Try the Best Coffee in the French Quarter and Nearby

Beignets and cafe au lait at Cafe du Monde by Selena N. B. H. on flickr

as befits one of the most european and caribbean cities in the country, new orleans loves coffee. This city was drinking in the stuff long before it became popular in the rest of the United States, and some of our oldest cafes are still destinations in themselves. Of course, there are also some trendy cafes here that you won’t want to miss out on. These are some of our favorites.

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in the french quarter

new orleans may be a romantic place to grab a cup of coffee, but there are parts of the french quarter where balconies and street music create pure caffeinated magic.

arrow cafe 628 n rampart st. Arrow is more than just a coffee shop, though they do an excellent job of making delicious espresso drinks with four-barrel coffee. it also hosts lunchtime pop-ups and sells locally grown flowers. the cafe shares space with stylish bikes and accessories in a shop across from louis armstrong park.

cafe beignet 334 royal st. There are plenty of ridiculous debates about who serves the better beignet, cafe du monde, or cafe beignet (just take both and decide for yourself), but when it comes to the venue, it’s hard not to make the case for the real street. cafe beignet location. it’s shady, relatively quiet, and you get excellent people-watching.

coffee of the world 800 decatur st. what, you thought we would let you go without recommending one of the most iconic cafes in the world? If we’re brutally honest, the lines here can be a bit long when they stretch almost a city block, but the chicory coffee and fritters are really excellent, there’s live music everywhere, and the service is efficient.

coffee envy

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1241 decatur street the envie people-watching cafe is one of the best in town, and that’s saying something. Pull up a chair at an outdoor table, order a coffee (or a shot, or both; Envie has great cocktails and can make excellent Irish coffee), and just watch life in the neighborhood: musicians, lovers, poets, rowdy people. on a weekend trip and all the others.


627 st peter street This small coffee cupboard brews what is probably the best coffee in the neighborhood. They use small batch roasters and make excellent pour-over coffee, but they can also whip up a classic slate of espresso drinks that should impress any coffee lover.

outside the french quarter

Many of New Orleans’ best coffee shops are within walking or biking distance of the French Quarter. These are some of our selections.

hello! coffee co. 2606 st. san luis (tremé) the favorite of the high zone hey! coffee & the coffee roastery recently expanded to the edge of tremé, right on the lafitte greenway park and bike trail, and also moved all of the roasting to the new location. hey’s forward-thinking stance comes through in touches like organic, non-plastic pasta, straws, and the coffee speaks for itself.

flora gallery & cafe 2600 royal st. (marigny) the atmosphere is unbeatable. the lush greenery of the outside trees, faded paint, and cracked walls are like Plato’s ideal of the kind of space where you’d expect to find a local musician or writer.

orange sofa 2339 royal st. (marigny) this understated, minimalist cafe is populated by warm and welcoming staff. the coffee is prepared with care and attention, and the menu is more creative than the typical espresso stand; the mochi ice cream sits next to a delicate and moist tea bun which makes for a pretty perfect light lunch. this is also a popular spot for those looking to get some work done or just enjoy wi-fi.

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who dat coffee cafe 2401 burgundy st. (Marigny) While there isn’t much room to bust out a laptop and be completely professional at this little Marigny cafe, if you can get a comfortable seat in the little alcove room, you have one of the best little workspaces in New Orleans ( or if you’re in a group, a great place for a caffeinated discussion). Bonus: the attached restaurant is quite excellent; try the corn cakes.

coastal barbecue 2381 st. claude avenue (bywater) located inside st. roch market, the coast roaster produces some fine coffee and espresso beverages. All that being said, our personal addiction is the iced coffee, which is quite simply the best iced coffee we’ve ever had anywhere, full stop. That kind of superlative statement is thrown around a lot in these kinds of articles, but we’ll really stand by this statement: Coastal Roast Frozen Coffee is sweet, strong, and terrific. It’s good whatever the weather outside, but on hot, humid days (which, let’s be honest, aren’t uncommon in New Orleans), it really is heaven in a cup.

satsuma 3218 dauphine st. (Bywater) Whether the owners like it or not, Satsuma is one of the most recognizable icons of the “new” Bywater, which is ironic, since old neighborhood locals and transplants tend to congregate here. That’s because satsuma is just a lovely place – they have great coffee, great food for breakfast and lunch, a beautiful outdoor patio, a cool and airy interior, and they’re totally family-friendly. bring the kids and don’t leave without trying the quiche of the day.

espresso only 1301 poland ave. (bywater) An argument about who makes the best coffee in new orleans will spark long debates and lengthy discussions, but at least you’ll always get a nod of respect for recommending an espresso straight. Located on the edge of the bywater, this is a small shop (seriously, there are only two long tables and a cozy chair) that specializes in sustainable, ethically sourced, pour-over coffee and espresso drinks that are simply out of this world. . if you pray at the temple of the coffee bean, this is an unmissable stop in the city of the half moon.

coffee science 410 s. broad street (in the center of the city) the motto of the company is: “we prepare with science, you enjoy the coffee!” The fact that Coffee Science is led by Tom Oliver, who has been in the coffee business for over 30 years, really backs it up. space is generous, there are weekend flower popups from a local vendor, special events are held in the large backyard, and the wi-fi is strong. coffee science is located on a busy street near the courthouse complex at tulane and broad and there is plenty of parking.

fair grinds 3133 ponce de leon st. (mid-city/bayou st. john) Surely one of the best independent coffee shops in a city that has its share of the genre, Fair Grinds has two locations. the faubourg john street/downtown location referenced above is super cute, the owners are lovely, and it’s located in one of the most desirable parts of the city, just off the esplanade avenue. there is another location on st. claude avenue, in the marigny, arguably not as friendly for work and meeting place, but still an amazing space, a bit more oriented towards activism and artistic creation. If you’re looking for organic and ethically sourced coffee, this is a good place to start.



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