10 Top New Jersey Coffee Roasters to Try in 2021

The new jersey coffee roasters on this list prove that making coffee doesn’t just start and end with deliciousness. even those cafes found in the tentacles of the internet and considered the best in the country see their role as more complex than expert roasting programs. coffee culture has matured here in the states. the cafeteria and the cafe itself have also come to represent that slow and intentional craftsmanship should be rewarded.

These new jersey coffee roasters were chosen because they honor the meticulous and passionate craft and take pride in serving it.

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1. black river toasters – white house station

“We seek to maintain the highest level of quality control when roasting our coffees to ensure that the final cup displays the natural characteristics of the bean.”

black river roasters cares about a delicious product and the impact its sourcing can have on the environment. They use grains that are organic, fair trade, and certified by the Rainforest Alliance, and their producers are small farms or cooperatives from around the world. Right now, their selection of “Master Roasters” includes sourcing from Ethiopia, Costa Rica, and Honduras. you can join their coffee club to enjoy their latest specialty beans at home.

2. Forced Coffee Roasters – Highland Park

“Quality, craftsmanship and transparency are important. where your coffee comes from and who you share it with are everything.”

this roastery is doing an exemplary job around transparency. joined a commitment to transparency that was created by a group of roasters and organizations seeking to create “a ‘community of best practice’ and set an example for the entire coffee industry.” the vital purpose of engagement is to make the supply chain readable, so that those in it can make informed decisions about whom to work with. the hope is that more information sharing will eventually lead to living wages for farmers and producers. Along with an admirable spirit, Forced Pipe has high-quality coffee, from single origin to blends. They were named New Jersey’s Best Diner for “Food and Wine.”

3. Harvest Coffee Roasters – Medford

“With a seasonal rotation of 10 to 15 different varieties, customers can always find a bean they love.”

harvest coffee has a lead roaster running its coffee program, joe johnston. johnston studied the trade with distinguished coffee expert mané alves, (native of lisbon, portugal) at the coffee laboratory in waterbury, vt. She then founded Harvest Coffee with his sons after making sample batches at home and perfecting his light to medium roast style.

4. coffee corral – red bench

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“every cup of coffee we deliver to our customers is handmade and distinctive.”

I listed this roaster for two main reasons: they sell organic and fair trade coffee and they make this statement on their website: “we’d rather roast and re-roast ten times than sell a mediocre cup of coffee.” that’s the kind of perfectionism I want from my toaster. their hard work also makes for a long menu. They offer almost 15 different beans to choose from and roast the coffee on site.

5. booskerdoo coffee & bake co. – various locations including asbury park

“booskerdoo coffee & bake co. started and continues to be a business that offers really delicious things from really nice people.”

This business is filling a niche that co-owner James Caverly says he wasn’t even finding much of in New York City: beans roasted to order and beans on the shelves that aren’t more than seven days old. His and his wife’s epiphany, that this type of coffee should be more widely available to consumers, came to them in his one-bedroom apartment, tasting coffee from beans that had just been roasted on a pizza tray. They now have a popular cafe and bakery in Asbury Park and have embraced the New Jersey spirit. His menu includes a “signature Jersey diner-style mix.”

6. modcup – jersey city

“Our goal is to introduce people to unique and special coffee tasting experiences. coffee that tastes like peach tea. chocolate liqueurs. Cranberry cake. tropical fruit salads.”

A Jersey City favorite, modcup values ​​the distinctive tasting experiences offered by light and medium roast levels. they obviously refuse to offer dark roast coffee beans, because more time in the roaster increasingly limits the complexity of the flavor in the cup. In addition to being passionate about coffee, the owners are also huge fans of music, and they inform coffee culture. they mention the third principle of their company as “coffee like music should be fun”.

7. red roastery – lambertville and princeton

“When we find a bean we like, we explore its roasting latitude with additional cuppings and tastings, to determine the optimal roast that brings out the best of each bean.”

you know your toaster is fancy when the machinery they choose is from France and has an Orwellian name like “1956 probat ug-15”. Rojo’s sources its coffee from microlots from arabica farms that they say are often less known or overlooked by mainstream companies. once the beans are obtained, they go through a treacherously difficult ordeal. the balmoral of the suction cups (for all the fans of “the crown” of netflix). the rating categories are quality, consistency, and potential. Right now, her bestseller is “Midwives Moonshine,” which has flavor notes of raspberry, dark chocolate, and caramel.

8. tower – various locations, including freehold

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“We seek happiness in each and every interaction and believe that your positive experience is just as important as the coffee you’re drinking.”

Started in 2010 by childhood best friends, Rook Cafes have now opened 11 times on the New Jersey shore. the team subscribes to the idea that coffee can be a way to pause and focus on the sea of ​​everything we need to do in a day. it is good to remember that small habits can always be improved and enjoyed. If you’re looking to refine your coffee routine, Rook has a great subscription program that even lets you choose your own grind settings.

9. coffee roasters for hobbyists – online

“people and the coffee community around the world determine who we are and where we go.”

like many roasters on this list, the hobbyist had humble beginnings. to be exact, his office was a backyard, his toaster an old barbecue. Now they travel the world to source the best Fair Trade Certified beans and work to give back to the community that grew them. this year, they were able to help with the construction of a school in the town of colaya, peru. To enjoy a hobbyist’s coffee, you can join a subscription program on their website or order beans by the bag. a current favorite is asdelfor, Guatemalan.

10. boardwalk beans – online

“My goal is for our beans to stand out as the best cup of coffee, bar none, so that even the most seasoned connoisseurs know they are drinking the best.”

Owner Gabrielle Cianfrani is the roaster on the boardwalk and sources around the world. You can get beans from Africa, Asia, South, Central and North America. she was interested in coffee when she was a child, even when it was just an aromatic background in her childhood home. she is now preparing consciously sourced beans in small batches that are roasted to order.

do you frequent any of these new jersey coffee roasters or have someone in mind to add to this list? let us know in the comments below.

title photo courtesy of @nate_dumlao

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