11 of the Best Coffee Shops in New Orleans (2022 Edition)

the new orleans coffee scene has a lot to offer beyond the chicory coffee at cafe du monde. Read on to find out what’s cooking in nola, as well as the best coffee shops in new orleans for flat whites, espressos, and pour overs.

our favorite new orleans coffee shops for specialty coffee

ironically, new orleans was not one of the first to adapt to specialty coffee. perhaps it was the city’s centuries-old, traditional coffee scene. Perhaps it was the story of the aforementioned chicory coffee typically served in New Orleans cafes. maybe it was the geography. At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter. the coffee is great now with top tier roasters and great baristas working all over town.

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While we had to make a special effort to find the third wave cafe in 2016, we had the opposite problem during our most recent visit to the big easy. with great cafes dotted around the city’s neighborhoods, we had to limit ourselves to avoid caffeine overload. yes, too much coffee is problematic even for us.

after drinking copious amounts of specialty coffee for “research” purposes, here are our favorite coffee shops in new orleans and the ones not to miss:

1. cherry coffee roasters

cherry coffee roasters is not your typical new orleans coffee. Following a farm-to-table concept, this coffee shop roasts its beans and sources produce from local vendors like the Mauthe Family Dairy in nearby Folsom, Louisiana.

Opened by Lauren Fink in 2016 after operating as a pop-up shop at Stein’s Market and Deli for three years, this uptown coffee shop is owned and operated by women. A former firehouse, its exposed brick walls are decorated with rotating local art.

As much as we appreciate the history behind cherry coffee roasters and their unique space, it really all comes down to coffee. and cherry coffee is solid.

modern new orleans cafe was serving washed beans from colombia, ecuador and peru, as well as natural beans from colombia during our visit. however, as the baristas were preparing the cafe’s weekly batch of chai, a strong, spicy smell of chai dominated the sun-kissed coffee.

Scents of cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger wafted through the air, leaving mindi unable to ask for anything more than a chai latte. daryl mustered the strength to ask for an excellent pour. drinking both drinks was an easier proposition and one that we both enjoyed.

2. French truck

This new orleans company is an an og nola coffee operation that opened its original coffee shop in the garden district in 2014. french truck coffee now has numerous coffee shops both in new orleans and in cities further afield such as baton rouge and memphis.

You won’t have a problem finding a French truck location in New Orleans thanks to the cafe’s yellow and blue color palette. You’ll also have no problem drinking locally roasted beans from countries like Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, and Peru.

as for us, we drank a classic cappuccino at the french trucks cafe in the french quarter. we were tempted to buy a bean bag to take home as an edible souvenir. where else could we get a bag of coffee with a picture of a French truck on the bag?

3. mojo cafe

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For us, the best part of mojo is its welcoming atmosphere that starts with the baristas and spills over into the large, airy space of the cafeteria, filled with people relaxing and working on laptops. food options like breakfast burritos and lemon buns complete the equation.

mojo opens early in the morning and doesn’t close until late at night. We’d probably be regulars if we lived in new orleans. can you blame us?

4. hivolt coffee

hivolt coffee was the only third wave coffee shop we visited during our 2016 tour of new orleans. While we had fond memories of our visit to the Lower Garden District cafe, we wondered what it would be like five years later. one step through the door and we realized that not much had changed.

the cafe still has a japanese oji drip tower like we saw later at omotesando koffee in tokyo. the art deco design looked as modern as we remembered and the menu was still extensive with options ranging from green smoothies to cobb salads.

Not wanting to be completely repetitive during our trip down memory lane (not to be confused with the street called desire), we mixed things up and ordered a honey cayenne latte. Sweet and tangy at the same time, the powerful coffee drink gave us the caffeine fix we needed, as well as the kick of flavor we craved.

5. backatown cafe

backatown coffee shop stands out from the rest as the only black owned coffee shop in our guide. It’s also the only coffee shop located in storyville and the only coffee shop that serves sweet potato pie and crab quiche.

I wish we loved the coffee shop, which was overly roasted, as much as we loved our sweet potato scone. however, we still recommend this cafe for its delicious treats and friendly atmosphere.

Located between the French Quarter and Tremé, this comfortable café has a nice vaulted space and plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, perfect for relaxing with friends or pulling out a laptop. Free wifi and jazz music are the icing on the cake. Speaking of cakes, the backatown cafe serves that too.

6. gigantic espresso

for now, get ready to drink coffee made from crazy coffee beans at this warehouse district cafe. you can also expect a “meticulously crafted espresso” according to the cafe’s website. we experienced both during our visit.

creatures of habit, we drank flat white at mammoth. however, the cafeteria offers much more, including a tea menu, select new orleans desserts, and signature beverages.

7. hears! cafeteria

during our visit to hey! coffee pop-up, we killed two birds with one stone. We not only drank great flat whites out of paper cups, but also honored some of Nola’s greatest musicians on Tipitina’s Walk of Fame.

pro tipstop by and say “hello” if you’re around! Cafeteria. we suspect that friendly baristas will reply “hello”.

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hey! cafe is located at 2606 st louis street, new orleans, la 70119, united states. we visit the pop-up location of the tipitina..

8. spitting coffee

did we mention that new orleans is one of the sexiest cities in the country? and by muggy, we mean hot and humid. while our hair loves this weather, it makes us thirsty.

Spitfire Coffee, a small French Quarter coffee shop that has been serving up fierce specialty coffee since 2013, is a great place to quench the inevitable thirst that develops while traveling for food in New Orleans. While we like to cool off with cold beers, we won’t judge if you order a hot Cuban Cortado with espresso, dark muscovado sugar, and milk instead.

9. congregation coffee roasters

Located on Algiers Point in a former corner store called Lafitte’s, Congregation’s Coffee Roasters is a destination for truly coffee-obsessed travelers. A trip to this New Orleans coffee shop involves a seven-minute ferry ride across the Mississippi River.

With time and motivation for the trip, our reward was flat whites served in go-cups adorned with alligators. Since the congregation’s coffee roasters got their name from the word used to describe a group of alligators, the mugs made sense. more importantly, the freshly roasted coffee fueled us for the short trip back.

10. pond coffee

when asking baristas in new orleans for recommendations on the best coffee in new orleans, one coffee shop was mentioned over and over again. that coffee shop was pond coffee.

Opened by two baristas in 2020 at the start of the pandemic, Pond Coffee functions as a temporary cafe located inside a small market, deli in Bywater, our favorite New Orleans neighborhood. between its privileged location and the multiple recommendations, our visit was inevitable.

11. making district donut sliders

Preparation options range from typical cappuccinos and flat whites to lavender, caramel, mocha and vanilla flavored lattes. district also sells growlers filled with cold brew coffee.

Roasting under the moniker cool kids coffee roasters, the donut shop doubles as an artisan producer. The company’s roasting goal is to find the sweet spot for each bean, an approach reminiscent of cooking steaks to doneness, but this isn’t the company’s only coffee goal.

The other goal is to improve the community. To do this, the district donates $1 to local nonprofits for every bag of beans it sells.

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original publication date: August 6, 2021

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