from several different roasters and have a tasting session. whatever you decide, keep in mind that there are always more specialty coffees waiting to be tasted; turns out the internet is a great place.

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