5 Best Brazilian Coffee Brands 2022 – Top Picks & Reviews

brazilian coffee seeds

About a third of the world’s coffee comes from Brazil, and it makes sense: the climate is ideal for growing rich, flavorful coffee beans. not too acidic, Brazilian coffee usually has a nutty and chocolate flavor. it’s perfect for darker roasts, as the beans tend to be rounder and less complex.

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but which one should you buy? With so many brands to choose from, shopping for the right one can be quite overwhelming.

fear not! We have done the work for you, researching and testing the best Brazilian coffee brands. In these detailed reviews, we hope to guide you through the jungle of options. do you still have questions? check out our buyer’s guide at the end.

comparison of our favorite brands for 2022

the 5 best Brazilian coffee brands

1. volcanica brazil peaberry – best overall

The Brazilian Volcanic Pea is an unusual bean that sums up much of what we want from Brazilian coffee. Composed of rare peaberry beans, a variety of Arabica, this coffee is smooth and nutty, with interesting notes of hazelnut and raspberry.

If you prefer the lighter single origins, this medium roast bean may be a bit too dark, but coffee drinkers who prefer a good cup of general coffee will find this roast downright delicious. Grown at high altitudes, this single origin coffee is full-bodied, highly aromatic, and has moderate acidity.

Because this brand does a great job of showcasing what we know and love about Brazilian coffee, it was a no-brainer as our top pick. however, if your budget is tighter, you may want to scroll down. This gourmet coffee is quite gourmet priced.

all in all, volcanica’s brazil peaberry is the best brand of brazilian coffee we’ve tried this year. enjoy!

2. cooper’s cask brazilian creamy espresso — the best ground coffee


Do you prefer pre-ground coffee? You may be interested in Cooper’s Cask Brazilian Creamy Espresso, a dark, creamy single-origin coffee that’s available as ground or whole bean espresso. It has the typical chocolate characteristic of Brazilian coffee, but this roast brings out notes of cherry, orange and brown sugar.

This coffee’s medium-dark roast does an excellent job of bringing out interesting flavors, but it’s a bit lighter than you’d expect for an espresso. still, it produces an excellent crema, has an incredible aroma, and comes in a handy size of ground coffee.

3. traditional roasted and ground pilao coffee

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Pilao Coffee Traditional Roast and Ground

coffee pilao is the most popular coffee in one of the most popular coffee growing regions in the world, so of course it has to be on this list. That said, this cafe will not blow your mind. It still has the characteristics you’d expect from a Brazilian coffee, but it’s not as nuanced as our top two picks.

The best way to think of this coffee is that it is the Brazilian version of folgers, although the flavors are somewhat more interesting. when you buy this cafe you can buy a lot for a very reasonable price. If you’re ever in a Brazilian restaurant, don’t be surprised if you find yourself having a cup of pilao.

4. peet’s coffee brazilminas naturais ground coffee

Peets Coffee Brazil Minas Naturais

We had a bit of a hard time deciding where to put the animals on the list. it’s a lighter roast than the first three, so it’s naturally a bit more acidic. it also confirms our preconceived notions that Brazilian coffee is fruity, chocolaty, and nutty.

Because of the roasting of this bean, those characteristics are a bit more pronounced, and since it’s a larger roaster, they can’t be nuanced with flavors as you might expect. this can lead to really inconsistent results, a side effect we don’t see with the top three coffees on our list.

5. caboclo coffee ‘torrado e moido’ roasted and ground coffee

Cafe Caboclo

This coffee is interesting because it’s certainly not on the specialty radar, but it’s in a bitter rivalry with its number 3 competitor: café pilao.

It is said on the street that people who drink pilao also drink caboclo coffee. as far as we can tell, loyalists of the can (folgers-style bulk coffee) switch quite a bit between the two.

So, as we know, Brazilian coffee tastes nutty and chocolatey, and caboclo coffee is no exception. but this is the maxwell house for our folgers. Of course, he has those familiar tastes, but you have to be looking for them. If you’re looking for a consistent Brazilian coffee experience at a low price, then Café Caboclo is not a bad choice.

buying guide: find the best Brazilian coffee brands

When it comes to choosing Brazilian coffee, it all depends on your taste. Thinking about the flavors you like will help you identify a variety of coffee that you like. read on to learn about your options.

roast level

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do you like dark, medium or light roasts? Unlike the complex floral beans of Ethiopia and Kenya, Brazilian coffee is not known for its finesse. most Brazilian coffee fans seek out the strong, chocolaty flavors found in dark roasts.

however, if you prefer lighter roasts, they are available, you just have to look a little further.

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bag size

how much coffee do you drink? If you drink multiple cups a day or have a coffee-loving family, you may want to choose a brand in bulk. You can buy Brazilian coffee beans in large two- or five-pound bags, often at very attractive prices.

whole bean versus ground bean

We always recommend buying coffee beans and grinding them just before brewing. This is because ground coffee begins to lose flavor within 15 minutes. Plus, buying a grinder doesn’t have to break your budget. however, if you prefer the convenience of pre-ground coffee, you may want to purchase an airtight storage container to preserve the delicious flavor.

Other regions we have covered:

  • Costa Rican coffee beans
  • Mexican coffee beans
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    If you like your coffee with a little nuttiness, then you’ll probably be quite happy with a cup of Brazilian coffee. to review, our favorite brand is the smooth and interesting peaberry from volcanica brazil. if you prefer ground coffee, you might want to check out the excellent creamy copper barrel espresso. finally, the traditional roast and ground pilao coffee offers a traditional and tasty flavor.

    We understand that choosing the right coffee for you is a difficult task and we hope that these reviews have mitigated some of that difficulty. if these reviews lead you to look at the bottom of an empty cup with a smile on your face, then we’ve done our job.

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    featured image credit: vandelinodias, pixabay

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