Chemex Brewing Guide: Lets do this

You could make coffee a cup of coffee like your average joe, or you could be a caffeinated jedi and learn how to make coffee with a chemex. since you’re reading, we assume you want the latter. However, learning how to brew with chemex requires a guide, and we cover it step by step here!

the interesting history of chemex

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dr. peter schlumbohm was the chemist who graced the world with chemex in 1941. dr. schlumbohm went against the grain of the mid-20th century by inventing a new product based on elegance and simplicity rather than complexity and ostentation. he managed to invent chemex using only a glass hourglass flask and a paper filter (1).

whether you’ve known chemex for a long time or just now want to make your first cup of it, it’s something of an art and a science. If you haven’t gotten your hands on this fancy pour-over coffee kit yet, you can read our chemex review here.

but if you already have one (I assume you do) here’s how you can make pour over coffee with the chemex.

These are the basic requirements needed to make great coffee with a chemex. keep in mind that this recipe makes 6 cups!

chemex instructions: 5 steps

You have everything you need, now follow these simple steps. We’ve got you covered too if video content is your thing

1. get the grind right

It’s not enough to just have “ground coffee” for your chemex. “Ground” is a very subjective term for particles that can range in size from the chunks you see in rock salt to the fine dust of powdered sugar. learn which grind size works for which brewing method in this article.

If you’re using a capresso infinity grinder like the one used for this photo, start two clicks to the right of center and adjust to taste. finer ground = bolder flavor; coarser grind = sweeter coffee.

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take a grinder of your choice (burr grinders are generally recommended for a chemex) and grind 50-57 grams of coffee to medium-coarse. don’t worry if it takes several tries to get it right.

2. double your filter

the chemex style of folding the coffee filter makes people go crazy most of the time. It’s not necessarily rocket science, but it’s different than the average filter you throw in the top compartment of your regular countertop coffee maker. They’re unconventional, but their double-bonded paper filters are key to a well-extracted cup of coffee with less bitterness (2).

The traditional chemex filter is presented as an unfolded circle. just fold the circle in half once, so it looks like a half moon. then, fold that crescent in half again. Your filter should now look like a triangle with a curved bottom base made up of layers.

look at the layered side of your triangle and separate the third and fourth layers with your fingers and open them up. You should now have a cone filter in front of you with one side made from a single layer of paper and the other side from 3 layers.

Of course, you can also find both square and round pre-bent chemex filters. these greatly simplify the morning ritual (in my opinion, an essential part of any task that, by necessity, precedes the consumption of coffee).

Rinsing the filter is critical to ensuring a quality cup of coffee. Once you’ve placed the filter in the chemex, run through some of your boiled water before adding the coffee. (To become a chemex jedi master, rinse and pour for 30 seconds, and you’ll get the water up to the right temperature in no time.)

Don’t forget to wring out any excess water. it will keep the papery taste of your coffee and seal the filter to the chemex.

While we think the classic chemex filter is the ideal filter for this coffee maker, you can also try some alternatives. see our list of the best chemex filters.

3. reel in your relationship

at this point, you have your medium-coarse ground coffee and your layered paper filter brewed and ready in the chemex. the only thing left is to pour some coffee and pour, right? not quite! he still has to perfect the most important element: the ratio of coffee and water.

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A general rule of thumb is to add two tablespoons for every cup (6 fluid ounces) of water (3). some people recommend adding an extra tablespoon for each cup afterwards, but it’s really just a matter of preference. two tablespoons per cup is still a safe bet if you prefer a stronger coffee.

4. pour water

Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for! Add your ground coffee to the Chemex filter, according to the number of cups you want to brew and the ratio above, and add the appropriate amount of water. 55 grams of coffee and 1 liter (1000 grams) of water is a good ratio for the 6-cup chemex, which produces enough coffee for two thirsty people. let water stand for 30 seconds after it stops boiling before pouring; this will keep it within the temp of 195-205 f (90-96 c) for best extraction.

now start your timer! For your first pour, simply moisten the grounds evenly (if you’re brewing on a scale, add about twice as much water, by weight, as coffee). let them rest for 30 seconds. this is called blooming: it releases carbon dioxide from the grounds, plus a great aroma (4). it also prepares the ground coffee so that it is extracted more evenly and completely.

for your second pour, work slowly from the center, pouring in concentric circles toward the edge of the chemex. keep the water level just below the top and note that the exact pour time will vary depending on how much coffee you are making.

A 6-cup chemex recipe calls for spreading the pours over a 2:30 span, for a total prep time of about 5 minutes. obviously, if you’re making less coffee, you’re looking at a much smaller window.

Another rule of thumb: If you’re making a 1-liter cup of coffee (for guests or two people who need a lot of caffeine), look at the little belly button on the front of the chemex. It’s there as a guide: when you see the coffee at the top of the button, add a final pour to the top of the filter cone and you’ll be within a few grams of the perfect 1-litre pour. (and when you really need that first cup, this is so much easier than counting grams or seconds…)

Feel comfortable experimenting and refining your pour method. mastering chemex means embracing both the art and science of the process.

5. enjoy!

When all is said and done, and all of the water has successfully drained through the filter, discard the filter, pour in your coffee, and enjoy a finely brewed chemex. he has earned it!

If you’re interested in learning more about this style of coffee, read our beginner’s guide, otherwise we’ve got a whole library of brewing guides here.

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