The Best Camping Mugs of 2022

Your old blue enamel camping mug was on a roll. he was humble and trustworthy – just a few chips to show off those years in the bottom of his camping gear box. but somehow his coffee always seemed too hot to drink or already lukewarm, so it’s time to say goodbye. Because today the best camping mugs are double walled, vacuum insulated and can keep your drink warm all morning. I put six of the most popular options through a series of tests to assess each cup’s insulation, sealing, flavor permeation, and cleanability. After testing, only four of the six mugs made the final cut to be included on the list of the best mugs for camping.

  • best overall: otterbox lift
  • best insulation: camelbak horizon camp mug
  • Best Minimalist: Snow Peak Stainless Steel Camping Mug
  • Best Budget: Outdoor Glacier Camp GSI Cup
  • how i tested the camping mugs

    To determine the best mugs for camping, I started with a series of controlled tests. First, I ran an insulation test to see how long it took for a single cube to melt inside each camping mug, running this test in parallel to ensure temperature and light exposure were consistent. I then repeated this process to confirm the results.

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    Next, I checked the seal on the cups by filling them with liquid and holding them at an angle to see how much it leaked. I then left filtered water in each cup overnight to ensure there were no off-flavors the next day (all cups passed this test with flying colors). I also confirmed the weight and capacity of each cup; as such, there are some differences from the manufacturer’s specifications.

    The following was a field test: all six cups in the test were done on a 3-day camping trip in April with near-freezing temperatures and rain. During that test, the comfort and functionality of the cups were evaluated. after use, all six cups were left with the coffee residue inside for several days before final testing, to see how difficult each cup was to clean.

    Finally, I confirmed with each manufacturer the material used in the camping mug, as well as whether these materials were bpa, bpf, and bps free.

    best overall: otterbox elevation

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    key features

    • size: 14 ounces
    • weight: 11 ounces
    • ice cube test: 3 hours, 45 minutes
    • materials: stainless steel with internal copper lining; the cap is made of polyester, silicone and polypropylene
    • bpa and bps free
    • hand wash
    • why you made the cut

      Unique lift-top design made this my favorite mug to use in the field. this camping mug also did the best job of preventing leaks during testing.


      • high rim around lid makes it easy to drink hot liquids
      • lid locks securely in place, minimizing spills and drips
      • bottom-heavy design makes it hard to accidentally tip over
      • cons

        • intermediate insulator during test
        • product description

          The problem with double-walled, vacuum-sealed camping mugs is that they sometimes do their job too well, keeping your coffee scorching hot long after you’d have expected it to cool. So while I didn’t give much thought to the one-centimeter-high edge of the nutrient box lift lid while doing the insulation, weight, and leak tests, it’s what caught my attention the most during the field test, when I did a first tentative test to see if my coffee was still cold enough to drink. the longer rim made it easier to take a slower sip, so the outside air cooled the hot coffee before it reached my mouth.

          otterbox performed well during the rest of the tests as well. he was only 40 minutes behind the insulation test winner and did a better job of preventing leaks and spills in the leak test than everything else I tried. when he was held at a 90 degree angle for 5 seconds, only three drops escaped from the seam between the cup and the lid.

          Despite its average pack performance during the insulation test, my coffee never got cold during the field test, in part because the comfort, seal, and security of this mug made me want to drink from it. However, if you know you’re likely to have a single cup of coffee all morning, the Camelbak Horizon, the best insulator in my test, may be a better choice for you.

          best insulation: camelbak horizon camp mug

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          key features

          • manufacturer size: 12 ounces; measured size: 14 ounces
          • weight: 10 ounces
          • ice cube test: 4 hours, 25 minutes
          • materials: silicone-based stainless steel
          • bpa, bps and bpf free
          • dishwasher safe
          • why you made the cut

            The insulation test winner was what kept my coffee hot on the coldest day of the field test. Easy cleanup and lack of bisphenols make Camelbak Horizon a no-brainer for long-term use.


            • excellent insulation
            • easy cleaning
            • silicone base makes slipping less likely
            • cons

              • the lid tab hit our nose awkwardly during field testing
              • product description

                the camelbak horizon came in second place for best camping mug: it kept my coffee pretty hot when it was 35 degrees and rainy the last morning of the field test, and the silicone base made it less likely to slip on smooth surfaces (although, as the narrowest camping mug in my test, including a slight narrowing at the base, it was more prone to tipping over than others I tested). It was also a bit lighter than similarly designed camping mugs, making it a reasonable choice for short backpacking trips.

                While the camelbak horizon’s slide-tab lid design, which hit my nose with every sip, was distracting, its profile was somewhat flatter than similar models (such as the yeti rambler).

                best minimalist: snowy peak stainless steel camping mug

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                key features

                • manufacturing size: 15.2 ounces; measured size: 14 ounces
                • Manufacturer Weight: 6.06 oz; measured weight: 6.2 ounces
                • ice cube test: 4 hours, 20 minutes
                • materials: stainless steel; the lid is silicone
                • bpa, bps and bpf free
                • hand wash
                • why you made the cut

                  This ultralight camping mug was a powerhouse of insulation and came only second in my test. its finished design makes it a great choice for both car camping and backpacking.


                  • great insulator
                  • handles fold flat for easy storage
                  • comfortable to drink
                  • cons

                    • expensive
                    • product description

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                      I was surprised that the snow peak camping mug came second in the insulation test, as there is no tab or other feature to block heat from escaping (or entering, in the case of the bucket test). of ice) through the sipping hole in the silicone cap of the snowy spout. plus, it’s about half the weight of most camping mugs tested. if we were measuring insulation by weight, this would have been the winner by far.

                      At first glance, this stainless steel mug has an UL aesthetic (and, no surprise here, Snow Peak sells a titanium version that saves half an ounce for gram counters). it even has the traditional folding handle design, although I was pleased to see that it worked on par with the rest of the handles during field testing, staying securely in place without slipping. For anyone willing to pay a premium for a camping mug that will work just as well on longer backpacking trips, this is a great option.

                      best budget: gsi outdoor glacier cup

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                      key features

                      • manufacturer size: 15 ounces; measured size: 14 ounces
                      • weight: 7.3 ounces
                      • ice cube test: 2 hours, 20 minutes
                      • materials: stainless steel; the lid is made of polypropylene and silicone
                      • bpa, bps and bpf free
                      • hand wash
                      • why you made the cut

                        While the Glacier GSI didn’t perform to the same level as the other mugs in our review, its lower price and lightweight design would be ideal for warm-weather camping trips.


                        • relatively low price
                        • light
                        • classic design that looks great with nail polishes
                        • cons

                          • last in insulation test
                          • product description

                            Since this gsi outdoor camping mug doesn’t have a fully insulated lid, it wasn’t exactly surprising that it came in last place in the insulation test. the amazing thing is that it worked as well as it did, keeping an ice cube from melting for much longer than the control. I used this mug on the warmest morning (when temperatures hit a high of 45 degrees) of the test ride and found it to be insulated enough for that purpose, keeping my coffee hot until the last few sips. For hot weather trips, especially if multiple cups are needed for a larger group, this is a great option to keep costs down and get the performance you need.

                            frequently asked questions

                            things to consider before buying a camping mug


                            Great camping mug lids share three characteristics: they’re comfortable to drink from, they don’t leak or spill when tilted or shaken, and they help insulate the contents of the mug.


                            All of the camping mugs in this review are double walled and vacuum insulated, which insulates hot or cold beverages more effectively than single wall mugs. In a double-wall insulated design, heat or cold from the bowl must first be transferred to the air between the two walls before escaping to the outside. vacuum insulated designs go a step further, sucking in the air between the two walls, further slowing heat transfer.

                            bop, bps and bpf

                            bpa, or bisphenol a, is a chemical found in certain plastics and resins. Materials with BPA have been found to leach into foods and liquids when used for that purpose. This is a concern for many, as BPA is known to negatively affect the brain and prostate glands of children, infants, and even fetuses. there may also be a connection to increased blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.

                            there has been a push to eliminate bpas in products used for food and beverages. Two compounds that are sometimes used in place of BPA are BPS (Bisphenol S) and BPF (Bisphenol F). Although studies are still being conducted on the long-term effects of these compounds, there is concern that they may pose health risks equal to or even greater than those of BPA.


                            The weight of a single camping mug is unlikely to be a problem for most campers as they typically weigh as much as a standard glazed ceramic mug. However, if you also plan to use your camping mug for backpacking, it’s worth looking into a lightweight option, like the Snow Spout Stainless Steel Camping Mug or the Glacier Outdoor Camping Mug from GSI.

                            final thoughts

                            On frosty mornings, a great camping mug can be a game changer: keeping your morning drink, and by extension you, warm until the sun finally peeks over the ridge. Adding one of the mugs above to your mess kit is a simple way to make a big difference in your outdoor experience.

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