6 Best Coffee Brands for Percolator to Suit Any Taste (Fall 2022)

how to make coffee with a percolator?

Preparing coffee with a coffee maker is not that difficult and will add a lot of flavor to your coffee. The most important thing to know about a percolator is that you want coarse ground beans, as fine beans just don’t work as well. follow these steps when making coffee with a coffee maker:

features to consider before buying percolator coffee

There are many features to investigate before buying coffee to use in a coffee maker, as you don’t necessarily have to use the same coffee you use with another type of coffee maker.

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The type of coffee is very important. While you can use mass-produced coffee, that type is typically better suited for commercial use in the industry when made in large batches. For the best type of coffee for a percolator, you should consider an option like sustainable, hand-harvested coffee or our best value option, specialty French press coffee.

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You’ll want to use ground coffee when brewing in a percolator or fresh beans. but the motives must be course. You don’t want beans that have already been ground super fine, as you won’t get the strong flavors you want from filtering your coffee.


The roast is important, as is the thickness of the soil. Look for a coarse ground, medium roast coffee like you might find with Gevalia Special Reserve Coarse Ground Guatemalan Coffee. coarse ground roasts will be best brewed in a percolator. while finely ground coffee can work well when brewed in a large coffee pot, you’ll get the most flavor with a percolator if you use ground coffee or even whole beans.

6 Best Coffee Brands for Percolator to Suit Any Taste (Fall 2022)


Taste really depends on personal preference. If you choose a brand like Hills Bros Original Blend Ground Coffee, you can mix up your flavors depending on your mood. this would allow you to remain consistent with your choice of brand reliably, as you can get the same result every time you brew.

Don’t rule out trying some fun flavors like hazelnut, caramel, or French vanilla. sometimes you may need a cup of classic black coffee. but, if you’re in the mood for fun, try a new flavor. you might love it!


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want a large resealable airtight container? Or would a small bag do? If you want a recyclable stainless steel tin that can be repeatedly sealed tight, choose Don Francisco’s Hawaiian Blend, our Editor’s Choice. that’s a great option if you don’t use coffee often, as it can sit on the shelf for a while and stay fresh when stored in a can like that.

The other option with packaging is to store your coffee in its own resealable containers. buy some airtight glass containers and you can store coffee in them. use glass as odors do not stick to glass. Be sure to wash the container between uses if you are brewing a weak or different flavored coffee, as you don’t want the old coffee to mix with the new coffee. With this solution, you don’t have to worry about what packaging the coffee arrives in, as you can manage it in a cool, dry place in your pantry as you see fit.

caffeine content

6 Best Coffee Brands for Percolator to Suit Any Taste (Fall 2022)

you can get some good decaf mixes. just remember that even decaf coffee will have small amounts of caffeine. Some roasts are really rich and high in caffeine, like the Gevalia Special Reserve Coarse Ground Guatemalan Coffee. Even if you want a lot of caffeine, you might consider a blend with a medium amount of caffeine if you’re already planning to drink several cups of coffee, which would help you get the amount of caffeine you’re looking for. Do you add a lot of cream to your coffee? don’t forget that adding cream will weaken your coffee, which will also weaken the amount of caffeine you consume. consider stocking up on a few different coffees of varying caffeine levels. Let’s face it, some mornings you just need a little extra jolt more than other days. while, other times, it might be late at night when you don’t want caffeine, but still want the taste of coffee to go with an after-dinner dessert.

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