The Best Coffee Grinders in Canada of 2022

Coffee beans come from a variety of plants, climates and countries that affect the flavor and body of your drink. the light, floral, fruity, or rich chocolate and nutty flavors that define the most sought-after beans begin to dissipate as soon as they are ground and exposed to air, even if the coffee is sold in a vacuum-sealed or nitrogen-flushed box. bag or can.

That’s why coffee lovers and hobbyists prefer to grind their own beans just before brewing. But oxygen isn’t the only enemy of coffee flavor: overheating beans, grinding them unevenly, and using the wrong coffee grind can do the same damage.

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The key is to buy a good coffee grinder, like our top pick, the baratza encore (available on amazon), which delivers consistent results without overheating and offers a variety of settings no matter what. . brew method you prefer, from a fine grind for use in an espresso machine to a coarse grind for a French press.

but with all the different types of grinders (blade, burr, and manual models), which one is right for your needs will depend on how much coffee you brew at one time, how much ground coffee you use per cup, and how much effort are you willing to exert before waking up with caffeine.

If you’re a picky eater who enjoys a full-bodied cup, you’ll probably want an electric grinder. But if you prefer the convenience of an automatic drip coffee maker that uses a medium grind and don’t want a particularly strong cup of brewed coffee (we got that, let’s not judge you!), an inexpensive blade grinder like the Krups Fast El touch blade grinder (available on amazon) will do the trick.

how we test coffee grinders

the testers

Hi, I’m Sharon Franke and I’ve been reviewing kitchen equipment for consumer magazines and websites for over 30 years.

If there’s one area I’m particularly interested in, it’s coffee making and that’s because java is always my drink of choice, whether it’s first thing in the morning, before or after dinner, or late at night. the night. I’m pretty picky about my coffee and prefer a rich, bold flavored brew that comes from using a generous dose of ground coffee made from high-quality, freshly ground beans.

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This guide was first written by Ben Keough, who has been testing and writing about consumer technology and home goods for over a decade. he previously served as revised editor-in-chief of news and features. He once owned and operated a specialty coffee shop in Da Nang, Vietnam, where he turned his love of drinking coffee into a passion for making coffee and learned what it takes to produce a perfect cup.

the tests

for our updated round of testing, we chose starbucks pikes peak roast, a popular medium roast that is widely available both in stores and through mail order.

In each grinder, we grind two batches of beans to a fine, medium, and coarse consistency, timing each batch. After grinding, we record the temperature of the ground coffee and evaluate the size and uniformity of the grind.

we noticed whether or not there was sticky static and/or caking in the grinder cup, whether the machines were spitting ground coffee all over the counter or getting stuck in the chute.

We listened to how much noise they made while they were working and determined how easy they were to clean. plus, we considered build quality and how much space each grinder took up on the counter.

what to consider when buying coffee grinders

Before making a purchase, it’s important to understand the differences between burr, blade and hand grinders. A burr grinder pulverizes roasted beans between two toothed moving steel plates, a handful of beans at a time, resulting in an even and consistent grind every time. While not large compared to a coffee pot or toaster oven, burr grinders do require some counter space. however, they can process enough coffee at a time for a full-bodied 12-cup carafe.

Among electric coffee grinders, the most affordable option is the blade grinder, which cuts the beans with rotating blades. Although it is often claimed that they cut the beans unevenly and overheat them, this has not been our experience. rather, blade grinders are inconvenient for two reasons: First, they don’t grind enough coffee in one batch for a full pot of coffee, unless you like a weak brew.

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Second, most don’t have grind settings, so you need to estimate how long to run them to get the right texture for your cup. This type of coffee grinder doesn’t take up too much counter space and is easy to store in a cabinet when not in use. In addition, it can also work as a spice grinder.

Manual grinders (or hand grinders) do not need electricity, but do require the use of a crank to grind the beans. while you get consistent results, it takes minutes instead of seconds to grind coffee beans by hand, and the task quickly becomes tedious.

Manual grinders contain a small amount of coffee in the hopper and ground container, so they are not a good choice for brewing a large pot of coffee. they are quite compact in size but come at a premium price.

coffee talk: how to make the perfect cup

grinding the beans immediately before preparing them will bring out the most flavor.

According to the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), which sets standards for coffee brewing, the perfect cup of coffee is brewed using 2 tablespoons of coffee per 6-ounce cup, or standard-sized coffee mug. if you do the math, that’s 24 tablespoons for a 12-cup pot. (we know, that’s a lot of coffee!)

Most automatic drip coffee makers come with instructions calling for 1 tablespoon of coffee per cup and many even come with a tablespoon. now, how much you use is completely up to your personal preferences. Using the recommended amounts of SCA will bring out all the nuances of the coffee beans and produce a rich, full-bodied drink, but may seem too strong to many.

If you like to use 2 tablespoons per cup and often brew a family-size pitcher at a time, your best bet is a grinder that can grind enough beans in one batch. Also, beware of coffee grinders that ask you to select the number of cups and then automatically grind the beans. they grind less than two tablespoons per cup.

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other coffee grinders we tried

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