Where to Find the Best Coffee in Kauai

Are you planning a vacation to Kauai and want to know where to find the best coffee on Kauai? keep scrolling for my list of the best coffee shops on kauai that are worth a stop!
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Are you planning a trip to Hawaii with the family? Be sure to check out our list of the best coffee shops on Kauai!

Kauai is not only home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, it’s also home to some of the best coffee shops.

With so many delicious options, you’ll be able to find the perfect spot for your morning caffeine fix.

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In addition to great coffee, these shops offer amazing breakfast options that will get your day off to a good start.

So if you’re looking for a place to kick back and enjoy a nice cup of coffee, look no further than our list of the best coffee shops on Kauai.

frequently asked questions about coffee shops in kauai

kauai’s best coffee shops worth a stop

1. java kai

java kai is one of kauai’s most popular coffee shops for locals and tourists alike. the store is medium in size but there is plenty of seating both inside and outside.

The walls are covered with small and large paintings by local artists.

Their menu offers options for coffee, breakfast and even lunch. For coffee, you should definitely try Kona coffee, which is available for espresso, latte, macadamia, and mocha.

for mochas, you must try the cafe maui.

When it comes to food, the acai bowl, avocado toast, and breakfast burrito are the ones to try. there are also freshly baked pastries. although the options change every day, ranging from cupcakes, muffins and cake slices.

address: 4-1384 kuhio hwy, kapaʻa

2. kaua’i coffee company

This coffee shop in kauai is a popular place because they have the largest coffee farm in the entire state of hawaii. an amazing place to go if you are a tourist in kauai and want to learn more about the coffee industry.

Start your visit by taking a self-guided tour of the backyard, which is surrounded by coffee plants and printed signs with coffee information and a video explaining coffee farming 101.

Take a break at the tasting station where you can taste different types of coffee that are roasted differently.

Finish your exploration by ordering cold brew coffee or the popular pea French press.

There is no fixed food menu here. Every day, they update the food options ranging from cookies to scones. those go great with your tasty coffee. some days, they may have sandwiches and hotdogs available.

Before you leave, don’t forget to visit their gift shop, where you can buy coffee beans, grounds, coffee mugs and other souvenirs. Or sign up for their Kauai Coffee Farm Tour!

address: 870 halewili rd, kalaheo

3. coffee at sunrise

this little coffee truck is a 4 minute drive from downtown lihue or about a half hour walk.

Though small, Sunrise serves up one of the best acai bowls on the island. It’s filling, healthy, and great paired with a Vanilla Macadamia Latte or Pumpkin Spice Caramel Mocha.

There is a limited seating area next to the truck with a large umbrella, but that doesn’t stop your employer from coming.

Most customers come to the sunrise cafe for food and coffee, then head out to start sightseeing or down to the beach for a nice morning stroll.

address: 3-3716 kuhio hwy, lihue

4. fish coffee

little fish coffee is just off the busy poipu street, but if you stop in for coffee and breakfast, you can sit on the balcony overlooking the peaceful garden.

This will give you a very nice feeling of being in a peaceful country setting as the store also has some chickens running around.

This is a very popular coffee roaster on Kauai, which often has a long line in the mornings, on weekends, and during the high season on the island.

There is an extensive menu for both lunch and coffee. For those with a big appetite, try the bagel sandwiches, served with various filling options, or a healthy acai bowl.

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When it comes to coffee, order some specialty pour overs or lattes. you can choose organic coffee or coffee from maui or kauai.

take your order and sit at the picnic table or on the balcony and enjoy the best coffee on kauai.

address: 2294 poipu rd, koloa

5. kalaheo coffee & coffee company

this is an amazing breakfast spot on kauai. the menu choice is wide and offers several options depending on what you feel like eating today.

The best sellers are loco moco, acai bowl and avocado toast, but you can also order regular breakfasts like scrambled eggs or hash browns, which are known for being served in giant portions.

for coffee, experiment a bit and try turmeric latte. If you’re feeling a little tired today and need help waking up, try the popular morning craze which is a 4-shot espresso combo.

You can also come for lunch and dinner.

address: 2-2560 kaumualii hwy, kalaheo

6. garden island cafe

another little coffee truck that has some of the best coffee on kauai is located along the kuhio highway, next to kapa’a beach.

For those who enjoy strolling on the beach in the morning, you should stop by Garden Island Coffee, just steps from the shoreline. here, you can order a good latte or affordable drip coffee.

They serve vegetable milks such as coconut, soy, macadamia, almonds and oats. There is no food here except some small cakes, but there are 3 varieties of espressos and 7 types of cold beer.

address: 4-1604 kuhio hwy, kapaʻa

7. rain beau jo’s

This foodie coffee shop in lihue is loved for many reasons. great coffee? check! fantastic service? check! instagrammable place? check! one of the best coffee shops in kauai? check!

even though it’s a truck, rainbeau joe also has places to sit. right next to it, you can sit inside a covered warehouse while having a delicious coffee.

From a colorful menu to amazing options, this cafe has it. get a simple cup of “jo” or a cold latte. They also offer “granitas”, which is liquefied coffee with ice cream, you can choose between 5 varieties.

For a bite to eat, there’s schmear on bagels, where there are 6 options to explore. while you wait for your order, give the hula hoop a spin.

address: 4379 rice street, lihue

8. dark horse coffee roasters

Originating in San Francisco, California, Dark Horse Coffee Roasters is the new coffee shop on Kauai that is causing a stir on the island. for coffee connoisseurs you definitely have to visit this cafe.

When ordering a drink, you can ask your baristas who know this scene very well, to do exactly how you want your coffee to be made. that’s one of the reasons it’s one of the best coffee roasters on kauai.

Because of this, the line can be long, but the wait is worth it. the espressos are some of the best on the island, while you can also get a foamy coffee, especially when it’s scorching hot.

Unfortunately, there are no heavy meals, but the cakes are impressive and go well with a hot coffee.

address: 5521 koloa rd, koloa

9. annuenue coffee

If the wait times at the dark horse cafe and roasters are too long or you really want to have your coffee for breakfast, just a 7-minute drive south is Anuenue Cafe.

There are more than enough food options here, from French toast, frittatas, fried rice to sandwiches, all available in different varieties – fried rice and loco moco are the best foods to try.

Although the coffee options are limited, they all come from Kauai. go with pakala blend or cold beer.

The cafe is located in the mall, however there are very limited seating. you might be able to snatch one of the mall’s picnic tables, especially if you come early in the morning.

address: 2360 kiahuna plantation dr, koloa

10. coffee eden

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turning north, near the walta reservoir is eden coffe. An unassuming little coffee truck along the quiet town of Koloa. They don’t offer much on the menu other than coffee, but there is plenty. you can order hot and cold coffee drinks depending on your mood.

the most sought after are the café con leche and the mocha. often you can get pastries like muffins or scones. when it comes to seating, there are 2-3 tables with umbrellas, but most people come for a coffee to go and continue their exploration of the island.

address: 3477 weliweli rd, koloa

11. the place on the north coast

when it comes to amazing breakfast places in kauai, you have to go to this cafe. they serve the most remarkable and healthy breakfast options on the island.

You can try the bowls, which are made from superfood ingredients like fresh fruit, sugar-free acai, and organic granola.

There are also bagels, sausages, and a green machine bowl consisting of quinoa, greens, and tahini. For coffee, you can get a Kauai latte, chai latte, or double espresso, which can also be served cold.

address: princeville mall, 5-4280 kuhio hwy suite c-103, princeville

12. aloha roastery

This unassuming cafe in kauai exudes minimalism and elegance. Like its simple yet sophisticated interior design, its menu is short but efficient.

you can choose between black coffee or milk only, and then you have options for milk coffee, hot chocolate, tea and smoothies. to snack, they offer pastries and light snacks.

Their croissant and scones are highly recommended along with a cup of cappuccino. for lactose free milk, they have almond milk. coffees can also be served cold and decaffeinated.

address: 4-369 kuhio hwy #105, kapaʻa

13. imua coffee roasters

kauai’s best vegan coffee shop is imua coffee roasters. They don’t offer regular milk, other than plant-based options. It is located in the heart of Kapa’a, in addition to the popular hotels in the area, just a few meters from Lae Nani Beach.

they source their coffee beans locally and roast them themselves. the roasts are so remarkable that many customers also buy beans and grounds from imua coffee roasters.

You can sit inside the tent or in the outdoor seating area. some people passed through here to drink their coffee and enjoy it on the walk along the beach. They don’t serve a huge food menu, with the exception of light sandwiches and pastries.

address: 440 aleka pl #7, kapaʻa

14. coffee trilogy & amp; tea bar

If coffee isn’t enough to get you up in the morning, the coffee & tea bar can also make drinks with superfood mixes. there are no chairs or tables inside, but outside, make yourself comfortable in a seat on the back patio with umbrellas.

Your coffee can easily be made vegan using oats, soy and macadamia. the cakes are also 100% vegan, your options are cake slices, cookies, banana bread and snickers bars. be sure to try the chocolate mousse cake, avocado toast, and trilogy chai.

address: 4270 kilauea rd j, kilauea

15. friendly coffee company

After exploring the tunnel of trees, if you’re looking for a place to take a little break and enjoy a nice cup of coffee, stop by Friendly Coffee Company. the menu is short and simple, they don’t serve food, but sometimes cookies and bagels will be available.

for drinks, try the lava flow latte or the lavender matcha. As milk substitutes, you can choose almond, macadamia, coconut, soy or oatmeal. although it is a small coffee truck place, it is located in a warehouse with plenty of seating areas.

address: 3540 koloa rd, kalaheo

16. small town cafe

A small coffee shop serving organic and fair trade coffee. The store is presented in a small red bus surrounded by chairs and tables, with large umbrellas for shade. bagels are one of the best sellers on the menu along with muffins.

For coffee, cappuccino and lattes are especially popular and can be made with milk alternatives such as soy, almond, oat, coconut, and macadamia. You can make your drink a little unique by adding a mint, chai, lavender, or rose flavor, to name a few.

address: 4-1543 kuhio hwy, kapaʻa

the best coffee in kauai in a nutshell

Around the island of kauai, you’ll also find basic coffee chain chains like starbucks and coffee bean and tea life branches, if that’s something you prefer.

Kauai may be loved for its incredible forest preserves and spectacular hiking trails, but they also make some of the best coffee in Hawaii.

In addition to great coffee drinks, these Kauai coffee shops also serve great breakfasts and fresh fruit, the perfect combination to start your day with energy.

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Looking for more places to eat on Kauai? Check out Kauai’s best food trucks, Kauai’s best breakfast spots, and where to eat on Kauai with kids.


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