The Coffee Drinkers Guide To Columbus, Ohio

columbus ohio coffee guide

columbus is booming. It’s hard to miss this fact as you move toward it: Construction is everywhere and cranes dot the horizon as more and more companies move in to pursue a growing talent pool. Much of that talent graduated from Ohio State and chose to stay in a city that offers a high standard of living without the corresponding costs of larger cities.

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A young, diverse workforce and an influx of investment mean coffee companies need to keep up that caffeinated momentum. Fortunately for residents and visitors alike, Columbus now boasts a thriving coffee scene, with local stalwarts evolving with the times and young upstarts trying to save the world.

Not only is the city home to a panoply of cafes and roasteries, but it even has its own organized coffee tour, the Columbus Coffee Experience. visit four of the 18 locations and win a free t-shirt; complete the game and you’ll get a travel mug for your troubles (probably now overcaffeinated).

so after stopping for the first time at the columbus convention center to gaze in awe at arnold schwarzenegger’s eerily lifelike visage, here are six of the best columbus coffee shops to consider visiting.

columbus ohio coffee guide

fox in the snow cafe

Since its inception in 2014, reacting to the lack of pastry options in Columbus, Fox in the Snow has garnered not only regional but national acclaim for its inventive menu of baked goods and coffee. potential customers line up at the door on most weekends. Started by two Blue Bottle Coffee alumni and serving coffee supplied exclusively by Portland, Maine Tandem Coffee Roasters, Fox in the Snow now has three locations in Columbus.

Italian Village’s flagship bakery and cafe is housed within a renovated garage, which benefits from large factory-like windows that flood the space with sunlight. Blond wood furnishings and a myriad of houseplants help further enhance the airy, glade feel of the woods. fox in the snow maintains a no wi-fi-no-outlet policy, which eliminates campers with laptops and allows the relaxed atmosphere of the cafe to thrive unimpeded.

Amazingly, the team at Fox in the Snow’s Italian Village handles the almost constant flow of customers using just a two-group La Marzocco PB line and a host of Hario V60 coffee makers. Usually sold out quickly, pastries range from cinnamon rolls and sticky buns to brownies and galettes.

columbus ohio coffee guide

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one line coffee

Just one of several cafes that stretch along the main drag of the short neighborhood of the north, a line opened in 2009 and has since expanded to a second location across from downtown. Founded by a father and son team, a line began as a way to learn more about the supply chain behind the coffee they sold. With an emphasis on sourcing as well as processing, One Line features a large selection of single-origin options roasted on a loring kestrel at their facility in nearby Heath, Ohio.

columbus ohio coffee guide

The original diner on the short north features exposed brick, hardwood floors, and an impressive array of bar seating along three sides. The focal point of the café is a circular bar in the center of the space, with a three-group Marzocco Strada EP, mazzer grinders, and a custom pour station to allow customers a full view of the coffee-making process. no matter your choice of beer. Public tastings are held on weekends as part of One Line’s commitment to transparency and education, and sourcing information adorns the walls to better inform those interested in learning more about specific coffees.

columbus ohio coffee guide

mission coffee company

Tucked away just off the high street in the short north, mission coffee company gives the impression of a well-kept secret, a hidden cafe known only to savvy locals. Of course, such a thing is all but impossible in 2019, but the Mission holds on to that feeling with an atmospheric cafe space that features the requisite exposed brick walls and reclaimed wood accents. Industrial elements like the garage door and granite counter are softened by lighting and comfortable seating, especially in the back corner, which features several low sofas surrounded by mission merchandising.

mission began roasting its own coffee in 2014 after starting out as a multi-roaster cafe, with a separate facility that also incorporates an educational program located near fox in the snow in an italian village. At his café, à la marzocco strada is assisted by mahlkӧnig and mazzer grinders, who offer a range of classic espresso-based drinks, complemented by more experimental dishes, such as a seasonal cider de cascara. Pour-overs, batch brewing, cold brew on tap, and Chicago-based spirit tea round out the beverage menu, while local bakery mmelo offers pastries.

columbus ohio coffee guide

stauf coffee roasters

when it comes to coffee in columbus, stauf’s is certainly a pioneer, having been in business for over 30 years. With seven locations spread throughout the city, Stauf’s has something for everyone, from the neighborhood gathering vibe of its original store in grandview heights to the stripped-down industrial minimalism of its cafe inside the foundry idea maker space in franklinton.

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stauf’s newest site, inside a renovated church near the sprawling ohio state campus, feels very made for columbus’s student population. the vaulted ceiling, stained glass windows and recycled benches pay homage to its past, while its size and a plethora of double tables make it an ideal study spot. Unlike most other Stauf locations, this one doesn’t have its own in-house roaster, though it more than makes up for it with the latest in coffee-making technology, most notably a Slayer Steam LP tri-group espresso machine. and a frame sp9 automatic pourer. about brewer.

Stauf’s claims no less than five of the 18 stops on the Columbus Coffee Route which, combined with the two newest locations, means that no matter where in the city you are, you’re never far from a cup of stauf’s coffee.

columbus ohio coffee guide Brioso Coffee

Another of Columbus’s pioneering specialties, Brioso Coffee was founded in 2001 by Stauf alumnus Jeff Davis. 18 years later, with a second cafe that also houses the company’s roasting operation open a few blocks away (and the original location about to move across the street), spirited isn’t sitting still. The roaster cafe features exposed brick walls, hardwood floors, and a 30-pound Giesen roaster that supplies both locations, as well as an ever-evolving list of wholesale accounts throughout the region.

A brick wall separates the educational and roasting side of the space from the bar area, which houses a matte black synesso hydra and mahlkönig spout grinder for espresso, hario v60s for pour-overs, as well as batch-brewed drip coffee and Cold brew coffee on tap. on the other side of the wall is the roaster next to the tasting and education space, as well as seating for customers who wish to watch the roasting operation in full swing.

columbus ohio coffee guide

the roosevelt cafeteria

A new entrant to the Columbus coffee scene, among the nonprofit Roosevelt Coffeehouse’s mottos is “good coffee forever.” catchy, and also a succinct summary of his mission: all proceeds go to various social causes around the world, from fighting hunger and human trafficking to access to clean water.

Roosevelt, in association with its sister company Roosevelt Coffee Roasters, aims to do all of this by sourcing, roasting and serving the best possible coffees to the people of Colón. Roosevelt, previously a multi-roaster coffee, began roasting its own last year from its second location within the gravity project, a retail office living space across the river in franklinton.

The original cafe, facing brioso on long street, is large, high-ceilinged and airy, with huge windows facing the street and a series of connecting rooms and event spaces. The bar, along with all the tables, is made from reclaimed bowling alleys and features a Modbar espresso machine and a Hario V60 pour-over setup, supported by Mahlkönig EK43 and Pico grinders. roosevelt’s coffee menu is complemented by donuts, bagels and cake pops, all sourced from local and like-minded businesses.

fionn pooler is a journalist based in ann arbor, mich., and the editor of the pourover. read more fionn pooler about sprudge.

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