What are All Purpose Coffee Grinders?

If you make coffee at home, then you know that grinding fresh beans in a coffee grinder will put you far ahead of pre-ground coffee, capsules or pods in terms of quality in your cup. When it comes to grinding coffee, burr grinders are a must, and the cheaper blade grinders are a last resort, if nothing else. Typically, you’ll choose a grinder based on your brew method, but what if you want to grind coffee and espresso? in that case, you should seriously consider purchasing an all-purpose or multi-purpose coffee grinder.

An all-purpose coffee grinder is a grinder that is capable of producing a variety of grinds suitable for a wide variety of brewing methods. it’s not uncommon for a coffee enthusiast to want to experiment with what’s available, and if that sounds like you, you’ll need to equip yourself with the right tools for the job.

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In one of our previous videos we took a look at some of the best all-purpose coffee grinders that were available at the time. If you’re interested in an all-purpose grinder, you probably want to brew coffee on a budget, so we’re going to take a look at some of the best options available for all-purpose coffee grinding. But before we do, let’s go over some basic rules.

what is the difference between multipurpose grinders and espresso grinders?

As the name suggests, espresso grinders are really good at grinding coffee and preparing it as espresso. Many of these grinders are designed for commercial use and are capable of serving in cafes and coffee shops. its emphasis is on being robust, fast and easy to use. Most, if not all, of these grinders are continuous and can be freely adjusted with no set increments to fine tune the grinds they produce. however, narrowing their focus to espresso grinding, these grinders are typically not suited for rapid adjustment between coarse and fine grind ranges, and are ergonomically designed for grinding in a portafilter.

on the other hand, an all-purpose coffee grinder will almost always be stepped (with a few notable exceptions), with markings denoting a fine grind from a coarse grind. Due to its default number of grind settings, it’s very easy to identify a particular setting for your desired brew method. Adding to their flexibility is the fact that all-purpose grinders are geared toward home use, which means they have smaller bean hoppers, making it easier to change coffee. This might lead you to believe that an all-purpose grinder is the best coffee grinder you can buy, but it really depends on how you intend to use it and what you’re preparing.

what is a grind range?

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The term grind range comes up a lot when talking about coffee grinders, so it’s important to clarify what it really means. grind range refers to the range of grind size a grinder can produce, with good reference points being French press at the coarser end where coffee is ground coarsely like sea salt and Turkish at the coarser end. fine where the coffee is like a fine powder. The truth is that most grinders are capable of producing a wide range of grinds, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are suitable for all purposes. I imagine you are wondering why, so let’s get down to business.

When brewing, you want your grinds to be as close together as possible in both size and shape to ensure even extraction. In brewing methods where water flows through the ground coffee, this is especially important because it keeps all the water draining at the same rate. For immersion methods like the French press, or a circulating brew method like the percolator, extra small grinds called fines can be over-extracted and can pass through the filter screens and into the coffee.

A good all-purpose grinder will have a wide enough range of grind sizes to allow you to make significant adjustment to the grind size for brewing, and will produce ground coffee of mostly uniform shapes and sizes, the more uniform the better. . inexpensive coffee grinders tend to fall short in both categories.

Now that we’ve made the case for buying an all-purpose grinder, let’s take a look at our top five picks for grinders you should consider:

why buy an all-purpose grinder?

The argument for having an all-purpose grinder may seem pretty obvious, but it’s important to narrow our focus a bit so we can look at the circumstances in which you’d really like to have one. As a company that sells more than a few varieties of espresso machines, we have so many espresso-focused grinders for people to choose from. In many cases, people will ask us if they can use their espresso grinder for other brewing methods, and as we explored above, it’s sadly not that simple. So, with that established, let’s take a look at some reasons why you definitely need an all-purpose coffee grinder:

it’s in the budget

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If you’re spending thousands of dollars setting up an espresso machine at home, but still want a grinder for pour-over or French press, buying an espresso grinder then too may not be in the numbers. a second grinder as some do for their regular coffee brewing. All-purpose grinders are inexpensive to say the least and give you a more flexible solution for fresh grinding.

you’re out of space

Another argument against buying two grinders is that people just don’t have room for more than one monstrosity wreaking havoc on their counter space. As someone who personally keeps an espresso grinder on their counter and a secondary brew grinder tucked away for special occasions, I certainly lucked out with the size of my storage cabinet. The other key factor in the space argument is the fact that most of the multi-purpose grinders we sell are designed for home use, which means they are compact and short. Fitting a full-size grinder under cabinets isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

The truth is that companies like baratza and eureka, both of which have entries on our list below, are companies that focus on innovation and intelligent design. In recent years, Baratza has made waves with its Sette series of grinders for innovations in the grinding chamber and low retention design. Other features like weight-based grind and micrometer adjustment are highly sought after by home baristas and if that’s what sells you in an all-purpose grinder, we totally get it

Now that we’ve made the case for buying an all-purpose grinder, let’s take a look at our top five picks for grinders you should consider:

superior multipurpose coffee grinder

virtuous baratza+

baratza’s virtuoso+ is your go-to grinder for just about any method except espresso, and even then, it works well with pressurized machines. With an incredibly consistent grind size and a wide range of settings, the Virtuoso+ is fantastic for French presses and especially pour-overs. if cheap espresso is your thing, consider its cousin the sette 30 as an alternative.

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