The Best Coffee Percolators According to Pros


coffee percolators deliver bold, strong coffee flavor without single-use cup waste or overly automated and complicated brewing methods, and they do it quickly. they have the benefit of portability, come in various sizes and styles, and offer features that can help you choose the best one for your needs. Our detailed overview of the best electric coffee makers concluded with the vote for moss & 10-cup electric stone percolator as our top pick.

factors to consider


What benefits and features top your list? Are you looking for a large capacity coffee maker that is stylish for entertaining? maybe you need a multi-purpose machine for everyday use that can still work small dinner parties. Or do you need one that you can easily take on a weekend camping trip? Is your storage space limited? Do you want a stove model to show? Regardless of what’s on your checklist, coffee makers come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit you and your brewing style.

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Electric coffee makers require more maintenance than a single-use espresso machine or a drip coffee maker. Check the manufacturer’s instructions on whether any part is dishwasher safe and what cleaning products can be used on the interior and exterior. though keep in mind that hand washing may be the best overall option for product longevity.

ease of use

In general, coffee makers are easy to use, although tailoring the brew to your tastes may require some trial and error. stove models require more supervision and have the added benefit of not using electricity. electric models require a lot of electricity to run, so be careful where you plug them in so you don’t blow a fuse. ideally, you’ll want a dedicated circuit.

the investigation

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We extensively researched various makes and models of coffee makers and reviewed consumer product guides. We consulted master coffee trainer José Robles, specialty coffee shop manager Daniel Teplitz, and alumni chef and banquet executive Betty Fraser. We weigh information against factors like capacity, cleanliness, and ease of use.

professional panel q+a

Q: How do I use a coffee maker?

a: “is used by adding coarse coffee beans to the top chamber and adding the desired amount of water to the bottom before reassembling the pieces and putting it all on the fire,” he says Oak trees. “once you put it on the fire you will have to wait until the water boils and it will cause the water to go up the tube and then pour over the coffee. you will know the coffee is ready when you start to hear a spouting sound coming of the water”.

Once you learn how to use a percolator, you’ll likely need time to get familiar with the process and your coffee, as both differ from drip coffee makers and other popular machines. “Electric percolators circulate water through the coffee beans multiple times, creating the characteristic complex, bold-tasting brew. Stovetop models like the Moka pot only pass water through the coffee beans once, using pressure to produce an espresso-like brew,” teplitz says. “I would recommend using a coffee that has a stronger flavor so that its characteristics can withstand the high heat and rapid extraction that a percolator produces.”

Q: what is the benefit of a coffee maker?

a: “one of the benefits of this brewing method is ease of use, requiring little effort on the part of the brewer. you don’t have to think about all the extra variables that go into a pour over or some immersion coffee pots,” says Robles.

“the best reason to use a coffeemaker is that you only need heat, water, and coffee. it’s great for camping, brewing in limited space, or brewing coffee in bulk. unlike other methods, coffeemakers scale easily from just a single cup to brewing large batches for events,” says teplitz.

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Some use percolators to make tea or hot chocolate, and it’s even capable of making broth, according to betty fraser, a banquet executive and alumnus top chef, who uses a percolator for these purposes. she says the percolator “is great when you need to serve a large crowd of 20+ a hot beverage.”

Q: How should I clean a coffee maker?

a: “when finished using it, place it on a counter near a sink, turn on the faucet and let any remaining hot liquid drain out. this is much safer than trying to pour it Fraser says. “then place it in a sink and add some hot tap water and a bit of soap, being very careful not to expose the electrical operation to the water. then drain again through the faucet to clean the faucet, and repeat process with warm water until all the soap has been removed. dry the coffeemaker before storing it.

oaks uses a similar method. “Just like when I clean any coffee machine I have at home, I like to wash my hands with a little dish soap and warm water,” she says. “I don’t like to use super harsh chemicals or old sponges because you can end up leaving behind a lingering smell and taste that will later affect your coffee. If you start seeing old coffee oils sticking to your coffee maker, you should quit.” sit overnight with water and whatever brand of chemicals your manufacturer suggests you use. leaving this on for longer than it should affect the flavor of your coffee and make it taste more bitter, so clean it as often as possible to avoid having to drink bad. coffee.”

teplitz has a different opinion about cleaning coffee machines: “you should throw away the grounds after brewing. when the pot has cooled down, disassemble it and rinse all parts with hot water. most important: never use soap”, He says. “If you can’t get all of the oils out of the coffee, you can use a cleaner like cafiza, which is meant to clean residual oils out of the coffee.”

our experience

kara mickelson is a recipe developer, producer, writer and food stylist, an alumnus of ucla school of culinary arts and le cordon bleu, and the creator of styled delicious, a boutique culinary brand. she is a professional chef, food stylist, and creative content producer. She trained in Spain and Napa at the famed French Laundry, and has worked behind the scenes with top chefs on the Food Network. She is the author of Friends: The Official Central Perk Cookbook.

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