Best Coffee in Frederick Md (2022)

When looking for the best coffee in frederick md, you don’t have to look far!

With this list, the only problem you’ll have is deciding which coffee shop to visit first!

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best coffee in frederick md

Needless to say, times have changed when it comes to getting good coffee.

In the past, before I got my taste for good coffee, I remember my dad used to drive to the local 7-11 or highs to get his tall cup of joe before driving to his office.

He had a coffee maker at home, but for some reason buying his coffee elsewhere made it so much better.

then when i started to develop my taste for coffee starbucks came on the scene and all of a sudden coffee became a ‘thing’!

I learned what the word ‘barista’ meant and that a caramel macchiato was heaven in a cup!

luckily for us, small business owners in frederick county started opening local coffee shops, further enhancing the coffee drinking experience by offering:

  • locally roasted coffee beans
  • small batch coffee
  • specialty coffee
  • fair trade coffees
  • organic coffee
  • several varieties of coffee, including specialty blends
  • what do the local coffee shops offer?

    Not only are each of these coffee shops a great place to get the best cup of coffee, but they each offer their own unique coffee experience, including:

    • variety of coffee drinks:
      • lattes (including chai tea lattes), iced coffees, espresso drinks (you can add an extra shot or 2 or 3!), beers cold, cappuccinos, caffé mochas, café con leche, americanos, cortados, macchiatos, frappés, bulletproofs, flat whites, & red eyes
      • informal atmosphere
      • local artists
      • live music
      • local products
      • good food
      • coffee beans in bag to buy
      • coffee subscriptions
      • patio dining with outdoor tables
      • free wifi
      • place for groups such as mothers’ groups, book clubs, meetings, etc.
      • And best of all, you’ll not only get excellent, friendly service and a stellar cup of coffee to wake up your taste buds, but you’ll also be supporting the local economy.


        Really, it’s a win-win!

        and if you don’t believe me, check out this forbes article on 6 reasons to support your local coffee shop.

        “You could spend your time and money at a chain coffee shop, but you’ll never have the charm and individuality that small local shops provide. local coffee shops offer not just a cup of coffee, but an oasis away from the norm.”

        best coffee on frederick md’s list

        I have listed these hidden gems in alphabetical order and have included their website links and/or facebook pages as well as their addresses & phone numbers.

        many of these coffee establishments are located in downtown frederick.

        however, small towns are also representative, such as new market, brunswick, middletown, urban, and monrovia.

        Also, I’ve included quotes from some of the owners describing why their cafe stands out from the rest.

        1. 5 western coffee

        website: 5 west cafe 5 w main st new market, md 21774 (240) 915-2191

        2. Baltimore Coffee & tea company, inc.

        baltimore coffee & tea co., inc. 5209 presidents ct frederick, md 21703 (301) 631-0030

        3. beans & buns

        beans & bagels 49 east patrick street frederick, md 21701 (301) 620-2165

        4. beans in the bell tower

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        beans in the steeple 122 w potomac st brunswick, md 21716 (301) 834-7178

        “Located in a historic building (a restored century-old church), the bean coffee at the bell tower is roasted locally at frederick and is always organic, single-sourced, and freshly ground. comfortable seats and fast wifi. breakfast pastries, light meals, cakes, pies and brownies galore!”

        My sister and I have visited beans in the belfry several times and are always in awe of the beautiful interior of the historic building that houses this wonderful neighborhood hangout.

        5. prepare 30

        beer 30 1 w main st middletown, md 21769

        6. coffee nola

        cafe nola 4 e patrick st frederick, md 21701 (301) 694-6652

        “at café nola, our coffee comes from a local roaster (chocosombra) that uses single-source coffee for consistent flavor and quality.”

        In addition to their great coffee, they have a full menu of amazing breakfasts (breakfast burrito, anyone?), sandwiches, and salads (including vegan recipes).

        café nola also made our best french toast on frederick md list!

        7. common market cooperative

        common market co+op (2 locations) 927 w 7th st frederick, md 21701 (301) 663-3416


        5728 buckeystown pike b1 frederick, md 21704 (301) 663-3416

        “both cafes are open and serving freshly brewed coffees and seasonal beverages with local blends from stage line roaster coffee.

        common market also sells more than 20 varieties of local or natural coffees, including cold brews, beans, k-cups, as well as a variety of creamers, both animal and plant-based, as well as coffee accessories for your drinking pleasure. home brewing.

        the rt. Shop 85 (Buckeystown Pike) has a coffee demo with free samples of a local brew every Saturday morning from 9am to 5pm! m. to 12 p.m. m.!

        Our friends who are “60+” get free drip coffee when they shop for Senior Wednesday (all Seniors get 5% off their Wednesday purchases too!).”

        The Common Market is the perfect place to find a variety of locally sourced and roasted coffee beans to take home.

        In addition, their cafe offers organic juices, sandwiches, wraps, & shakes.

        8. delicious coffee

        delizia cafe 14 e patrick st frederick, md 21701 (240) 439-4265

        9. dublin roasters coffee

        dublin coffee roasters 1780 n market st frederick, md 21701 (301) 228-9367

        10. frederick coffee co. & cafeteria

        frederick coffee co. & cafe 100 n east st frederick, md 21701 (301) 698-0039

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        frederick coffee co. & cafe, located on shab row, has been in business for a long time and has a legion of extremely loyal customers.

        “We just finished our 31st year and we have locally roasted coffee.”

        11. gravel & grind

        gravel & grind 15 e 6th st frederick, md 21701 (240) 741-9524

        Terri and I visited gravel & grind’s new location recently and immediately fell in love with its modern cafe vibe and delicious coffee to serve!

        12. ibiza coffee

        ibiza cafe 8 w 4th st frederick, md 21701

        13. market street boba & beans

        boba street market & beans 35 n market st frederick, md 21701 (240) 439-4956

        “we have been in business for over twenty years, first in loudoun county and now in frederick, so our family has had a lot of experience with customer trends. As a result, we’ve established one of the first combo bubble tea and coffee shops in the state.

        14. rye + rye

        pumpernickel + rye 3538 urban lucio frederick, md 21704 (240) 397-9600

        15. Cuban flavor

        flavor of cuba 9 e patrick st frederick, md 21701 (301) 663-1036

        16. showroom

        showroom 882 n east st frederick, md 21701 (301) 835-7628

        17. stone hearth bakery

        stone hearth bakery 138 n east st frederick, md 21701 (301) 662-2338

        18. the buzz

        the buzz 11801 diapason rd #3 monrovia, md 21770 (301) 865-4900

        “Our entire staff takes turns creating the special drinks we offer each month! (I think that’s pretty cool!)”

        19. the main cup restaurant

        the main cup restaurant 14 w main st middletown, md 21769 (301) 371-4433

        “We are now selling coffee from river bottom roasters and will also use them as our in-house coffee.”

        20. the perfect blend of coffee

        the perfect blend cafe 31 w patrick st frederick, md 21701 (301) 662-8020

        21. zi pani cafe bistro

        zi pani cafe bistro 177 thomas johnson dr a frederick, md 21702 (301) 620-1932

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