The 11 Best Coffee Advent Calendars of 2022

what to look for in a coffee advent calendar

beans vs. pods

This is the first place to start looking for a coffee advent calendar. If you’re buying one for your home, base your decision on beans vs. pods on the type of brewing device you own. If you’re shopping for someone else and don’t know which coffee maker they have, it’s best to err on the side of caution and go with whole bean or ground coffee. even if they have a pod based coffee maker, they can add the grounds to a universal k cup.


Coffee advent calendars vary widely in price and while this can be overwhelming at first, it’s nice to know there’s an option to suit every type of budget. calendars that use whole bean or ground coffee are generally more expensive per serving than those that contain pods. the price is also highly dependent on the amount of coffee included, so expect 24-day calendars to be more expensive than 12-day ones.

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One of the many nice aspects of coffee advent calendars is that you or a gift can sample a wide range of varieties, flavors, and blends. If this is important to you, keep an eye on the number of coffees included in the advent calendar and if any are of repeated flavors. Some brands don’t list the exact coffees they use to keep the surprise going, but product descriptions usually describe the number of varieties included.


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Nobody wants an outdated gift, which can be a problem with some coffee advent calendars, depending on when you order them and when they ship. At best, you can reserve the calendar and send it just before December 1; that way, the coffee stays fresh. if not, try to order the item as close to the holiday season as possible (but not so close that you’re late).

frequently asked questions

what is an advent calendar?

Advent calendars have long been used to celebrate the liturgical season of Advent or the four Sundays preceding Christmas. Although the first Sunday of Advent can fall between November 27 and December 3, current advent calendars generally count the 24 days of December before Christmas. the calendars contain treats or gifts, such as pieces of chocolate or small toys, intended to be opened on each of the 24 days. But creativity knows no bounds, as you can buy advent calendars that contain just about anything from wine and whiskey to socks and succulents or, of course, coffee.

How long have advent calendars been a tradition?

Advent is believed to have been celebrated since the 5th century. By comparison, advent calendars as we know them today are a relatively recent tradition, beginning in the 1850s in Germany. Gerhard Lang is widely credited with the idea of ​​printing advent calendars. His conception of a 24-door advent calendar was first published in the early 20th century, and from there the custom grew worldwide.

Do advent calendars exclusively celebrate advent?

While most advent calendars naturally celebrate the advent season, there are non-advent alternatives that use the same concept of opening one surprise or gift per day. some celebrate different holidays. others aren’t even in the form of a calendar and focus solely on the act of opening a different surprise over a specific period of days.

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