Best Coffee Makers Made in USA

What’s more American than a piping hot cup of coffee in the morning? well, probably not the coffee pot you made it with.

If you’ve tried to make a conscious effort to buy an American coffee maker, you may notice that it’s surprisingly difficult to find a label that says “made in the usa.” As more companies outsource their labor to stretch their dollars and increase profits, it becomes increasingly difficult for consumers to find US-made coffeemakers. uu.

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but fear not! While it took a bit of digging and research, we did the legwork for you and curated a list of the best coffee makers made right here in the USA. uu. so now all you need to do is browse and choose the one that is right for you!

“made in” vs. “manufactured in”

First things first, let’s get some technicalities out of the way. We noticed that many of these listings are “made in the usa.” include products made in the united states instead of made in the united states.

Although they may sound similar, they are two very different things.

To qualify for the “made in” label, “all or substantially all” parts and labor must be produced and performed within the United States, according to the Federal Trade Commission (ftc) .

Companies label some products as “incorporated,” “assembled in,” or “manufactured in” to indicate that while their facilities in the us. uu. assembled the product components, a separate facility (not on our soil) built them. therefore, the product is not really “made in america” ​​since the materials come from a different country.

Unfortunately, there are very few truly American coffee makers left on the market today. When it comes to coffee makers, it’s pretty hard to find one that’s made in the United States.

so what coffee makers are manufactured and/or made in the united states?

the best coffee makers made in the united states

These are the products that keep your materials and labor domestic. not only are the vast majority of the components of these coffee makers made in america, but their manufacturing and assembly also take place within the us.

therefore they get the ftc approved label of “made in usa”

aeropress coffee maker and espresso

aerobie aeropress is hands down our favorite made in usa coffee maker. uu. all of their materials are made in the united states and the product is manufactured in palo alto, california, united states.

If you poke around our site a bit, you’ll probably find some mention of aeropress. these weird little contraptions are the crafting tool of choice for several of our team members due to their versatility and ingenuity.

an aeropress can brew 1-3 cups of American style coffee in about a minute. plus, it provides a nice middle ground between the freshness of pour-over coffee (thanks to the paper filters) and the richness of French coffee (thanks to the steeping).

in addition, the aeropress can prepare more concentrated coffees, to replace them with an espresso machine. so its capabilities are pretty comprehensive, making it a pretty unique crafting tool.

mason poured red rooster

next we have the pour mason, handmade in williamsburg, brooklyn, nyc. all the spirit of red rooster trading co. focuses on the importance of having American-made products, so if you’re looking for craftsmanship and credibility behind your brewer, they’re the ones for you.

This handy little pour-over is the epitome of “keep it simple, stupid,” as you can simply set this no-nonsense brewing tool over your mason jar, add a filter and some coffee grounds, and brew. it doesn’t have any of the splits or textures inside like many other pour tools.

however, what it lacks in style, it certainly makes up for in durability and practicality. You can’t exactly pack your pottery pour for a camping trip. overall this is a classy and top notch tool.

filtered cold coffee maker

nothing says “made in usa” like a bold and proud label printed right on the front of the box. The Filtern Cold Brew Coffeemaker is manufactured using mostly domestic parts with only a few foreign parts and is assembled in Westminster, California.

the filtran cold brew system has been around for quite some time, with several users noting that they have had it for over 40 years. so you know this is the style of brewing tool people think of when waxing poetic about high-quality, made-in-america products.

In addition to its longstanding reputation, the filtran is an excellent choice for those looking for a simple cold brew system that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. the pack comes with everything you need to get started: coffee mug with handle, water bowl, wool felt pad with a plastic storage container, rubber stopper, grounds guard, 1.5 liter jug ​​and 2 sample paper bags.

toddy cold coffee system

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next stop on our tour of american coffee machines is loveland, colorado. toddy is another popular cold brew device that has been around since 1964.

The toddy coffee maker can prepare both coffee and tea beverages. it does not require a plug-in and is designed to maximize the acid reduction of the cold brew technique.

Set includes brew bowl with handle, glass jar with lid, 2 reusable filters, 1 rubber stopper, set of instructions, and recipe guide. so you can experiment until you find the perfect American cold brew.

takeya cold brew maker

While you may have heard of the three products above, takeya may not be familiar to you. That’s because this American brand primarily produces water bottles. however, due to the nature of cold brewing, the brand has been able to produce a delightfully simple cold brewing tool for people on the go.

This cleverly designed Takeya coffee maker is a durable bpa-free tritan jug with an airtight lid & non-slip silicone handle and can produce 4 servings of cold brew. Inside the carafe is a fine mesh coffee filter to contain the grounds, so all you have to do is fill, shake, steep and enjoy. it can handle hot brewing too!

The Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker is a great option for people looking to reap the benefits of switching to cold brew coffee. And of course, all Takeya products are made in the USA. uu.

best coffee makers made in usa

chemex pour over coffee maker

You’ve no doubt seen the iconic chemex pour-over coffee maker mentioned in a couple of these “made in usa” articles. however, sadly that is not the case. the chemex brewery itself is manufactured by international home goods of pittsfield, ma

although there is a chemex factory in massachusetts, the vast majority of the brewery components are outsourced. The glass is usually produced in Taiwan and the wood is from Malaysia. That said, the leather ties are produced by a baseball glove manufacturer in Tennessee. the only thing that is produced internally in the chemex factory are the paper filters.

bunn brewers

not all bunn o’ matic coffee makers are made in the usa. uu., but some are, including speed brew (classic), bt, gr, and bx models. All of these are assembled in Creston, Iowa.

fast bunn crafting (classic)

This is a good medium sized coffee maker. It’s also the only quick brew machine where the heater on/off switch is located at the top and uses a red indicator light instead of blue, so it’s easy to spot. quick brew (classic) is a great option for tight budgets who still want a machine with a quality shower head.

bunn bt speed beer

The BT model won our budget pick during our review of the Bunn brand. we appreciate the inclusion of the thermal carafe despite it being a relatively affordable option. The affordable price is even more remarkable considering that it is one of the few coffee makers built in the United States.

bunn grb speed setup

the gr is a solid base model for the speed brew family of beverages. is the original pour o’ matic and is a good choice for those looking for a classic and reliable glass carafe coffee maker.

quick setup bunn bx

You should know that we don’t label the bx as the “family failure” because there is something technically wrong with this model. it’s basically the “prettier” version of gr; however, it is functionally identical. so we thought it wasn’t worth spending the extra money when you could get the same results for less.

maldeco coffee brew french press and pour over

the last coffee maker on our list made in the usa. uu. It’s the maldeco french press. The entire Coffee Brew Collection (including mostly universal-fit and replacement kettles and coffee accessories) is manufactured by Medelco, incorporated in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA.

however, their French press and pour over are their only independent brewing products.

The French press is elegant and simple. It has a double-walled stainless steel construction, so it will not only keep your drink hot, it will stay on for a while. In addition, it is completely dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning easy.

The pour-over has an 8-cup capacity (ie measuring cups, not coffee cups) and comes with a stainless steel cone strainer and a heat-resistant borosilicate glass carafe (made in Germany). The carafe is equipped with a comfortable removable heat-resistant silicone handle. Just like the French press, the pour over is dishwasher safe too!

coffee accessories made in usa uu.

Some of these coffee products are listed elsewhere as being made in the USA. uu. however, such labeling is misleading as none of them can be used without other brewing equipment. also, neither of them are technically the main “crafting tool”.

disc and kone filters capable of brewing beer

able brewing produces reusable stainless steel filters for chemex and aeropress brewing tools. their kone and disc filters are made in martinez, california.

the kone filter is designed to fit 6, 8 and 10 cup chemex coffee makers, although it is compatible with any similarly shaped carafe or pourer. It is stainless steel and reusable, effectively replacing paper filters.

The filter disc is also stainless steel and is available in a standard or fine mesh option. This filter is compatible with aeropress coffee makers. So between this and an aeropress, you can have a 100% made in usa brewing experience! wow! this is a great option if you travel often with your aeropress as it eliminates the need to carry multiple paper filters with you.

brown sock

Silly Name, Great Products: The Coffee Sock makes a number of iterations of its signature “sock” to meet a variety of brewing needs. and the brown socks are handmade in austin, texas.

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all coffee socks are made from organic cotton and are designed to be rinsed and dried after brewing. This particular sock is made to fit a 6- to 13-cup chemex carafe and is therefore compatible with any pour over coffee tool of a similar shape and size.

note: the coffee sock sells brewing “kits” that come with jars for making cold brew and the like; however, the other materials are not made in the USA, so we did not want to include them in our “coffee makers made in the usa” section

ratio eight (pour wizard)

note: the ratio eight is sometimes referred to as an American coffeepot. Although the tool is assembled in Portland, Oregon, the Ratio Eight by itself is not technically a coffee pot (we’ll explain why below). must be combined with a separate pouring tool or dripper to brew coffee.

ratio coffee sells a brew pack that includes a coffee dripper and thermal carafe that is labeled “assembled in portland, oregon.” however, when we contacted ratio for clarification, they confirmed that this label applied only to ratio eight and not to the carafe or dripper, which are assembled in porcelain.

However, the ratio of eight by itself is a good tool for coffee, so let’s talk about it.

the ratio eight machine essentially replaces the kettle and barista for pour over coffee. It comes with a glass pitcher, on top of which you place the pouring tool of your choice along with a filter and grounds. once you turn it on, ratio eight heats the water and mimics the special pour-over technique needed to make great pour-over coffee.

Seriously, this thing blooms coffee and everything. so all you have to do is set it up, press a button and let it go. this is a great product for those who are interested in the lightness of pour over coffee, but not the learning curve involved in mastering the technique.

why buy from us?

The increase in outsourcing described above does not always coincide with a decrease in overall quality. You’ll notice in many of our other “top picks” lists, that there are many products that are not made in the usa. uu. that are outstanding. however, this reality makes things difficult for those trying to track down your buying habits.

In recent years, the label “made in china” seems almost inescapable. While this label isn’t necessarily bad, many companies have chosen to exploit cheaper labor and weaker regulations to mass-produce cheap, shoddy products.

but in addition to the quality guarantee, there are several reasons to buy in the country, among them:

  • promote compliance with the regulated labor and safety laws of the united states
  • contributing to American job security and a sustainable domestic economy
  • conserve the environment by reducing overseas shipping and using “cleaner” manufacturers
  • supposedly “American” companies like mr. cafe, cuisinart, hamilton beach, black & decker, and even javapresse only design their products in the united states. While some go to great lengths to ensure high standards are maintained for the production of their products, others seem to be in steady decline.

    frequently asked questions

    where are breville coffee pots made?

    If you’ve been browsing the coffee scene for some time, chances are you’ve come across mention of Breville products. Breville is well known in the coffee community for being a high quality brand for coffee and espresso machines. however, his name does not appear on this list.

    so where are they made?

    Breville used to produce all of their products in Australia, where their team still designs and develops them. however, most of breville’s products are now made in china so that they can keep their prices competitive.

    are all bunn coffee makers made in the usa? uh?

    technically, no bunn brewer is made in the usa. uu. however, they do have some made in the usa. uu., although not all of them yet. those that the company manufactures domestically (as of June 2020) appear in the list above.

    That said, simply owning an American-made coffee maker is nothing to scoff at. As you can see, Bunn coffee makers are the only drip coffee makers on the list. So if you’re interested in purchasing an automatic coffee maker to brew truly American cups of coffee, bunn coffee machines are the only way to go.

    why are there so few American coffee makers?

    The simple answer is this: cost. It is significantly more expensive to produce a product in the United States due to regulations in place to ensure quality, worker safety, product safety, less pollution, etc. however, despite the good reasoning behind the higher price tags, most consumers will not look beyond the numbers.

    if you are comparing a mr. coffee maker to bunn coffee makers over $100, many people are going to go for the cheapest coffee maker. Also, those who choose the more expensive option often do so as a result of comparing positive and negative reviews, rather than the “made in usa” label.


    so there you have it! if you’re looking for an American cup of coffee, the list above is nearly exhaustive. Although you may find a few more coffee accessories floating around on the market, chances are you won’t find any other coffee makers made in the USA. uu.

    However, while the list is surprisingly short, there are some top-tier coffee makers out there. so you can rest easy knowing there’s a coffee maker for you that can brew delicious cups of coffee and isn’t labeled “made in china”.

    If you come across a coffee pot that got away from us, feel free to let us know! until then…

    Happy Caffeine!

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