The 5 Best Burr Grinders Under 50 (Busting Beans On A Budget)

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When choosing the right coffee grinder for your beans, it has to be a 100% burr grinder. these are so much better for your coffee beans and ensure you end up with the best tasting coffee you’ve ever experienced.

Reading: Best burr coffee grinder under 50

The only downside to burr grinders is the price. Due to their intricate design and many moving parts, these grinders are not cheap to make.

The good news is that you can buy these coffee grinders for less than $50. There are some great options out there, and while they fall into the low-price category, you don’t have to sacrifice functionality.

and, once you’ve purchased it, we have a grind size chart on our cheat sheet that you can download by subscribing to moka pot mondays in our coffee newsletter below.

Here are five of the best grinders that will cost you less than $50. We have the option of manual and electric to adapt to any need. Along with this, we’ve got a handy buyer’s guide, some frequently asked questions, and lastly, we’ve got three grinders that are barely over $50, but worth considering!

Let’s start with our top choice today, the secura electric coffee grinder.

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best burr grinder under 50

The best burr grinders under $50

  • best choice: secura electric burr coffee grinder
  • Runner-Up: Mueller Supergrind Burr Coffee Grinder
  • best manual option: javapresse manual coffee grinder
  • best electrical option – mr. coffee grinder automatic coffee grinder
  • economic option – hario ceramic coffee grinder
  • 1. the best option: secura electric burr coffee grinder

    Our top pick for the best burr grinder under $50 is secura with this small compact electric coffee grinder. what it lacks in size it makes up for in great design and functionality. It has a dial on the front to choose the cup size and one on the side to choose the grind setting. With 17 options to choose from, you can brew anything from ultra-fine to extra-coarse Turkish coffee for French press or cold brew.

    The bean hopper holds 3.5 oz (100 g) of beans and has a clear lid so you can easily see if it needs to be refilled. The metal burrs are removable for easy cleaning and it comes with a small cleaning brush to help remove coffee grounds from all the grooves.

    is a great little coffee grinder that works well, provides a consistent grind, and is attractive for display in your kitchen. Added extras like non-slip feet make the polishing process a little smoother, and it all costs less than $50. That is why it has earned the position of best coffee grinder.

    2. Runner-up: Mueller Supergrind Burr Coffee Grinder

    Next up we have Mueller Austria with this great electric grinder. Equipped with an easy to use dial on the front, you can select between 2 and 12 cup sizes and a small wheel on the side lets you choose from 17 grind settings, from espresso to French press, this grinder fits all preparation methods.

    It has a good sized bean hopper that can hold 5.8oz or 165g of coffee, more than enough coffee for most coffee makers.

    A great design feature of this option is the gear reduction motor which allows the bits to move slower as they grind and move constantly, thus eliminating the risk of overheating, reducing noise and the strawberries will not change to give an uneven grind.

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    The metal burrs can be removed for easy cleaning, which is helpful, especially if you like to brew coffee on finer grind settings.

    3. best manual option – javapresse manual coffee grinder

    The advantage of the manual coffee grinding options is that they do not require electricity, so you can use them on the go (hiking, camping, traveling, etc.), they are light and portable, and much quieter. than electric ones.

    This javapresse grinder is a high quality option that has ceramic burrs. these are widely considered the best and most durable on the market (last 5 times longer than stainless steel) and ensure a truly consistent coffee consistency, no matter if you’re going for a coarse grind or a fine grind size.

    The downside to this option is that it takes a long time to grind the coffee beans, especially if you use a fine grind setting. it can only deliver 1.4 oz (40 g) of coffee at a time, so it’s best kept for personal use.

    4. best electrical option – mr. coffee grinder automatic burr grinder

    mr. coffee wins amazon’s choice for burr coffee grinder thanks to the great quality you get for the small price. it’s a burr mill, so it ensures a fresh, consistent fineness no matter what grind setting you choose.

    It has a removable bean hopper that is easy to clean and stores a whopping 8 ounces of coffee beans. With 18 grind settings, it can handle any brew method, from drip coffee and aeropress to Moka pot or espresso machine.

    the downsides are that it is very noisy and can build up a fair amount of static as you grind

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