7 Best Iced Coffee Makers (2022 Reviews)

During sweltering summer days, there’s nothing like a tall glass of iced coffee to help you beat the afternoon slump. but at $5+ a cup, it’s a pretty expensive caffeine habit.

enter homemade iced coffee. Whether you’re a fan of sweet cold brews or delicious caramel iced frappes, our roundup of the seven best iced coffee makers will have you whipping up gourmet iced coffee beverages in no time.

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the 7 best iced coffee makers of 2022

Whether you’re in the mood for hot or iced coffee, a great cup starts with the best coffee maker for your brewing method. the team at home grounds spent the hot summer months testing and retesting iced coffee makers to bring you this list of our 7 favorites. Once you’ve found the best iced coffee maker for you, browse through our delicious iced coffee recipes for some great ideas.

The ninja hot and cold brew system is our overall top pick for iced coffee makers. with a large 50-ounce glass pitcher, you can make enough for a single serving or the whole family. Plus, the Ninja Hot and Cold Brew System comes with two separate filters for tea and coffee, making it easy to brew cold coffee or tea without mixing flavors.

While the classic and hearty hot coffee options are self-explanatory, the “over ice” and “cold brew” options are less obvious. the over ice option produces a richer coffee concentrate perfect for a traditional iced coffee. In contrast, the cold brew option brews coffee without heat to create a sweeter, smoother cup. for both, you’ll need to fill the brew container with ice cubes.

This iced coffee maker is the only one on the list that comes with a milk frother that sits neatly on the side of the machine. making cold foam for an iced latte is as easy as pressing a button. this configuration is perfect for smaller kitchens because it eliminates the need to store an additional appliance.

Finally, ninja includes plenty of tea and coffee recipes to get you started (1). Whether you’re looking for a cold roasted coconut mocha brew or an icy london mist, this drip coffee maker has you covered.

To learn more, read our full review of the ninja hot and cold brew system.

This 34 oz bodum chambord french press makes our list as the most versatile iced coffee maker because in addition to making amazing iced coffee, it can also make hot french press and slow steep cold coffee. you can even use it to froth hot or cold milk to top your coffee (2)!

With a stainless steel spiral plate and strainer and a borosilicate glass brewing chamber, this classic bodum chambord French press is easy to clean. If you have a model with a chrome or matte chrome finish, everything can go in the dishwasher.

You can make a traditional iced coffee by brewing a slightly stronger French press style coffee and then pouring it over ice. the resulting cup is bold yet sweet, perfect for frappes or on its own.

This coffee maker’s compact form factor makes it perfect for any kitchen where counter space is at a premium. At 9 inches tall and 5.5 inches in diameter, it fits nicely in any cupboard or cabinet once you’re done brewing.

if you’re only making enough iced coffee for one serving, then the keurig k-elite coffee maker is a great option. we think it’s one of the best keurig coffee makers overall.

Making delicious hot or iced coffee is as easy as inserting a k-cup, selecting the cup size and choosing the “over ice” or “strong brew” options. To make iced coffee, simply fill your cup with regular or coffee ice cubes and choose “over ice”.

With over 300 coffees to choose from, your iced coffee options are nearly endless (3). From a delicious coffee with caramel vanilla cream to a sweet and salty butter toffee coffee, there is a tea, coffee, espresso or cocoa flavor for every palate.

This is a solid buy when you just want to brew great tasting iced coffee with no hassle.

keurig also includes a water filter and alerts you when it’s time to descale, so you always get the best tasting cup. The K-Elite allows you to adjust the water temperature from 187 to 192 degrees F because we all know that different coffees brew better at certain temperatures.

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With a height of 12.7 inches and a width of 13.1 inches, a brushed metal finish and chrome accents, the k-elite is a stylish and flexible addition to any kitchen countertop. For more details on this easy-to-use coffee maker, check out our full Keurig K-Elite review.

The Hario V60 Fretta Iced Coffee Maker may be the best coffee maker for your kitchen if you’re on a tight budget. the fretta uses an 02 drip tip similar to that of its iconic cousin, the hario v60.

In this design, however, the ridges within the cone ensure that all the coffee is extracted evenly, including from the bottom and sides. the polypropylene water distributor ensures that the water drips evenly over the ice, and the ice insert ensures that the coffee is chilled without being diluted.

Overall, the fretta v60 produces a bright, sweet and smooth coffee. while not as smooth as a traditional cold brew, it retains all the complexity of the original roast. this makes the final cup much less one-dimensional and, if brewed correctly, results in a nice cold brew with the nuance of flavor that makes every cup so enjoyable.

With the fretta, you can also prepare a delicious hot coffee to serve. the only difference is that you would be brewing directly in the glass carafe without using the ice insert.

after preparation, the glass carafe can be washed in the dishwasher. be sure to wash the rest of the components with a non-abrasive sponge and mild detergent.

If you’re tired of waiting 12 hours for a decent cold brew, then the Finci Express Electric Cold Brew Coffee Maker offers an innovative solution.

To brew 37 ounces of cold brew coffee, start by measuring eight tablespoons of medium ground coffee into the filter. Close and attach filter to lid, add room temperature water to fill line, select brew strength, and press brew. you’re just 5-25 minutes away from a refreshing cold brew.

the vinci express allows you to choose the strength of your cold brew. a light brew takes five minutes, producing coffee that would normally take 16 hours to brew. the medium brew option takes just ten minutes and produces a stronger coffee. the bold and extra bold options, which take 15 and 25 minutes, respectively, produce a bold cold brew and a cold brew concentrate that can be diluted with milk or water (4).

vinci’s patented circular flow technology is the secret to this quick cold brew. Essentially, the Vinci Express delivers a smooth, steady stream of water through the coffee bed to produce a cold brew without sediment or concentrate that’s great neat or in other iced coffee beverages.

vinci express strikes the perfect balance between speed and flavor. makes a cold infusion with body, sweet and smooth.

Once you’re done brewing, place the serving lid on top of the pitcher and store your cold brew in the refrigerator for up to ten days. the self-cleaning function also ensures that your vinci express is free of coffee grounds.

If you’re looking for the classic iced coffee maker, the mr. The hot and iced coffee maker is the perfect option for your morning coffee routine. With the included reusable filter, you can brew six, eight, 12, or 16 ounces of hot coffee, and when you want iced coffee, the included tumbler lets you brew a large 22-ounce iced coffee drink.

what distinguishes mr. hot and iced coffee maker from the original mr. coffee maker is your “over ice” option. this special brew cycle begins with a short pre-infusion or bloom period followed by three to four minutes of constant brewing in the ice-filled glass (5).

we especially like that mr. coffee includes the cup of coffee to go with this iced coffee maker. the “ice” and “water” fill lines on the cup are also great as they take the guesswork out. And measuring the right amount of coffee is simple due to the included double-sided scoop. Cleanup is incredibly simple, as everything except the base is top-rack dishwasher safe.

This Yama glass iced cold brew coffee maker is on our list as the best iced drip coffee maker. brews a delicious cup of iced filter coffee and it’s beautiful to watch in action.

Made from 100% wood and hand-blown glass, this cold brew tower produces 32 ounces of cold brew in three to four hours instead of the usual 12. fill the upper chamber with ice and water to start the cold brew process. fill the pot with medium-grind coffee, adjust the flow rate with the valve, and watch your cold brew come to life in the glass carafe.

At 12 inches wide and 25.4 inches tall, this iced coffee maker makes your presence known, so be sure to consider your available space. If you can make it fit, you’ll be rewarded with a smooth, sweet, low-acid cold brew with more nuance than your typical dip cold brew, according to Nossa Familia coffee company CEO Augusto Carneiro.

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and why stop at cold coffee? With a little trial and error, you can also make aromatic iced teas and infused iced alcohol.

Cleaning and maintaining the Yama Glass Cold Brew Coffee Maker is more challenging than most of the other coffee makers on this list. you should wash everything by hand with a mild detergent and a soft sponge. Also, be sure to thoroughly dry all beakers, pitcher, and wooden frame right away.

how to choose the best iced coffee maker

Before you go out and buy your first iced coffee maker, what should you look for? This buyer’s guide walks you through important criteria to consider.

Iced coffee versus cold coffee

In this roundup, we’ve included coffeemakers that make both iced coffee and cold brew, but there’s a difference between the two,

Traditional iced coffee is brewed hot like regular coffee, then poured over ice. it is often brewed a little stronger to compensate for the dilution of the melting ice cubes. Cold brew, on the other hand, is brewed at or below room temperature, so it’s never exposed to water hotter than 74 degrees F.

This results in two different flavor profiles, even when using the same beans. traditional iced coffee has a complex flavor profile similar to that of its hot coffee counterpart, according to barista magazine’s tobias anderson (6).

then if you want to keep all the floral notes in the Ethiopian coffee beans you just bought, you’ll probably prefer iced coffee.

with cold brewing, the longer brew time, and cold brewing produce a smooth, sweet cup, often with dominant notes of chocolate and nuts. if you prefer a low-acid, easy-drinking cup, cold brew may be your best brew method (7).

dimensions and capacity

Another factor to consider is capacity. Will you make enough iced coffee for a single serving, or are you looking to make enough for yourself and a few guests or the whole family?

While a single standard cup of coffee is six ounces, most drink more than that per cup. therefore, a 32-ounce coffee maker can only produce enough for two to three cups of delicious iced coffee.

The ideal capacity of your coffee maker will also depend on how you plan to store it. For a kitchen with limited counter space, the best form factor is slim and can be tucked away in a corner or stored in a cabinet. A versatile coffee maker, like the Bodum Chambord, will give you the best value for money and space.


Next, consider the material of your coffeemaker.

Borosilicate glass will give you great flavor, but it may not be worth cleaning up shards of broken glass from your kitchen floor.

While many coffeemakers come with glass carafes, you can find French presses with stainless steel carafes. these will give you the same versatility but with greater durability.

there are also plastic options, like the keurig. these are durable and affordable, but many are uncomfortable with the possibility of hot water leaking plastic into their drink.

preparation options

Finally, what preparation options do you prefer? Do you want a dedicated iced coffee maker or do you want something more versatile?

Next, is making coffee similar to meditation during your morning routine, or do you need your iced coffee ASAP? Capsule-based brewing methods like the Keurig K-Elite are great when you’re in a hurry. but if you’re looking to savor the brewing process itself, then the vinci express or yama glass cold brew tower are great options.

the verdict

So there you have it: The seven best iced coffee makers this year. Whether you’re looking for a dedicated iced coffee maker, cold brew tower, or all-in-one solution, there’s something here for every iced coffee connoisseur. our top pick is the ninja hot and cold brew system, which is versatile, easy to use, and includes a milk frother for making specialty iced coffee beverages.

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