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Americans love coffee. They consume 400 million cups of coffee a day, making the United States the number one coffee consumer in the world. and it’s no wonder why; coffee is so easily accessible! you can find it at a local store, a popular national franchise, or even your local grocery store.

Today, there are so many options available to every coffee drinker. Whether you’re a morning coffee drinker or prefer to enjoy a leisurely cup of joe later in the day, you’ll find that your ideal beverage is much closer than you think…even so close to your nearest target grocery store. .

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at a glance: the best coffee in the destination

The retail giant has stores in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, and the average US resident lives within 10 miles of a destination store, so wherever you are, a bag of your new favorite beans may be just a short drive away. Not sure what cafes the target has to offer? we are sharing some of our favorites; try one (or a few!) of these beans and we guarantee you won’t regret it.

our top lens picks

peet’s major dickason’s roast

If you’re a longtime coffee fan, you’ve probably heard of peet’s coffee at least once or twice. Since opening its first coffee shop more than five decades ago, Alfred Peet’s craft coffee company has made creating the perfect cup its mission.

Perhaps perfection doesn’t really exist, but if you love a good, full-bodied coffee, you might think Peet’s Major Dickason Roast is just about perfect. this dark roast is smooth and rich and will start your day with a bang.

wanna give peet a shot, but not really interested in a dark joe? try the brand’s medium roast sunday coffee instead. Sourced from the major growing regions of Central and South America, this blend is smooth, nutty perfection.

starbucks pike roast

If you want to replicate the taste of coffee from the coffee shop at home, a starbucks coffee bag may be a natural choice for you.

We recommend the classic pike roast for a nice, well-rounded brew. This medium roast offers a subtle sweetness, with hints of cocoa and toasted nuts, and a smooth mouthfeel you’re sure to enjoy.

for a dark roast coffee worth savoring. This deep, intense roast features hints of caramelized sugar with hints of dark chocolate and marshmallow, strong enough to drink neat but delicious when paired with milk or cream.

mahogany roasted caribou coffee

You may not be sitting in a cozy cabin wrapped in a blanket in front of a roaring fire, but the rough, earthy flavor of caribou coffee’s roasted mahogany will make you feel like you’re enjoying a weekend getaway in the woods.

This bold, aromatic coffee has notes of sweet vanilla and molasses, and this smooth dark roast brings all the flavor of a caribou coffee drink to the comfort of your home.

good and gather earth from the sun

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We couldn’t give you a summary of the best target coffees without telling you all about the store’s own brand, good and collect. Formerly known as Archer Farms, Target’s line of certified organic and fair trade coffee gives you your beloved caffeine fix at a relatively low price.

Bursting with flavors of dark chocolate, caramel and warm spices, Good and Gather Sunland Roast is one of our best sellers. These Mexican-origin beans are medium roasted to ensure a well-balanced cup of coffee in the morning or a smooth mid-afternoon treat.

bulletproof mentalist roast

Bulletproof Coffee boldly states your belief that your coffee ritual should be great, and the company’s Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee makes sure you get the best from their brews. we recommend a medium-dark roast, the Mentalist, for a clean, toxin-free coffee experience.

This coffee hails from the high altitudes of Guatemala and Colombia, and the cherry, almond, and caramel tones of this rich, nutty roast are sure to please the palate.

counterculture big problem roast

Add some good trouble to your life with the counterculture mix of big trouble. This versatile medium roast is a wonderful option for our friendly neighborhood coffee chameleons who savor a cup of black coffee one day and prefer a milk-based beverage the next.

This concoction is made with Honduran and Guatemalan beans and is bursting with nutty, chocolate and caramel flavors that many have come to love.

stumptown hair bender

Savor Stumptown coffee roasters’ most popular roast, the hair bender, for a brew that has both clarity and complexity. Named for the salon that housed the first Stumptown Roasters location, this lightly roasted coffee has notes of citrus and dark chocolate and is a blend of coffees from Indonesia, Latin America and Africa. add this to your list to enjoy on lazy weekend mornings.

kick horse kick ass roast

Some days, it takes a good kick in the pants to get you up and going, and the kicking horse mix is ​​just the motivator you need.

This dark coffee has an earthy flavor with hints of licorice, molasses and chocolate malt. add some cream to your mug and you’re sure to be off to a good start. To fully experience the flavors of these Indonesian and South American beans, we recommend using a French press.

the best mix of the seattle house

There’s no need to make a trip to Washington state to find the best Seattle beer; check the shelves of your local target instead.

You’ll find that Seattle’s Best House Blend is a great choice for your morning cup of joe, as it’s a balanced, smooth medium roast. As you savor Seattle’s Best Signature Blend, you’ll appreciate the rich, savory flavor of this Latin American Joe.

If you’re in the mood for a flavored coffee, try Seattle’s Best Roasted Hazelnut Roast. This sweet, nutty concoction cries out to be enjoyed with milk or cream and makes a great treat on a chilly afternoon.

mixture of birch wood and café de la paz

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Add a little calm to your busy morning with a fresh cup of Peace Coffee’s birchwood blend. take a deep breath and absorb the aroma of hazelnut, graham, smoke, and vanilla as this balanced, roasted coffee passes through your drip brewer, enjoying the flavors of bittersweet chocolate, honey, and cedar in every sip.

This coffee is designed to be enjoyed as a breakfast blend, so the next time you’re whipping up a stack of pancakes or a tray of scrambled eggs, be sure to keep a pitcher full of this brew nearby.

dark magic green mountain coffee

They say to avoid dabbling in dark magic, but when it comes to green mountain coffee’s blend of dark magic, it’s hard to stay away.

Green Mountain Coffee is known for its smooth, full-bodied blend of Arabica beans, and this particular roast is no exception. dark magic is packed with bold, intense notes of dried fruit and chocolate and is union kosher certified.

green mountain coffee is an excellent option when you need something with a wide variety of products; when looking for flavors for the whole family, this brand of coffee is a good place to start.

whole beans vs. ground: which is better?

Whether you choose whole beans or ground coffee is a personal choice, but each has advantages and disadvantages. Before you make your next coffee purchase, consider these differences between whole bean and pre-ground coffee.


Whole beans need to be ground at home before brewing, while pre-ground coffee is ready when you are. if you don’t have time in your morning routine (or are craving that first cup of coffee as soon as you open your eyes like we often do), pre-ground coffee may be the best way to go. leave grinding and preparing whole grains for later in the day when you have time to give it the attention it deserves.


Coffee gets its flavor and aroma from the oils that coat the whole beans. once the beans are ground, the oils begin to evaporate quickly, compromising both flavor and aroma. the subtle notes unique to the blend you choose may not be as noticeable in a pre-ground coffee. for the best flavor and strongest aroma, whole beans are second to none.


Whole beans stay fresh longer than their pre-ground equivalents, but they won’t retain their flavor forever. If you’re an avid coffee drinker and will finish the bag in no time, you’ll likely benefit from the freshness of whole beans before they’re past their prime.

On the other hand, if coffee tends to sit in your cupboard for months before being consumed, buying whole beans may not be worth the effort. just be aware of the expiration date on your pre-ground coffee to avoid drinking dull, dull coffee.


Most pre-ground coffees come in a medium grind suitable for brewing, but how finely the beans are ground affects the flavor of the coffee. With whole beans, you can tailor your coffee grind to your personal taste or the type of coffee machine you use.

last minute tips

  • check expiration dates and roast. Stale coffee lacks its robust flavor and aroma, and the longer it sits after being ground, the more the natural oils in the coffee dissipate. buying the freshest coffee you can find will ultimately make the best cup of coffee every time.
  • read the tags carefully. Many coffee producers take great care to avoid allergens in their coffee, but if you have allergies to common coffee additives like nuts or chocolate, it’s always wise to check the ingredient list.
  • experiment with new mixes until you find the perfect mix for you. coffee is not the same for everyone, so don’t be afraid to try a few different brews until one sticks.
  • select a variety. If you’re worried about missing out on the robust aroma and subtle tones of specialty coffee when you buy a bag of pre-ground joe, go ahead and buy both. you can use the pre-ground coffee for that quick morning cuppa during the rush of the week, and save the whole beans for the weekend when you have more time to savor a steaming cup of coffee in front of the fire.
  • happy caffeine!

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