10 Best Coffee Creamer Substitutes

Whether you’re looking for alternatives or are in desperate need of a creamer, there are a variety of coffee creamer substitutes waiting to elevate the flavor of your cup of black coffee.

Coffee isn’t just about caffeine, it’s also about the morning ritual. And nothing can ruin your morning routine like running out of cream when you’re making coffee at home. Fortunately, all is not lost. there are all kinds of cream substitutes waiting for you to try them. there are herbal creams for health conscious people. then there are some artificial creamers for those who like decadent beers. Of course, there are also whole milk and dairy-free options to meet your dietary needs. some of these substitutes may be hiding in your kitchen right now!

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From dairy-free to super creamy, here are the top ten delicious coffee creamers you can substitute in your morning cup of joe. you may even find a new one that you like better than your usual stuff!

1. evaporated milk

Did you run out of milk? try the coffee with evaporated milk. As the name implies, evaporated milk is just that. it is milk that is heated until most of the water content evaporates, then put through a canning process. and you know what that means, it has a great shelf life! keep a can in your pantry and you’ll always have a coffee creamer substitute on hand. When stored properly, an unopened can of evaporated milk can last up to a year. plus, it’s just as tasty as the regular stuff and is a lifesaver in a pinch.

2. sweetened condensed milk

if you drink your coffee with cream and sugar, sweetened condensed milk is perfect for you. however, add it sparingly, because it is highly concentrated. rich, milky, and wonderfully sweet, a tiny drop of sweetened condensed milk is all it takes to turn your coffee into a decadent treat. oh, and be aware that it is very thick. so you’ll want to make sure to stir it well to make sure it dissolves completely. For a truly extravagant treat, use it to brew Vietnamese coffee. all you need is a couple of tablespoons and a strong dark roast. you can even serve it on ice for a warm weather afternoon.

3. half and half

half and half is one of the most popular coffee creamers. a good substitute that is part whole milk, part cream, half and half has the perfect balance of milk fat so it’s not too rich and not too watery. It also has no added sugar or syrups, unlike some commercial coffee creamers that have corn syrup as the main ingredient. that makes it a great option for those who prefer their coffee with cream, but like to leave out the sugar.

4. heavy cream

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Want a coffee creamer that’s even creamier than half and half? heavy cream is your solution. a touch of real cream will turn your morning cup of joe into a luxurious, velvety mug. Sure, it’s rich and not exactly fat-free. but the heavenly texture and flavor are well worth it. add a splash at a time until creamy enough for your liking. a little will go a long way so it won’t take much.

dairy-free creamers

can’t eat dairy? don’t worry. there are plenty of dairy-free coffee creamer substitutes for you to choose from. Here are some of my favorites that you won’t want to miss:

5. almond milk

Almond milk is hands down one of the best non-dairy substitutes for coffee creamer. it has a creamy texture, zero lactose and you get a boost of protein. Not to mention the nutty flavor makes the coffee taste extra delicious. Speaking of flavor, almond milk comes in different flavor options. you have your choice of sugar free, vanilla, chocolate and more. unopened almond milk has a great shelf life, but once you break that seal, you’ll want to use it within a week. if you need help, I recommend adding it to a smoothie or pouring it into oatmeal.

6. oat milk

Oat milk has been all the rage lately. give it a try and you’ll instantly see why. This vegetable milk is smooth, creamy and slightly sweet. It tastes similar to regular milk, except it’s more like oatmeal. that means it complements coffee exceptionally well. Plus, it’s a great option for those looking to minimize their soy intake or who don’t like the nuttiness of almond milk. Available in sweetened and unsweetened oat milk.

7. soy milk

Soy milk has been a popular coffee creamer for quite some time. it is one of the best non-dairy options for foaming and has a silky texture. Like almond milk, it also gives you a boost of plant-based protein and comes in a variety of flavors. try chocolate soy milk to give your coffee a mocha flavor. or choose vanilla for an enhanced cup. Of course, you can’t go wrong with regular soy milk, too.

8. coconut cream

Do you love tropical flavors? then you must try coconut cream in your coffee. coconut cream is thicker and richer than coconut milk. the extra creamy texture and coconut flavor are divine mixed with freshly brewed coffee. you get the addition of fruity flavor without the added sugars that come with artificial creamers. plus, you can use the leftovers to make a comforting curry.

9. butter

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Dairy-free butter may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you make your coffee. but now it will be! dairy-free butter works great in a pinch. it’s low in carbs and high in fat, making it a stellar choice for vegans and keto dieters alike. you can even add it to your mug to make bulletproof vegan coffee. It will help fill you up in the morning and jump-start your metabolism for the day.

Regular grass-fed butter is another great alternative to coffee creamer for your hot coffee if you’re okay with dairy.

10. coconut oil

a wonderful sugar-free option to try in your coffee. Coconut oil is loaded with MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides), which are made up of healthy fats and are great for brain health. this is a good option for low carb or keto.


While it may not be creamier, sweeteners are also a fantastic substitute. When it comes to sweeteners, you have two options: natural sweetener and artificial sweetener. both have their own advantages.

Artificial sweeteners like equal (aspartame) and splenda (sucralose) store well and take up little space.

If you prefer natural sweetness, you can choose from a variety of natural sweeteners. monk fruit, agave, maple syrup, and honey to name a few. As the name suggests, they are naturally sweet, so no additives like corn syrup or white sugar are necessary. They won’t necessarily have the same creamy texture that comes with milk, but they’re just as delicious!

what cream do you like to use for the perfect cup of coffee? let me know in the comments.

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