Top 10: Best places for coffee in Wisconsin

Wisconsin, (WFRV): Whether you drink it hot, iced, or straight from the espresso machine, coffee is one of the universal beverages that curbs your caffeine craving.

As an avid coffee shop adventurer, searching for unique stops can be a bit tedious. To help, onlyinyourstate compiled a list of some cozy coffee shops you might want to try.

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kavarna coffee – green bay

Indulge yourself and try a double shot of the house espresso with a glass of ice cream. maybe go floral and try their white chocolate lavender mocha too. the cafeteria even has a few specialty foods, like perfectly browned grilled cheese with some tomato basil soup.

firefly cafeteria – oregon

Cafeteria employees said the motto is “have fun.” do it right drink coffee. Eat Cheese.” Perfect for Wisconsin. Not only does it offer coffee, foodies can choose from a variety of snacks including Cinnamon Rolls with Firefly Brioche, Cranberry Lemon with Norwegian Cultured Butter Scones, and Pumpkin White Chocolate gluten free & vegan muffins.

the cafeteria in chestnut and pine – burlington

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If you get too caffeine excited, there’s usually an open mic night on Thursdays and live music on the weekends. Along with coffee from Milwaukee’s Anodyne Coffee Roasting Company, patrons can enjoy a glass of wine or beer at this coffee shop.

michelangelo cafeteria – madison

First opened in 1997, employees said this place is one of the oldest independent coffee shops in madison. you can sample various delights such as a panini sandwich, freshly baked muffin and pastries, or a slice of their “decadent and over the top” chocolate cake.

zest pastry shop and cafeteria – stevens point

craving a change? this coffee shop selects specialty coffee drinks that follow themes. Starting July 13, Sailor Moon is the theme with a Sailor Moon Super Drink consisting of Vanilla Cream, Fruity Pebble Milk, Espresso, Whip and Cereal.

coffee cups – ripon

Drink some soup of the day at this coffee hotspot: Wisconsin beer cheese was a standout on July 15. you can even buy element-snapchill coffee in a can.

blue goose cafe – fond du lac

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Have you ever bought coffee at a bank? this creative coffee shop is straight out of horicon bank. Pick up house mix grounds, hot chocolate mix, or blended coffee bags. it can even be sent to any horican bank.

red coffee mug – superior

Five words: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies. this shop has a variety of sweets and baked goods for people to try along with a selection of coffee sweets.

the open house cafeteria – mayville

Here’s a non-profit coffee shop that prides itself on giving back to the community. the employees said the proceeds help pay for their mentoring programs. it even brews organic and fair trade coffee from the luna in de pere roastery.

door county coffee & tea company – sturgeon bay

follow the smell of fresh coffee to this door county hotspot. Monday through Friday, you can even watch your coffee roast while you enjoy a cup. there’s even a breakfast and lunch menu you can order online.

To see some pet-friendly places in Northeast Wisconsin, click here.

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