10 biscuits to go with your coffee at work

in addition to discussing the case for the ten best cookies for coffee and tea, we also look at some of these great cookie debates:

  • why do we dip cookies?
  • is it okay to dunk?
  • is a jaffa cake a cake or a cookie?
  • to wet or not to wet…

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    Soaking was first used by the ancient Romans who used to dip their hardened wafers in wine. in the 16th century, it was done by sailors who dunked their ‘hard’ biscuits in beer to soften them.

    in more modern times, it has evolved into dipping biscuits and biscuits in milk, coffee, and tea. in the usa, oreos are dunked in milk while here in the uk it’s mcvitie’s digestif that’s the most popular choice for dunking in tea. It was the Victorians who started to get wet with afternoon tea in England and Ireland; this soon spread in popularity throughout the world.

    Is it okay to dunk?

    Previously, this practice was frowned upon and considered part of the working class, despite the fact that Queen Victoria was said to enjoy dipping her biscuits. nowadays, it’s a bit more common, though, be careful when you risk dunking your cookies in a coffee during a meeting!

    the 10 best biscuits to enjoy with tea and coffee

    Anyway, enough about that… what you really want to know is our top ten list, right? These are the cookies that we think are the best to pair with your coffee break. feel free to let us know if you think we’re wrong (we’re sure you will!)

    10. yummy tea

    the thing about rich tea biscuits is that they are basic and simple, but incredibly popular. They are a safe bet with no surprises. Be careful though, they can’t take a lot of getting wet and you might end up losing your cookie to the bottom of your cup. they are also completely delicious and one is never enough. actually, that can be said for most cookies. before you know it, half the pack is gone. this dilemma only increases when you start getting them wet.

    9. ginger nut

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    The fact that ginger ranks so low will probably ruffle some feathers, but not everyone likes ginger, and even fewer like it with the added flavor of coffee. does it go well with coffee? we’ll let you decide.

    8. jamie dodger

    look, we don’t care what you say: strawberry jam and coffee go well together. Sure, it’s got to be the right time, it’s definitely an after-lunch coffee cookie, but it takes this place for offering something a little different.

    10 best biscuits to enjoy with coffee.png

    7. digestive

    The hardy brother of the rich tea, the digestif is a hardy biscuit that will soak up a lot of coffee before breaking down. this makes for a great shout when breakfast is a long way from you and lunch is still out of reach. it is also a perfect choice for afternoon drinks. While it only ranks at number 7 on our list, it just so happens to be the UK’s most popular dipping cookie. if this were an article that ranked only dunks, it would probably be number one.

    6. chocolate digestif

    Usually adding chocolate greatly improves a cookie, but with a digestif, it’s just a slight. one of the best aspects of the digestif is its simplicity, so the chocolate coating adds a bit too fancy a look. having said that, adding chocolate to coffee is always great, which is why it beats the regular digestif on this list.

    if you ask us our preference, we would have to opt for the dark chocolate digestif over anything else, however, we know that it is not to everyone’s taste.

    5. chocolate plate

    The hobnob is a superior cookie, but it really peaks when you add chocolate to it. as we just said, chocolate and coffee are a perfect match while hobnob itself goes well with both. excellent cookie, excellent coffee pairing. dunking skills? well, as the famous peter kaye sketch says… the hobnobs is the cookie sailor in this department. you can get some serious dives with a hobnob.

    4. pastry cream

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    oh, this is a definite favourite. many might put this higher on the list, but we’re happy with this place. the flavor of the custard pairs well with the bitterness of the coffee, and we rank this combination as a decent option for mid-afternoon.

    3. sweet cake

    Sweet shortbread is an amazing cookie and goes great with coffee thanks to its absorbent qualities; few cookies can soak up that much coffee without falling apart in your hand. We found that adding chocolate chips to pan dulce gives it even more appeal!

    2. bourbon

    A chocolate chip cookie with a cup of strong coffee. what else was going to take second place? there are so many ways to enjoy a bourbon. some find it difficult to eat it normally, preferring to separate the biscuits and enjoy the cream in the middle. although you can’t really do that in company or in the middle of the office. maybe save that habit for the comfort of your own home.

    1. lotus cookies

    this cannot be argued, in our humble opinion. Found hanging around next to your coffee in cafes across the country, you need to bring a few of these to the office, too. Based on this alone, we’d say that caramel is a better companion to coffee than even chocolate. Has your mouth watered yet? why not add some office cookies to your next coffee order?

    the jaffa cake – cake or cookie?

    before we go, it’s time to discuss the big debate. we turned to google to answer this for us. On the surface, it’s actually a cookie-sized cake! Indeed, this was the subject of a VAT tribunal in 1991, where the court found in favor of McVities that the Jaffa cake could be classified as a cake for VAT classification purposes. the difference is that a cookie is classified as a luxury item with full vat while a cake is vat free.

    What you may not know is that the bottom of this cake is actually chocolate! every day is a school day, right? Personally speaking, we don’t care what it is. works as the perfect cake/cookie with your coffee and tea.

    what have we missed and what is your favorite cookie or do you have anything you would like to add? we’d love to hear from you.

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