Best Coffee Grinder of 2022

You may have a premium coffee maker, but if you’re still brewing with mediocre ground coffee, then you’ll always be drinking a sub-par cup of coffee. it’s time to spend less money on your coffee maker and more money on your ground coffee.

While pre-ground coffee is convenient, it quickly goes rancid, which decreases the potency and flavor of the coffee. The best way to make delicious coffee at home is to grind your own beans with a home coffee grinder.

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The last thing you want to play with first thing in the morning is a manual coffee grinder or a manual grinder that looks like a spice grinder. A good electric coffee grinder processes the coffee beans steadily, giving you ground coffee that is exactly the right texture to optimize flavor. Regardless of whether you use a French press or prefer a cold brew coffeemaker, these automatic electric grinder devices allow a discerning coffee drinker to create the ideal ground coffee to prepare their caffeinated beverage.

Keep reading if you’re looking for the best electric coffee grinder that will give you the best, cup after cup. I’ve selected my three favorites below, followed by a list of the other electric grinders I’ve put to the test. The best coffee grinders provide consistent grind quality (either coarse or fine, depending on the grind adjustment setting), with helpful features and powerful motors. they are also easy to use and clean.

Yes, this buyer’s guide starts at $100, which isn’t cheap at all, but that’s because I’ve personally tried all of these coffee grinders and just didn’t like the results of the budget set. (See details of the tests below, along with the pros and cons of each and a full list of other models that didn’t make the cut.) I will continue to see if any other polishing machine on offer is worth it. in the future and update this story accordingly.

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Also, be sure to read our guide to the best home espresso machines.

So how exactly do we test coffee grinders?

An ideal coffee grinder produces ground particles that are of a consistent and correct size. by that we mean that the size of the ground coffee particles should match the coarseness setting of the grinder, whether it is fine or not. the size of the grounds produced must also be suitable for the intended brewing method, as described in the product manual.

To test each grinder for our coffee grinder reviews, we first hand wash and dry all manufacturer-recommended parts. then we set each machine to the appropriate level for grinding drip coffee or automatic coffee machines (again, as indicated in the manual). sometimes the manual lacks specific instructions. in this case, we select the medium coarse setting to grind coffee, then increase it one level coarser (from a fine grind, like an espresso grind, to a coarse grind). For example, if a grinder has 16 total coarse grind settings (assuming 16 is coarsest and 1 is fine), we’ll set it to level 9.

Next, we weigh 10 grams of whole coffee beans to grind. By default, our test beans are Kirkland Colombian Roast. they are the same beans we use for our coffee maker tests. (no judgement, please). when you grind as much coffee and espresso as we do, it pays to be frugal.

then we run our sample beans through the grinder. we also note how long it takes for the grinder to grind the coffee beans. Next, we carefully collect the grounds, then sift them through a two-screen sieve for 60 seconds. for that we use the kruve sieve system. our original kruve dos unit came with two mesh screens of different aperture sizes (800 and 400 micron). this step allows us to measure the grind size and grind consistency of our sample. The Kruve Base has now replaced the Kruve Two and offers five meshes (300, 500, 800, 1100 and 1400 microns).

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We use a kruve coffee sieve system to confirm grind size consistency.

A top-of-the-line electric coffee grinder or manual grinder will produce grounds, preferably with stainless steel blades, which are mostly between 400 and 800 microns in particle size (at your chosen grind setting). Finally, we weigh the deposits that accumulate between the two screens (800 microns above, 400 microns below).

A faulty grinder will grind particles of different sizes, from large to small. blade grinders are notorious for this problem. Unlike a coffee grinder with blades, a coffee grinder with steel or ceramic burrs generally produces beans that are much more uniform in grind size.

In addition, we grind at least two more times. from there, we can record an average optimal yield for each grinder.

Do you want more? Whether you’re a coffee lover who prefers a simple fresh cup of coffee, espresso, or even Turkish coffee, here’s a list of coffee grinders I’ve put to the test for this review, in addition to the ones above. and below that, you’ll find a chart showing their pros and cons and how well they stack up against each other. now enjoy a cup!

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