Mug Sizes: How to Choose the Best Mug that Suits You Most!

chances are we all like the chilling feeling of starting our morning routine with a fresh cup of coffee. to enjoy your beloved drink – coffee, a nug is what you need. Not only is it an essential item to hold your beloved drink, but a mug (with an ideal size) can give you a unique feeling every time you take a sip.

From an espresso cup to a travel mug, you can find plenty of coffee mugs in all shapes and sizes to fit any purpose.

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drinking coffee, perhaps, is the most obvious use when it comes to a cup. however, with a personalized mug, you can use it for many other purposes, such as gifts and wall decoration (trust us, you can do it)…

so to make it easier for you to select the perfect cup size, keep scrolling down and enjoy our detailed guide. you will surely know which cup size is best for your favorite beverage or something else.

coffee cup size table

Before deciding on the size of coffee cup that suits you best, think about what your favorite drink is.

Are you in love with a shot of espresso or the sweetness of a cup of foamy latte? or you would love to keep your drink at an ideal temperature while on the go. check out the cups & image below and discover your cup with the best size.

types of cup

cup sizes (ounces – oz)


2 – 3 ounces


5 – 6 ounces


8 – 15 ounces


11 – 15 ounces

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oversized mug

20 – 25 ounces

large coffee with milk

20 – 25 ounces

travel glass

15 – 20 ounces

travel mug

15 – 20 ounces

what are the standard sizes of coffee cups?

Typically, the size of the coffee cup is around 8 to 10 ounces, as this is considered a good size for your favorite beverage. however, the size may be smaller when you enjoy the espresso (as you can see in the table above).

If you’re a true coffee addict looking for a larger size, an 11-15oz size mug will be just what you need. below, we’ll clarify the cup size to help you select the right one for your coffee habit.

2 cups of 3 oz

This cup size (2-3 oz cup) is perfect for enjoying a shot of espresso. an espresso cup or small mug is narrow at the base but wider at the rim. It is designed so that you can concentrate the flavor of the drink.

5 6-ounce cups

As you may know, a cappuccino is made with a shot of espresso & an equal amount of steamed milk and topped with foam. a 5 – 6 oz cup is ideal for cappuccino as it is designed to have a narrow base & a wider border.

8 cups of 15 ounces

The 8 to 15 oz cup is the most common size among coffee lovers. no matter where you work (office or home), a classic mug is always your beloved partner. To level up your drinking style, you can opt for personalized mugs. Choosing what details to print on a mug will be an invigorating experience that you can have once you choose this type of mug.

11 cups of 15 ounces

This cup size is perfect for you to enjoy a cup of latte (usually served in a wider bowl-shaped cup). if you love coffee, but also have a sweet tooth, you’ll love a cup of latte. Typically, a latte is served in a bowl-shaped cup, which holds approx. 11 – 15 oz, to give you more room to add coffee flavors, plant-based milk, or latte art. Not only is it perfect for lattes, but this cup size will also be great for tea and soup.

how about oversized cups?

The oversized cups will give you more options for use besides drinking your favorite beverages. Do you want to discover more? here we go!

classic oversized mugs (20 – 25 oz)

Sometimes you want to double your caffeine earlier in the morning than usual and a larger cup will help. consider an oversized classic coffee mug (20 – 25 oz) as it will best suit your needs.

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Do you want to personalize your personalized mugs? visit our category now!

oversized latte cups (20 – 25 oz)

It’s time to break out the growlers and beer mugs, whether you’re gearing up for the big game or celebrating an anniversary. when your stomach is growling, an oversized cup of latte is an ideal dish to take those delicious treats with you.

travel mugs (15 – 20oz)

15-20oz travel mugs will allow you to enjoy your favorite beverage at an ideal temperature no matter where you are, in case you need extra stability, consider choosing a travel mug with a handle.


travel glass (15 – 20 oz)

Travel mugs hold 15-20 ounces of coffee and fit perfectly in the cup holder. To make it more special, go for custom options as you can decide what details will be printed on it. It is not only an essential item for yourself, but a unique gift for someone you love.

cup sizes in gossby?

at gossby, you are about to discover a wide range of personalized mugs with various themes. we have 4 types of cups for you to choose from:

classic cups (11 and 15 oz)which is wonderful for a cup of coffee to start the day.

two-tone mugs (11 oz) that allow you to change their original color.

Insulated Coffee Mug (12 oz) that will keep your coffee hot or cold for hours.

enamel fire pit mug (10 oz) perfect for outdoor activities.

A personalized coffee mug is more than an item to enjoy your favorite drink, it is a unique gift for your loved ones, especially if they are coffee lovers.

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    For those of you who are addicted to caffeine, coffee not only keeps you energized, it also adds extra motivation to take on the day. perhaps, you will not be satisfied with drinking coffee without your beloved cup that keeps it hot or cold (according to your taste). With this guide to cup sizes, we hope you’ll find your best cup for your intended use. drink.

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