5 Best Mocha K-Cups 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Mocha K-Cups

There are many different flavors of coffee, but mocha is one of the most delicious. what could be better than combining chocolate and coffee? Fortunately, k-cup companies have caught on to this trend, so you have quite a few tasty options.

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We tested all the top brands and put together this list of our top five. To help you find the most delicious mocha k-cups, we’ve written detailed reviews, taking a close look at the flavors, ingredients, and overall quality. get ready for a cup of coffee with chocolate!

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Top 5 Mocha K-Cups – Reviewed in 2022

1. Cafe Escapes Cafe Mocha K-Cup Pods – Top Pick

Café Escapes Café Mocha

the cafe escapes cafe mocha is a 24 pack of a great blend of coffee and chocolate flavors. the chocolate is decadent and the coffee is subtle. It’s the ideal afternoon snack or treat, just because you want one.

This mocha is delicious, but it has a lot of sugar and other artificial ingredients. if you are a person who tries to be natural with everything you put into your body, this is not the drink for you.

These k-cups are designed for use with Keurig single-cup brewers, but are also compatible with the Keurig 2.0.

The bottom line is that we think these are the best mocha k-cups on the market.

2. starbucks mocha medium roast keurig pods – the runner-up

Starbucks Mocha K-Cups

Starbucks Mocha Medium Roast Keurig pods are made for use in Keurig single-cup coffee makers and come in a box of 24 pods. each capsule has a delicate blend of Starbucks coffee and milk, along with the perfect amount of rich chocolate, giving you the sweet treat you deserve any time of day.

this starbucks blend is good coffee, but you can tell it’s made from processed foods. not the quality product you find in starbucks stores. it also leaves a slightly bitter aftertaste in the mouth.

3. gevalia mocha latte espresso k-cups for keurig

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Gevalia Mocha Latte

Gevalia’s espresso mocha latte k-cups fit any Keurig brewing machine, including the 2.0. the powdered foam is made with real milk and the coffee is from 100% arabica coffee beans.

When we first tried this blend, we found it to be smooth. we adjusted the cup size down and it became more flavorful, but started to taste somewhat bitter.

These gevalia k-cups come in a box of 36 capsules, but about 10% of them were defective. they opened up and allowed the grounds to get into our cup of coffee.

4. the original donut shop coconut mocha k-cups

The Original Donut Shop Coconut Mocha K-Cups

Donut Shop Original Mocha Coconut K-Cups are a coffee mix that tastes like a coconut-covered chocolate donut and does not contain any artificial ingredients.

The company claims these have extra coffee for a bolder flavor, but we found they were watered down. we didn’t really try chocolate or coconut much either.

When we received our box, there was a label saying it was in new packaging. we were not impressed. the seals don’t hold up very well and we ended up with a lot of ground coffee in our cup.

5. Green Mountain Toasted Marshmallow Mocha K-Cups

Green Mountain Toasted Marshmallow Mocha K-Cups

Green Mountain Toasted Marshmallow Mocha K-Cups come in a box of 18 pods. this is a seasonal flavor that combines the taste of your coffee with chocolate and toasted marshmallows.

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the coffee itself has a weak flavor and the marshmallow doesn’t taste like marshmallow at all, let alone roasted. it’s a good choice for something different in the fall season, but leaves an artificial aftertaste in your mouth.

buyer’s guide: how to find the best mocha k-cups

You’ve seen our favorite mocha k cups, but have you decided which one to buy? Read on for our quick tips for buying a great brand.


what are the best coffee flavors? ask your palate! the best way to determine which mocha k-cups will taste best for you is to taste them. Do you like extra flavors like marshmallow or coconut, or are you a mocha purist? order a flavor that sounds good to you and see what you think!

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The quality of a k-cup depends on two things: the beans and the cup itself. For the best flavor, look for K-Cups made with high-quality Arabica coffee beans. You’ll also want the cup to be well-constructed, with a tight-fitting aluminum lid and a sturdy, damage-free plastic cup. some of the k-cups we reviewed weren’t that well made, so keep an eye out for these production issues.

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The best mocha k-cups for you will largely depend on your taste preferences. We recommend that you read the description of each brand and try the one that sounds best to you. We hope our reviews and buyer’s guide help you find tasty mocha k-cups fast.

To recap, our top pick is the delicious escapes cafe mocha. Our runner-up is the Starbucks Mocha Medium Roast Keurig Pods. third, we have the k-cups for keurig gevalia mocha latte espresso.

other types of k-cups we’ve reviewed:

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