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In addition to Culver City’s rich cinematic history, the city is known for showcasing the evolution of the modern coffee shop. from vintage conservatory cafe to boy & Bear’s serene coworking space and the modern, minimalist Cognoscenti coffee bar – your options for a good cup of joe are limitless in this city. And don’t forget about the delicious foods and baked goods you can go with them! If you’re planning to visit the area, check out these 10 Best Coffee Shops in Culver City.

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1. bar nine

Known for its signature espresso, espresso and milk, pour over, and cold brew menu, Bar Nine is one of the more unassuming coffee shops in Culver City. its beans are obtained and roasted to serve its customers the best cup of coffee at any time of the day. they also offer an all day brunch option for a great dining experience in the city.

2. the conservatory for coffee, tea & amp; cocoa

the conservatory is a coffee shop that knows its coffee well, and when you live in Los Angeles, good coffee is a must! the conservatory has an extensive menu of coffee, tea and cocoa, and if you’re having difficulty choosing a drink, their friendly staff will be happy to help.

3. metropolitan cafe

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For a quick bite or coffee, Subway Cafe is one of the best cafes in Los Angeles! This cafe in Culver City is attached to a Travelodge and opens for breakfast serving meals and great coffee. It’s also pet-friendly, so you can dine alfresco with your furry friend.

4. the boy & the bear

if you’re looking for coworking cafes in the city, the boy & El Oso offers a serene setting that serves exquisite Colombian-style coffee. You can buy beans specially roasted to Colombian taste, and they even have clothes and glasses that are sure to catch your eye. check out their website for more information!

5. cognoscenti coffee bar

If you’re looking for a modern, minimalist coffee shop in culver city, cognoscenti is the place to go for some afternoon energy. they have beans from roasters all over the world, and one sip of their coffee will have you coming back for more!

6. 70 degree coffee

If you live in Los Angeles and have a craving for dessert, Cafe 70 Degrees is your home for sweets! They serve a variety of baked goods and handmade organic coffee in a cozy atmosphere. This cafe is a great place for families or other groups to get together and enjoy delicious pastries and treats together.

7. blue bottle coffee

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blue bottle coffee is the place for coffee connoisseurs! This coffee shop in Culver City used to be a body shop, but now it’s a prestigious coffee shop with its own custom drip bar. Enjoy a variety of pastries, coffee, and merchandise when you visit this trendy chain of coffee shops.

8. super domestic coffee

a coffee shop and a cycler, the super domestic cafe is a place you’ll definitely remember. it’s a neighborhood coffee shop with several types of coffee (their signature espressos are a must!) and various baked goodies that are too delicious to share.

9. place coffee & lounge

There are many cafes in Los Angeles, but spot café & lounge is one you should definitely visit! the cafe is near a residential area, so it is always full of friendly people. spot café has daily coffee specials and a wide variety of food and drinks you’ll love to try.

10. coffee kings

Kings Café is a long-standing coffee shop in Culver City. They offer affordable and delicious American cuisine and wonderful coffee with impeccable service. This classic cafe is a must visit when in Culver City!

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